North Carolina Unemployment Benefit Questions

North Carolina Unemployment Benefits

Who is eligible for unemployment benefits in North Carolina?

To be eligible for NC unemployment benefits, individuals must be unemployed through no fault of their own, and be actively seeking work. Claimants must also have earned a certain amount of wages during their base period, which is typically the first four out of the last five completed calendar quarters before the initial application date. Learn more about NC unemployment eligibility requirements.

How do I apply for unemployment benefits in NC?

The NC unemployment application must be submitted online. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can visit your local NCWorks Career Center and use their resource room, or call the Claimant Call Center for assistance.

How much are NC unemployment benefits?

The maximum benefit amount you can receive is $350 per week.

Your weekly benefit amount is determined by taking your total wages from the last two quarters, dividing it by 52, and then rounding that number down to the nearest whole dollar. Learn more about calculating your weekly payments.

How many weeks will my NC unemployment benefits last?

You can receive between 12-20 weeks of regular unemployment compensation in North Carolina. This number fluctuates and is based on the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in North Carolina.

What happens when NC unemployment benefits are exhausted?

If you run out of unemployment and still don’t have a job, you should look into other forms of benefits for North Carolina residents, such as SNAP food stamps. North Carolina will only extend unemployment benefits during high periods of unemployment or if there is a declared disaster in the area. Learn more about NC unemployment extensions.

What is the work search requirement in North Carolina?

The NC DES requires you to document 3 new job contacts every week that you collect UI benefits. One of these job contacts can be in the form of an activity, such as attending a job fair or training workshop. Learn more about NC unemployment work search requirements.

Do I have to pay taxes on my NC unemployment benefits?

Yes, you have to pay state and federal taxes on your NC unemployment insurance benefits, as they are considered taxable income. You can choose to have taxes withheld from your weekly payments. At the end of the year, you will receive a Form 1099-G, which will detail the amount of unemployment compensation you received during the previous year.

What is an overpayment?

An unemployment overpayment occurs when you receive more benefits than you are eligible to receive. This could occur due to a mistake in the calculation process, failure to report income or changes in your situation, or as a result of NC unemployment fraud. If you’re overpaid benefits, you’re generally required to pay it back.

What if my NC unemployment claim is denied?

If your North Carolina unemployment claim is denied, you have the right to protest the decision. Your denial notice will come with specific instructions, so pay close attention to addresses and deadlines. Learn more about filing an NC unemployment appeal.

How do I file my weekly certification?

You can file your weekly certification online by logging in to your NC DES account or by using the NCDD mobile app. NCDES mobile app. During the process, you will be asked to verify your ongoing eligibility for UI benefits. Learn more about how to file a weekly claim.

    • Melissa,

      If you lost employment due to involuntary reasons such as layoffs, you can be eligible, even if you move to a different state.

  1. Recently let go by my company due to budget cuts, was offered a severance package. If I decline the severance package does that affect my unemployment benefits?

  2. The job search requirements state you must look for a position in person 2 times a week. Employers rarely take applications in person anymore. Is this still a requirement? Also, a majority of the positions in my town are not related to my past work history or pay range. I have been applying for positions online.

    • Sherol,

      I do not have clarity in this regard. Perhaps, you can call the Claims Center and talk to a representative for clarification.

  3. I got hurt on the job last October of 2016. I filed workers Comp in which I got denied. They paid for some of the doctor bills for the first month but have since denied those also, so I have got a lawyer in the meantime to handle my case. Can I draw unemployment benefits from the time that I have been off because I havent worked anywhere since then and have no source of income

    • Michael,

      I hope you get well soon. UI benefits are only extended to those who’re able and available for work.

      You may call the Unemployment Office to weigh your options.

  4. I am employed with a logistics Company, they will be temporarily laying our location off for 3-4 weeks for set-up/start-up of New production line at New facility of primary customer. They have told us we would be eligible, but do we have to do job search weekly in NC?

  5. My supervisor forcefully asked for my exit strategy multiple times and humiliated me in front of other colleagues. Her behavior towards me online and in person was affecting my emotional, mental and physical well being and due to lack of support I was unable to coach my lower level team and I resigned to stay away from further humiliation- After sending resignation HR negotiated with me multiple ttimes for my end date. I am unable to support my family financially till I get another job- am I eligible for unemployment?

