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State: Ohio (OH)
Phone Number:1-877- (644-6562). Telephone hours are 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday (except holidays). Peak call times are Monday and Friday. For faster service call on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, or file online. When you call, please be sure to have paper and a pencil ready. For TTY service dial toll free: 1-888-642-8203
Major Towns:Columbus, Cleveland , Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Dayton, Canton, Parma, Youngstown, and Lorain
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Ohio

Ohio Unemployment Questions

How to file an appeal
If you disagree with an initial decision, you may file a written appeal with ODJFS within 21 calendar days of the date the determination was issued. Include your social security number, the date and determination identification number with which you disagree, and the reason(s) for your disagreement.

You may file your appeal online at between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily, by mail or fax with the ODJFS processing center identified on your determination, or with any ODJFS claims processing center.

If you disagree with the redetermination, you may file a written appeal to the UCRC within 21 calendar days of the date the redetermination was issued. Include your social security number, the date of the determination with which you disagree, the reason(s) for your disagreement, and, if you are employed during the day and desire a telephone hearing during nonworking hours, the hours you are available for a hearing.

If you disagree with the commission-level decision, you may file a notice of appeal with the common pleas court of the Ohio county where you reside or were last employed. Appeals must be filed within 30 calendar days of the mailing date of the commissionlevel decision. If your appeal is filed after 30 days, the court of common pleas will determine the timeliness of your appeal in accordance with Ohio Revised Code, Section 4141.282 (l). In your notice of appeal, you must include all interested parties listed on the commission-level decision(s), including the director of ODJFS. Be sure to identify the decision being appealed.

If you disagree with the decision of the common pleas court, you may appeal your case further, as in civil cases.
What are some reason that you might need to file an unemployment appeal?
  1. You feel like you did not receive the full amount of your unemployment benefits.
  2. You feel like you were treated unfairly or discriminated against. You feel like you were denied for unemployment benefits inappropriately.
  3. You feel like your employer is trying to block you from receiving unemployment benefits when you are legitimately entitled and eligible to receive them.
  4. You think that your unemployment benefits ran out too soon.
  5. You believe that your unemployment application was incorrectly or unfairly judged or handled.

The staff of the Ohio unemployment offices are very diligent and professional counselors who genuinely want to help you, but sometimes mistakes are made. If you feel like something has gone wrong during your unemployment case that has affected the benefits that you receive, you can file a Ohio unemployment appeal in order to have your case reviewed. Do this as soon as possible. Do not let too much time pass, or it may be too late.

How to Report Ohio Unemployment Fraud?

If you want to know how to report unemployment fraud, you must first be sure that someone is committing unemployment fraud. In the state of Ohio it is a crime to knowingly collect unemployment benefits that you are not eligible to receive, and this is considered unemployment fraud. BUT, it is very important to note that IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO WORK WHILE YOU ARE COLLECTING UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS.

You are able to work at a job and make a certain amount of money while still collecting unemployment benefits. When you apply for unemployment, this amount will be determined, and how this works will be explained to you by your unemployment counselor.

If you suspect someone of committing unemployment fraud, think long and hard before you report them. Unless you are 100% certain, you may be wrong, and you may end up reporting someone who is not committing a crime. If you falsely report someone for committing unemployment fraud, you yourself could possibly be committing a crime called 'Falsely Reporting a Crime'.

If you are 100% sure that someone is committing unemployment fraud, you can report them by contacting your local unemployment office - but make sure you are 100% correct.

How to Reopen an Existing Ohio Unemployment Claim

It may become necessary for you to reopen an existing Ohio unemployment claim if you suspend or cancel your unemployment because you found a job, and then later became unemployed again.

Generally, you can reopen an existing unemployment claim by simply filing a weekly certifcation online or by phone -- just like you did every week when you receiving unemployment previously.

In some cases, it may be necessary to speak to an unemployment counselor or start the process all over again in order to reopen an existing unemployment claim in Ohio. If this is the case, contact your unemployment counselor to get exact instructions on how to proceed.

