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North Carolina Unemployment Job Search Requirements

The claimant must keep a record of the job search to provide proof to the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina.

Unless otherwise instructed, a claimant must look for work in person on two different days with at least 3 different employers and must keep a written record of all work search contacts for periodic review by Commission staff.

While receiving unemployment insurance benefits, the North Carolina Employment Security Commission (NCESC) may ask a claimant to complete a work search log. Only claimants who have been asked to provide a log need to complete the form. The log asks for the name, location and telephone number of businesses at which a claimant has applied.

These job search requirements help to ensure that a claimant is actively working to find employment. If the work search requirements are not met, a reduction or denial of benefits may occur.

  1. Why does the NC unemployment site link to “work at home” sites, some of which charge a fee to get you started? Isn’t this a scam?

    • Patricia,

      The agency seems to have tied up with private partners to offer employment opportunities. If you have a grievance, please contact the Unemployment Office.

  2. Moved to north Carolina 3 months ago from Mass. left my job in good standings. Haven’t been able to find work, 60 yr old auto mechanic, savings are almost depleted, is there anything you can do to help?

    • John,

      You can be eligible to apply if the reason for separation from the previous employment was due to involuntary reasons.

  3. I am only temporarily unemployed. I will be going back to work to the Chick Fil A that I worked at in about 3 weeks. Do I still need to look for a job and if so who’s going to hire me for 3 weeks?

    • I am not sure if you can be eligible to claim UI benefits for temporary off from work.

      Please report the nature of your unemployment by calling the claims center.

  4. If a person get laid off from a job and decides not to go back to work because they are 62 and older and have applied for social security benefits, can the person still receive unemployment benefits while they are waiting on their SS benefits and if so do they still have to look for a job while receiving the unemployment benefits.

  5. Do I have to go to an unemployment office to register for unemployment and use their job search or is there a website I can register and search for jobs on?

  6. I”ve recently relocate here I had applied for unemployment in New York however came here top charlotte before I received any benefits. do I need to reach out to them or can I reapply here in Charlotte. Also how long will it take to receive funds.

    • Please call the labor dept in NY before making any further move.

      If all the paper work is in place, it may take up to 10 working days for payment receipt.

  7. I applied for NC unemployment benefits almost a month ago. I have done my weekly certifications but haven’t heard anything. My status says active with issues but when I try to call and speak to someone I only get recordings. Once I got a prerecorded message that said they didn’t need anything from me at this time but why is it taking so long and why can’t I speak to a real person?

  8. Do the two reported job searches you report each week have to be in-person? There are virtually no professional jobs that work that way anymore – everything is done through online submissions to HR Depts. Please clarify.

    • As far as my knowledge goes,they need not be in person.You must keep proofs and acknowledgments handy for reference after you make these contacts.

  9. I am a military spouse who had to leave employment due to military orders. We were in KY but we have moved to NC. I filed everything with KY but they said I need to file the job search in NC because that’s where I will be trying to find employment. Is this correct? Thank you

  10. If I know my last paycheck will be received August 31st, do I apply for unemployment September 1st or now? I’ll want my benefits to start as soon as possible.

    • As soon as your hours are reduced or you are totally let go, call the unemployment office. Let them know of the 8/31 check at that time.

  11. If I am newly unemployed in NC do I have to take the first job I am offered? Will I still get unemployment benefits if I turn down a job.

    • Depending on how close the job matches the job you lost. Everyone is expected to accept suitable employment. What is considered suitable is defined differently by different states and also based on the individual employee’s qualifications and, in addition, can change overtime for the same individual. Make choices in your own best interest and you should be ok.

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