Texas gains more jobs in April

Updated : June 3rd, 2010

One would think that the addition of jobs has actually led to the slight fall in the unemployment rate of Texas.  The state gained almost 32,500 jobs but the rate of unemployment slightly inched to 8.2 percent. In spite of this, more and more Texans have been joining the employed community.

There have been some new jobs from the infrastructure companies. According to reports, the waste management company requires 100 information technological employees and 50 workers on contract as system analysts, project managers and software developers. People have been losing jobs on one side while it is true that there have been new jobs coming up.

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As per the report of Texas Workforce Commission, 2,700 jobs were added by the employers in Houston area. These new jobs were from bars, restaurants, home health care and federal health census. These jobs were not high-paying or permanent ones yet they helped to push down the unemployment rate a bit.

Texas saw number of job gains from sectors like construction and mining. Regions like Amarillo and Midland had the lowest unemployment rates at 5.6 percent while Bryan-College Station and Lubbock were tied for the second lowest at 5.9 percent.

But the state’s unemployment rate remained well below that of the nation which is 9.9.

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