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Utah Unemployment Rate

Updated : November 2nd, 2022

After the economic downfall, Utah has been showing some signs of improvement in the job sector. As per reports, Utah’s 0.9 employment contraction shows improvement compared to that of the previous month. There has been hiring in the sectors of temporary employment, retail trade and other sectors recently. The month-to-month figures have been increasing and that is a very encouraging sign. The experts feel that federal stimulus spending, increasing customer confidence and mounting lean and profitable business community have contributed to the recent rise in the job market. It is a positive thing that the economy activities have begun once again and employers have started to recruit.

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The unemployment rate of Utah state was 7.3 percent in April, with almost 100,00 had to  file for unemployment benefits. So people still feel that the road to recovery is really far ahead and these may just be the initial steps to it. But at least 2010 has been so far encouraging and promising than the previous years, 2008 and 2009. Utah’s unemployment rate for April remained well below the national figure of 9.9 percent.

The manufacturing business seems to show signs of improvement. But businesses like construction and demolition work are absolutely down. There has been a slight rise in wholesale and retail sales. Of all the sectors, health care has been going strong and has been adding about 5,400 jobs each year.

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