Pennsylvania Adds More Jobs

Updated : February 5th, 2021

As per the latest reports, there have been signs of recovery in the economy of Pennsylvania. The state has gained about 34,000 jobs in the month of april, the highest since February, 1996.

For this, Rendell credited $2.2 billion in federal stimulus money for creating jobs in the construction and the manufacturing sectors for highways and bridge projects, as well as water and sewage projects.  He had a word of appreciation for the manufacturing sector that added 4,400 jobs. The other jobs came from mining, construction trade, transportation and professional business services. The governor felt that the state was in much better position than some of the states like Michigan where the unemployment rate was 14 percent. He said that about 6,000 Pennsylvanian residents were hired for jobs on stimulus-funded road, bridge and transit construction projects, and another 2,000 were hired to fabricate the steel and produce the concrete and asphalt needed for those jobs. You can refer unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania for more details on how to file for the unemployment claims in the state.

The unemployment rate of Pennsylvania remains high at 9 percent but it is below the national average 9.9 percent.

Although the jobs were added, the jobless rate remained unaffected due to the expansion of civilian labor force- those working and those who are looking for work. It actually rose from 22,000 to 6.47 million.

There were 583,000 unemployed workers in Pennsylvania last month.

The unemployment rate in April of the Pittsburgh region — Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland counties — is slated to be released by the state government on June 2.

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