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North Dakota Unemployment Phone Numbers

Call the Unemployment Insurance Claims Center at 701-328-4995 (TTY: 800-366-6888) to file a claim, reopen an existing claim, complete your weekly certification, check the status of your claim, change your PIN, update your payment or tax information, make earnings changes or speak with a claims center representative.

Job Service uses an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to help process phone calls. The system will prompt you to answer several identifying questions as well as questions regarding your eligibility for benefits. Listen carefully to the prompts you receive. Although almost any phone will work, rotary phones and speaker phones are not recommended. If you are using a cell phone, stay within an area with a strong signal and be aware that there are security concerns.

You can respond to the phone system questions by speaking your answers or by using the keypad of your touch-tone phone. The system is sensitive and may pick up background noises so make every effort to call from a location with little background noise.

If you are disconnected when filing your claim and call to complete your claim the same week, you will be asked if you wish to resume your claim. Say “yes” and the questions will resume where you left off. If you are disconnected during a certification, simply call again and repeat your information. Do not hang up until you are told your claim or certification has been accepted. If further questions are required at the end of your call, you will be transferred to a claims center representative or, if after hours, you will be instructed to call back during business hours.

  1. I have been working in ND since Nov 2015, My company has only been paying state taxes in my home state, I will soon be laid off in Nov 2016, Will I file in my home state or ND

    • Generally, you should be filing from the state where your employment is based.

      Since you said mentioned that your employer remits the taxes in your home state, you should be looking at filing from there. Please confirm with your employer once.

  2. I was getting unemployment for 2 weeks and then they stopped it, they are having phone conference wiyh mein 4 weeks what is it about or how can I find out

  3. Is there someone who I could contact about some questions ?I have tried quiet a few times to call . Maybe there is a different number ?

  4. This number (701) 328-4995, is great for simple instructions. After calling many times and getting through the phone tree to the point where the recording says do you have questions, after replying yes the recording says ( all our agents are busy ) than hangs up. This is of no help. Any other ideas? Jim

  5. I am a State of OK child support worker. I have an active UI benefit income withholding order in place. ND is sending me funds. I need to stop that.
    Please advise how to do so.

  6. I filled an claim by e:mail. My confirmation number is W037915416.
    My claim number is 292424. Please explain me what I do for claims the
    weeks or if I need contact yours by telephone or the office send me
    some information.

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