Ohio Unemployment Job Search Requirements

When you are receiving unemployment, you must be obtainable for work and keenly seeking employment. Laid-offs may be needed to report on their job search to Ohio unemployment department or may be required to keep a job search logo to present to the unemployment office upon request.

In order to continue obtaining Ohio unemployment benefits you have to meet ongoing job search requirements until you find a new job.

  1. You must be actively be looking for a job.
  2. You must make no less than 2 job contacts per week. Job contacts include sending resumes and filling out job applications.
  3. You must keep a proof of all of your job search activities, including a record of all job contacts.
  4. You must not be disabled. In case you are disabled there are different programs available to assist you and your unemployment counsellor or local unemployment office can guide you to those resources.

You must fulfill these job search requirements each week, and provide a weekly certification to the unemployment office that you are fulfilling all of the requirements.

  1. I was with my former company for 4 years and I was recently fired as a result of getting into more than one car accident while on duty. 100% of my job takes place on the turnpike. If I am interpreting the law correctly, it states that I can be denied for, “willful misconduct.” I didn’t intentionally get into an accident. What is my legal defense in this situation?

    • Hi, Robert – if you’re looking for specific legal advice about your situation, your best option is to connect with a qualified unemployment lawyer in your state.

  2. Here’s a scenario:
    I have 5 job contacts during Week 7, and I have only 1 job contact in Week 8. Would I only get unemployment pay for Week 7, or would I get unemployment pay for both weeks since I averaged at least two job contacts for those 2 weeks?

    • Dear Paul A Torres,

      The state of Ohio is rather cagey on this topic. You have to report week by week.

      There are a few exceptions however, per the Ohio webpage:

      “Ohio law does not require a weekly work search in certain, limited instances. For example, individuals may be exempted from the work-search requirement if they are in agency-approved training, if their employers notified ODJFS that they are being laid off temporarily, up to 45 days, or for an extended work search waiver if the closure is for the purpose of productivity and economic stability. Some individuals also may have their work-search requirement considered met if they are making satisfactory progress in school or if they are members of a union and in good standing with a labor organization that refers individuals to jobs.”

      These FAQs are somewhat helpful, but you may need to contact the office to figure out he specifics for how to accurately report the number of job contacts per 2-week period. If they are looking for a minimum # of job contacts per 2-weeks I don’t know why they have you report weekly…maybe it makes it easier to keep track in real-time of people’s unemployment claims.




    • Tom,

      Unemployment Insurance benefits are offered to claimants who’re able and available for work (actively seeking employment opportunities). Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  3. I have been offered a part time job which will pay me less on a gross scale than I get from my unemployment after taxes are taken out. If I accept this job will unemployment continue to pay me minus the wages I have made that week?

  4. I was an overseas contractor, the American company I worked for is based in Texas I applied for benefits there. I am a Ohio resident I posted my resume on Career Builders web site on but it shows I’m not registered and I’ve done weekly Job searches

    • Please call the Claims Center for further details in this regard.

      They will be able to check the registration and provide further details.

  5. I applied for a job a couple weeks ago and listed this company as one of my two during that week. This week I had a phone interview with their HR department. Am I allowed to list them again as one of my companies for this week?

    • Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided for a specific response since I am not sure if the same can be included for the current week as well.

  6. What all information is required for Job Search (2 per week)? In most cases, I am not given a point of contact, but go on websites and apply for jobs and submit my resumes there. Am I still required to provide a point of contact? How do I do that?

    • Each state has its own expectations when it comes to reporting job searches.Please call the customer service of the labor dept in your state to get details.

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