    • If you’re able to prove the harassment in the case of dispute raised by your employer when you apply for UI benefits, please consider applying.

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office for further instructions.

  6. I was laid off in Oct of last year with a severance package I then filled out for unemployment insurance when will that kick in. I am also connected to NCWORKS

    • If you’ve already applied, please call the Claims Center for an update on status.

      The benefits begin when the severance payout ends.

  7. My company is eliminating my department. The only other position available for me in the company would require that I take a significant pay decrease, which I cannot afford to do and still be able to pay my bills. If I turn down this position, will I be able to file for UI?

    • Well, it may be considered as voluntary separation from work making you ineligible. However, I recommend you speak to the Unemployment Office and get further advice before deciding on your employment.

  8. Only lived in NC 3.5 year and drawing severance until 4/1. Employer said to file UC immediately because it takes time. Lived in another state my whole life and moving back. Someone said I could go ahead and move back and draw UC from that state and not NC?

  9. I was working full-time at Kmart in NC and got laid-off due to the store closing, I have plans of getting unemployment in NC,I heard since I was working full-time If I get a part-time job I can still get some benefits and if I don’t have to apply for jobs or take job offers if the pay is lower then what I was making. I any of this true?

    • You should only be accepting jobs that match your experience and standards.

      Please consider applying for UC benefits until you get a job.

  10. I plugged in the numbers in the NC benefit calculator and it reflects a $350 weekly benefit for 19 weeks, yet my wage transcript and monetary determination reflects only $186 for only 13 weeks. What would affect the numbers? My last UI was in 2014

    • Well, if you used the calculator on this website, it provides a general estimate of the benefits you’re eligible for. The determination is based on multiple factors as per the laws in your state.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further information.

  11. If my company offers me a job in another state do I have to take it? As my family home and family are settled in school in NC. If I chose not to move am I even eligible for unemployment

    • Well, there will be provisions with regard to the job movement.

      Before deciding to resign, please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further details.

  12. After working for 42 years my company has decided to restructure my whole department. Can I receive unemployment benefits while receiving severance pay? If not when should I apply.


    • You can be eligible to collect Unemployment Insurance after the expiry of the severance payout.

      If it’s a lump sum payment, you can apply immediately.

  13. i have been recieving benefits for 3 weeks and just got a notice my employer filed an appeal..will i still recieve my benefits until my appeal date??

    • It may be blocked until the time the appeal proceedings are over.

      Please call the claims center for precise information in this regard.

  14. my husbend got military order to go to england I work for 2years and will be 2 and 6 months by july can i collect unemployment?do i need to be in usa or can i make the claim there? not sure if will be able to work there

    thank you

    • Please note we’re not a government organization.

      You may call the Unemployment Office in your state for details of benefits.

  15. I gave my job notice that I will be quitting in 4 weeks and they ended up firing me that day. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits in NC?

  16. I’ve worked at a super market for over 2 yr and now only getting less than 20hr a week. Do I qualfy for any bebefits?

    • Some states do provide benefits for reduction in the number of hours.

      Please check with your state by calling the Unemployment Office and apply accordingly.

  17. Are “severence” payments considered “separation pay” ?? I am about to lose my job because company is downsizing. As compensation for losing my job the company is paying “severnce” of 2 weeks for every year I have been employeed. If I worked at the company for 5 years does that mean I have to wait 10 weeks before filing for unemployment?

    • That is correct. You need to wait until the severance payout period ends and apply after that.

      For further details, please contact the labor authorities in your state.

  18. My husband has accepted a job out of state so we will be relocating. Can I draw unemployment until I find employment in the new state?

    • I am afraid, you will not be eligible.

      Unemployment is only provided to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  19. Today, I gave my 4 week notice to the company where i have been working full time for the last three years. I am going back to school, but had planned to work for another 4 weeks. After i gave notice, i was told to gather my things and leave today! A coworker told me that i could be eligible for unemployment benefits for the 4 weeks i had intended to work. Is this true?

  20. I have been with a company for one year. At hiring they knew I would eventually be moving out of state. I have not moved and not sure when I will. I wa asked to take a voluntary let go with a small severence I was also asked to put this in writing. They also told me I cannot collect unemployment benefits. I can choose the date that I end my employment they did has it to be the sooner that later date.
    Is this legal

    • Each state has its own law and regulations when it comes to dealing with such situation.