How to Cancel Ohio Unemployment

When you find a new job you can no longer receive Ohio unemployment benefits and may need to officially cancel your Ohio unemployment.

In order to cancel your unemployment claim, you can:

  1. Call, send a letter, or email to your unemployment counselor letting them know that you have found a new job.
  2. Stop filing your weekly certification.

If you happen to receive an unemployment check while you are working, make sure to call your unemployment counselor to let them know. You may need to return the check - but this will be better than any possible penalties that you could be responsible for if you are found to be recieving unemployment benefits while working.

Federal income tax withholding
When you file for benefits, you are asked if you would like taxes withheld from your unemployment compensation check at the rate of 10 percent for federal income taxes only. ODJFS will send you a 1099 form by January 31 of the year after you were paid benefits.

Receiving unemployment insurance payment
It may take up to four weeks from the date you file your initial claim to receive the first payment. The earliest your payment may be issued is during the third week. Once payment starts, your payments are normally made every two weeks. If you have chosen to receive correspondence electronically, payments are made weekly.

Part-time jobs pay and unemployment benefits
If you work part-time or perform odd jobs during weeks for which you file for unemployment benefits, you may still be paid unemployment benefits if your gross earnings are less than your weekly benefit amount. You must report gross earnings for the week (Suday through Saturday) in which they are earned, even if you have not yet been paid. If your earnings are less than your weekly benefit amount, Ohio law allows you an exemption of 20 percent of your weekly benefit amount before a deduction is made. An example of how this is computed appears below.

Questions & Answers

    1. Temporary and contract jobs are generally not eligible since employers’ do not pay the relevant taxes into the system.

      Please inquire further by calling the Unemployment Office.

  1. Hi, I am an Ohio resident who has around 8 months of recent work history in PA. I am just now getting laid off for this winter and was wondering if I had enough time to collect benefits through PA or do I still have to collect from my last Ohio claim?

    1. I am about opening a Limited liability company Health Care) and for me to proceed the application documents , they are asking me for Unemployment Compensation verification . so please i will like to know how do i go about getting this verification documents.

      1. Fred,

        Please note this is a private website and we do not have access to the official system. Please call the Unemployment Office to determine the procedure.

  2. HI, I just got hired at a new job but I have irregular hours for the next 2 weeks until school gets started. This means I won’t receive a full paycheck and will be paid under the amount that I normally receive from unemployment. My question is can I still file an unemployment claim for those two weeks if my paycheck is low due to only working a few hours a week? Also, do I have to keep applying for new jobs to get paid?

    1. You can be eligible to claim Unemployment Insurance for a reduction in the standard hours.

      Since you have a job, you’ll not be required to apply for new jobs. Please call the Unemployment Office for further clarification.

  3. I was unemployed. I am working now. Why do they continue to email me about job opportunities and my correspondence inbox? When will it stop? I did my last week a week ago.

    1. Please look for the option to “Unsubscribe” in the email.

      Alternatively, you can call the Unemployment Office for further instructions in this regard.

  4. When do you stop filing for benefits? When you Physically start work or once you collect a paycheck from a job? I won’t get paid for like 3 weeks after I start work.

    1. You must report the change in job status to the Unemployment Office in your state immediately and stop filing as per instructions provided by them.

    1. Please call the customer service on the phone numbers provided for further information.

      Some states do allow both in succession.

  5. nice 2 see my money going 2 California, I can’t fill a script though 2 actually get job in ohio cause agents suck @ there job.

  6. I was recently let go from 1 job due to lack of work. I qualified for unemployment benefits because I was at job 1 for almost 3 years. Shortly after I was let go-about 10 days-I did manage to find work-less pay but full time and more than I would be getting if I were collecting unemployment. Problem is I really do not like the job at all. In fact-I hate it. Too much work and they keep adding more on me. Can I quit the second job and collect from my original claim which was approved?

  7. I work 2 part time jobs and one job let me go after 9 years. I still have the other job but counted on both jobs as income. Can I collect unemployment from the job I was let go from?

