Unemployment for the Teaching Aspirants in Illinois

Author : William

Updated : June 20th, 2019

The unemployment situation has not spared Illinois State too. The unemployment rate has been rising since December 2006.

Many of them thought that unemployment will not hit the teachers but they have been proved wrong. There are students, who have completed their degrees in English and have teaching certificates, looking out for jobs in vain. The worst part is that they have to start paying their loans after a grace period of six months. Many college graduates have either lost their jobs or have never found any after completing their degrees.

The student loan default rate continues to rise along with the unemployment rate, according to the latest figures released this month by the Department of Education. That’s left recent graduates to worry about how they will pay off thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

Chicago Career Tech has been targeting middle-income workers especially teachers who lost their jobs due to recession. They aim to teach them technological skills that would gear them up to find the jobs of the future. They say that the initial classes will be on health care technological skills and information technology that has been harbouring the majority of the jobs in Chicago now. But this program will be restricted to the residents of Chicago only.

For other non-teaching aspirants, there has been a ray of hope in the planned merger of United and Continental airlines. United is planning to move its headquarters to Chicago and it is said that it may become the largest employer of Chicao if everything goes as planned.

Of course, the government has been offering unemployment benefits in Illinois.

The unemployed need to make the best use of it.

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  1. I work for a franchise of small casino’s in Las Vegas. We get paid min wage. I can almost guarantee you, we get harassed every night. I’ve had all the windows in my car broken out. I’ve had my car egged. I’ve had my life threatened. I work in an environment where drug deals are going down in the parking lot or the restrooms. The homeless come in and try to make a campsite. I’ve had to deal with customers that get intoxicated or came in intoxicated and are obnoxious. Management isn’t maintaining the machines, it’s the same problem day after day. When I walk into work, I feel I’ve gained 200lbs. I’m depressed and I don’t want to be there! Most importantly, it’s just getting worse. Can I quit my job and get unemployment, until I find another job? I can’t do it anymore, I HATE it!

    1. John,

      I can understand your situation. You can be eligible to resign and claim UI benefits under hostile working conditions. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office for clarification before making a decision.

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