      Please check with the labor dept in your state.

  21. is there a probationary period for employer to avoid being responsible for unemployment..can they continue to extend it out month to month

    • If the reason for termination was voluntary,you may not be eligible.

      Please inquire with the labor dept in your state.

  22. I was terminated May 9, 2014 (no fault of mine) was told she couldn’t afford to keep me. I have done my weekly claim filing but still haven’t gotten a check yet. How long does it usually take to get your first payment? Also, I had filed a claim with the labor board because I had two weeks of vacation left that the employer had refused to pay me when I left. Today in my mailbox I received a check from my employer for the two weeks of vacation, how will this affect my benefits? Thanks for any assistance. Live in NC

    • Initial claim takes up to 10 days to be processed and paid out.

      Please call the customer service of the labor dept to check status and also to let them know about the check you received.

  23. My company is offering me a job out of state. If I take the job and after a few months decide to come home can I still file for unemployement in NC??

  24. Hi. I will receive my vacation time with my last paycheck on the 20th. When will I finally receive unemployment benefits?

  25. I am a mortgage loan officer and was let go from lack of production. In other words, I was unable to put new loans in the system. I am eligible for unemployment?

    • If you were let go due to no fault of your own, you should be eligible.

      Remember,you have other eligibility criteria to meet as well.

    • If you filed online,please see if you can get a status by logging onto your account or call the claims center.

  26. If I am receiving weekly benefits and must take money from PROFIT SHARING because of age requirements can I steal get my weeklies benefits?

  27. Have been out of work because of a medical condition, the doctor said I could go back to work on light duty. However, my place of employment did not have light duty. They said that they would possible hold my job until I could come back to work normally, however, did not have any vacation time left, so would have no pay. Could not keep my children in daycare because had no pay.
    I resigned from my position because of my medical condition and they did not have light duty work. Am I eligible for unemployement. I am still under doctor’s care and will be for awhile.

    • To receive UI benefits, you must be able and available to work. I strongly recommend that you apply and also look at Workers compensation for benefits.

  28. I work papermill construction and had been filing in the state of Georgia, my funds were exhausted can I open a claim in North Carolina since I have worked there?

    • As far as I am aware,there is no provision of availing UI compensation from two different states.Please contact the NC labor office for info on additional benefits,if any.

  29. I was fired from my job a couple of months ago i drew unemployment for about 2 months but then my benfit year ended. But i still had a balence. In January i had a hearing and was found disqualifed. I filed a new claim Opening a new benfit year. Will the process start all over or will they go off the info from the older claim??????

    • They will certainly look into the history of claims and payments.If the reason for disqualification is grave, they may continue doing so.Please contact the claims center immediately before filing.

  30. I am eligible for benefits till May 2014 and was laid off for no work available during the holidays. Have been filing, and accepted by system weekly certifications, nothing is showing up on benefits paid. Getting frustrated with multiple telephone prompts/recordings/busy signals, what sdoes one have to do to speak to a live person to answer a simple question? Have a PTSD breakdown ?

  31. How many weeks are North Carolina unemployment benefits paid and what is the amount before taxes are deducted?



  32. Our daughter worked for 7 years in Idaho after separating from the Air Force. She has now moved to North Carolina to go to school under the Post 9-11 GI bill and receives her base housing allowance plus her tuition. Would she be eligible to apply for unemployment either in Idaho or North Carolina even though she is receiving her base housing allowance?

  33. my job cut my hours to 10 hours per week. and hired three more employees do I qualify for any unemployment help?

  34. I’m a NC National Guardsman and I was on active duty operational support Orders (ADOS) from FEB 2013 – to OCT 1, 2013. My orders just ended and am now back to drilling status. I’m actively looking and applying to jobs (both AGR & civilian), am I eligible for benefits?

    • If you are drilling, you are still active as a NC National Guardsman, so you may not be eligible. You will have to contact your local unemployment office or someone within the National Guard for the best answer.

  35. my employer did not pay the state taxes but took them out of my pay check can I qualify for unemployment

    • You may qualify if you meet other requirements. Please contact the unemployment office. If you have paystubs showing the deductions, they may want to see them.

  36. I worked in NC for 42 years. I am on disability leave for cancer, I receive monthly $1514. SS disability. My employer has terminated me and I a going to have to apply for adult Medicaid. Can I apply for unemployment benefits?

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