  8. After 19 years at an agency, I did resign due to breach of contract and age descrimination. Seven years ago I moved positions with in the agency and was promised a $2.00 raise first year and $2.00 second year then merit raises after that- 7 years later I still have not received the first $2.00 raise. Also, 6 months ago a new person was hired in for the exact same job at $3.50 more an hour than I made. I am 45 and she is in her 20’s. Would I qualify for unemployment?

  9. I quit one job and became employed with another employer. Sadly this employer had to lay me off. I have been approved for unemployment benefits but recently received a notice from ODJFS that the 1st employer is requesting relief from this as I did not leave due to lack of employment needs from this employer. They are referring to this as “Fact Finding”. I told them that I quit due to Sexual Harassment to include employer exposing himself. Very awful job and took the second position. Why and or how is this going to effect my benefits? I was laid off by employer number 2 not them. Should I just try to find an attorney. I have desperately tried to move forward with my life and not sue but he is also giving me a terrible reference.

  10. I live in Miami County and have been disabled (non work related) since Sept 2012 and been unable to return to work. I have talked to my employer and they claim that due to my disability this situation would not reflect as quitting my job, but having to be let go due to a medical disability. I am in process of filing for Social Security Disability, would I be eligible for unemployment benefits?

  11. My job was closed for good and our employer has no place to send me. Can I apply for umployment even if I draw S/S

    1. I received a layoff from my company due to financial problems they are having. Two other female employees were also laid off.
      Do I qualify for unemployment insurance compensation? Worked for the company five years and two months, on a part-time basis. (20 hrs./week).

      1. Deborah,

        To qualify, the claimant is required to have a certain number of active employment and earnings. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to determine eligibility or visit the official website to learn more.

  12. I’m currently about to exit my military service honorably and will be attending a college university full time. I heard that there is a CAT program that allows you to collect unemployment while I’m receiving my benefits from my service in the military. is there any truth behind this and if its not the CAT program what program is it?

  13. I have been a 1099 worker since last September. I pay all my FICA and other taxes. Am I eligible to file for unemployment when I can not find work?

  14. If the employee was termed and not eligible for your company unemployment, then he works for 8 to 10 weeks, is he still eligible for the previous company which was previously denied?

  15. I was recently terminated from employment from the Ashland Municipal Court by the Judge. No reason given I was salaried at approximately $26500.00 per year. I currently received a Ohio Police and Fire Pension Check of approximately $36000.00 a year…
    Do I qualify for Unemployment Benefits, even though I receive the aforemention pension benefits.

  16. I was forced to resign my position at a local nursing home. I was not allowed to work my notice. It was stated,”It would be in your best interest if you resigned now.” The company allowed me to have my 2% increase that was due 8/15, and gave me payment for the two weeks vacation I just received after 1 year. Am I eligible to file unemployment due to being forced to leave?

  17. If my employer has asked me to take an early retirement and they will give me a lump sum payment of $21,000 as an incentive to accept the offer. Would I be elegible for unemployment if I accept?

    I am approx 10 years away from planned retirement and would not be drawing any pension payments if I do take the buyout.

  18. I was laid off in Ohio, and could not find a job so I moved back to CA. Can I still collect OH unemployment benefits, or can my income be transfered to CA?


    1. You must be approved in the state you were laid off in and the benefits will continue to be paid from that same state. You must check your state’s department of economical services, unemployment compensation. You are required to file with Ohio as you worked there and your payments will be sent to California.

    1. One of those requirements is that you have worked 20 qualifying work weeks. A qualifying work week is one in which you earned $215 before taxes or deductions. This ensures that only those who have performed a significant amount of work receive benefits in Ohio.

  19. I have been working part-time at Fashion Bug, a retail store for the past 3 years. The entire chain of 700 stores will be closing by January of 2013. My Medina County, Ohio store will be closing in August of 2012. I tried to figure if I will be eligible for unemployment, but my average earnings are only figuring to be about $159.00 per week over the past 76 weeks. How can I find out before the store closes? I read that you must have $222 per week minimum. Thank you.

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