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North Carolina Unemployment Extension

EUC08, or Emergency Unemployment Compensation 2008, is an extension of unemployment benefits authorized under Federal law.

Effective with the week ending September 8, 2012, the EUC08 benefits program will provide a new maximum number of weeks for each Tier.

Tiers Number of Weeks
Tier 1 14 weeks
Tier 2 14 weeks
Tier 3  9 weeks
Tier 4 10 weeks

Claimants who filed an initial claim effective on or after May 7, 2006 are potentially eligible for EUC08. Individuals who are monetarily disqualified when a new benefit year is filed may qualify for EUC08 on the basis of a previous claim.

The EUC Tier you’re qualified for as of December 22, 2013 is your final Tier. No EUC payments can be made for weeks ending after December 28, 2013.

In case, you are having difficulty reaching the call center, email at: [email protected].

About to run out of regular unemployment insurance benefits?? ——> Know about Unemployment Extension

Questions & Answers

  1. Thomas says:

    Out sourced / Out of work since Dec 1,2016. I have remained employed first time since I was 18 years old when I joined the US Navy. (except in July 2001 for 3 weeks)

    I have paid Unemployment Insurance for thirty plus years. My benefits ended in February 2016. I have two kids I’m supporting now. I worked hard, always getting exceptional evaluations on work performance for all of the companies I have worked for in the past. (Always above and beyond. Extra assignments, salary with no overtime, etc.) Is there any path to take for support?) I went from $+130K per year to $350 a week with unemployement. That hurt but we survived… Now about to be homeless at the end of month.

    • Martin says:

      Well, I can understand your frustration. There is no extension available at this time.

      Please contact the Unemployment Office in your state to see if there are additional benefits available.

  2. Jackie says:

    What is the procedure to receive unemployment benefits in NC if you are fired by your employer without reason?

    • Adrian says:

      There is only one gateway to apply for UI benefits. Please apply online or by phone in your state.

      When you’re called for interview, please be straightforward if there are any questions on your reason for termination from employment.

  3. Charles says:

    Will NC start accepting the federal funds for unemployed worker, I been unemployed all of 2013 and I have a master degree. There are no jobs hiring. Does the Gov. care ?

  4. Dawn says:

    My unemployment benefits ran out in September 2013, and I still haven’t found a job. Are there any emergency extensions available?? The only thing I have coming in now is $75/wk child support. Please advise.

  5. Elaine Faulkner says:

    I am presently enrolled in school and have 8 weeks to finish before getting my certification. I still have funds in my account, but I am close to my 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. Can I continue to draw my benefits until I finish school for the 8 weeks?

  6. lisa mcduffie says:

    Will i be able to get extense benfits? My benefits are endings at the end of the month and i would like to know ifviNm not able to find a job am i going to be out of benefits and if so until when?

  7. Rosario Sotolongo says:

    I want to know why I have no more unemployment benefits if still I have no job and I have no 4 tiers.

    • Baggie says:

      Hi Rosario,

      As pointed out by Chris in previous comments, NC seems to have stopped accepting federal funds to help unemployed workers in the state. This is a possible reason for you to not receive any extended benefits.

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