NH unemployment declines in April for the second time

The state added 1,360 jobs in the month of April, thereby increasing the number of employed people to 696,980. But it is true that New Hampshire’s unemployment rate has become double of what it was when the recession began in 2007.

For the second month in a row, New Hampshire’s jobless rate decreased in April. It stands at 6.7 percent currently. It was 7 percent in March. According to reports, the number of unemployed people got reduced by 2,440 in April.

The reports as per statistics show the following:

The four-quarter average unemployment rate for New Hampshire — from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010 — using the U-6 measure, has just been given as 12.9 percent by NHES. This compares to an average of 6.6 percent using U-3 methodology. By coincidence, 6.6 percent was the official jobless rate in the Granite State in March 2009.

With the latest unemployment rate of 7.3 percent running higher than the 12-month average, it can be assumed that New Hampshire’s U-6 jobless rate — some would argue the true jobless rate — is currently in excess of 13 percent at the moment.

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  1. I have been working as an hourly employee for the last 4 months. Currently the board of the nonprofit agency came to me and told me that I had to file a 1099 or go to part time or find a new job. I have a scheduled time that I report to work. What are the laws here in Florida about who can receive a 1099

  2. I am unemployed and currently going to a community college. How can I apply for federal assistance?

    1. Carol,

      If you’re able and available for full-time employment, you can directly go to the website of the Unemployment Office and apply.

  3. I have worked in AZ since March 2016. However, I moved lived and worked for my employer in CA since 08/02/1982. Can I apply for Cali unemployment benefits?

    1. Robert,

      You should be applying from the state where your employment was based. Employers generally remit unemployment taxes to the state where the employee is based.

  4. I have been trying for over a month to file and I still do not seem to be able to do it, but I finally got to the correct place, I think.

  5. Cumberland NJ Unemployment Center kept me on hold for 2 hours; I finally had someone answer my call, after providing my information and question regarding the status of my NJ Unemployment Claim the representative disconnected my call.

  6. Excellent list of things to help execute better. Even taking 3 or 4 of these that one does not currently utilize could help immensely.

    1. How did you calculate the total weekly Illinois benefit of $1495? Also, why isn’t Washington and Minnesota listed in your top 5 states with the highest paid unemployment insurance compensation?

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