Ohio Unemployment Office Locations

Ohio does not have walk-in service for UI claimants.

Call toll-free 1-877-644-6562 or TTY 1-888-642-8203, (excluding holidays) Monday through Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

To file a new unemployment claim or to reopen a previously filed claim,
you must call on the day associated with the first letter of your last name:

For last names beginning with A through I, please call on Monday.
For last names beginning with J through L, please call on Tuesday.
For last names beginning with M through S, please call on Wednesday.
For last names beginning with T through Z, please call on Thursday.
If you have missed your filing day, please call on Friday.


  1. I am trying to close my old case so I can claim pua cuz I have been put on quarantine for two weeks an I can’t til I talk to someone to close my case so I can claim pua

    • Justin,

      There might be no person available to talk to you. Please check for available options online, on the department’s official website.

  2. I have been on HOLD for 3 hours. My call started at 2pm today and it is now after 5… I understand being busy but 3 HOURS is ridiculous

    • Kandy,

      The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

  3. I just tried applying and it is telling me that I already have a pin number. Tried to reset and it said that I attempted three times. Easy is not what this is all about

    • Deborah,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing.

  4. I tried to file on line and call the 877 line. Calling is just not an option. Online goes good until I get to start and end date of work.. Says I have the wrong dates??? I have checked and rechecked!!

  5. Why can’t I reset my pin? I can’t do it online and can’t do it over the phone because no one answers.

    • I also cannot reset a pin even though I have all my information online and cannot get through on phone

      • Scott,

        You should be able to find an option online. Reaching out to the Unemployment Office might be really tough considering the current situation across the nation.



  7. Hello,

    I am a Unit Manager at Waffle House #1630 in Concord Township. We are currently looking for 1st, 2nd, 3rd shift (full or part-time) servers and cooks at our restaurant. We pay weekly (cash or direct deposit), (bonuses), (Healthcare). I wanted to know who is the contact person to let applicants know that they can go to mywafflehouse.com and apply for these positions. We have a position for seniors called Door Corp. They greet and seat customers on the weekends for 1-3 hrs.

    Contact: [email protected]

    • Hello Chantez,

      Thank you for writing to us and offering employment through this forum. I am making this comment “Visible” so that interested applicants can write to you directly.

  8. I was denied my unemployment claim. But never was told why. I received a email saying I have a new notice. when I log in there is not a new notice to be seen. How can I find out why I was denied.

    • Willie,

      You might soon receive the determination letter in the mail. I suggest you call the Claims Center immediately for an update on the reason.

  9. How do I cancel a claim? My nephew has been trying to call for three days now and can’t get through. It asks if English or Spanish, then it explains some of the options, and you choose one, then it talks for a bit on random unemployment stuff, then it says “We’re experiencing high call volumes at this time please try again later and then hangs up. It does say that you can go on line, but I cannot cancel a claim on line.

  10. my boss takes6 to 8 wks. off during the year and I end up working 4 to hrs. 8 out of 36hrs in a week. would I qualify for partial benefits.

  11. I’m trying to file, but when i get to method of payment(direct deposit) to my bank account they ask that the bank fax
    the bank info.I went to the bank and they did just that.Now the screen freezes and i can’t get out to go to the
    next thing they require, and I can’t contact anyone nor do they tell me where to go from there, what do i do???

    • Stevan,

      Please call the Claims Center for assistance. The phone numbers will be provided in the “Contact Us” section of the official website of the Unemployment Office in your state.

  12. iv worked for a company for 3 yrs as full time. they have reduced my hours to 16 a week can I collect unempolment. I also collect ss I’m 68 yr old.

    • Michael,

      If the number of working hours were reduced, you can claim unemployment benefits for the lost hours. Please consider applying.

  13. I have worked in MI for 20 years but live in Ohio. I was told that I need to register for UI in MI but, join the job bank inOhio. How do I go about that?

  14. Hi, I am a caseworker for child support in KY, I need to send a termination of withholding to Ohio Unemployment. Can you give me the address of where to send this? The employee works in the Cincinnati area. Thank you.

  15. I need to obtain a form simply stating I am unemployed.
    I need nothing else.
    Just a verification form of unemployment.
    Is this possible to obtain and, if so, where and how soon may I get one?

    • I am not sure if the government will provide such forms.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further directions in this regard.

  16. After being on hold for 42 minutes I finally reached a live human and was promptly disconnected. Is there any way to leave a call back number so when an agent becomes available they could simply call me?

    • I am not really sure if the option exists. Please call back and explore the options available.

      You can also find additional information and phone numbers on the official website.

  17. trying to call but cannot get thru there’s a problem with my application it says to contact office I have been trying for three days

  18. My job is being relocated to the south at the end of the year. I was wondering if you could collect unemployment and social security at the same time. I will be 65 in January 2017 but my offical retirement date is 2018.

    • Most states do provide both these benefits.

      Since you’re nearing retirement, please call the Unemployment Office for further details.

  19. I have filed a application online recieved a pin number through the mail 1/25/16 and I am unable to file a weekly claim online what is the problem and what could i do about this

  20. In 53 years of working I have never filed for unemployment. Then, I filed for the first time when I was laid off on 12/31/2015 and have yet to receive anything but numerous pieces of paper, e-mails and phone messages all saying the same thing. I have complied with all instructions that I am aware of. The automated phone system is a joke. The first time I called I opted to have them call back at a set time….they never called. The next time i waited 48 minutes and got a lady who said there was a glitch but then said she corrected it, I thanked her and hung up…..still nothing. This system is ridiculous!!!!!

  21. I filed for my unemployment on 1/3/2016 and have yet to receive my unemployment benefits. I have done my waiting week and also have been determined, when should I expect my first payment? It has been four weeks now? Also what day does unemployment get dispersed?

    • Well, you must have had it by now since it generally does not take more than 10 business days.

      Please call the claims center immediately for an update.

  22. I have been trying to file for unemployment in Ohio for a month now. I have been denied because I have not worked at a job long enough even though I submitted my W2 form for the year! I had been with the same company for 17 years. I try to call and I get hung up on my the automated phone service. So is the goal to piss people off enough or to make it so hard that they just give up?

    • I am sorry to hear about your experience. Well, its a government agency. All we can say is keep trying various phone numbers (find more on the official website) or see if you can visit the nearest office inn your area.

  23. have worked for my company for 11 years and they have just sold the business to another company. Iam 67 years old and if I am offered to stay I do not think I will be physically able to do this job..My work would be considerable harder. Can I collect unemployment

  24. my employer is located in West Chester , OH , I live in VA. My job requires me to work all over the country. Virginia Employment Commision seems to think I should apply for benefits in OH. Ant info you can provide would be appreciated.
    Brendan Cunningham

    • If you quit voluntarily, you may not be eligible. Please call the claims center and apply accordingly if they are ok.

  25. how will I be able to get help from the unemployment office if I am a felan? Is there any special department?

    • Please call the customer service on 1-877-644-6562 to get further assistance. You don’t have to really visit an office unless its a requirement.

      Unemployment can be filed online or over the phone.

  26. I recently accepted a position on WPAFB with a new contractor who took over effective 1 Sep 14. They have since informed me I MUST use my own vehicle to drive around base and perform inspections(<100). If I refuse to use my own vehicle and am "let go", will I be eligible for unemployment as I would have been if I wouldn't have taken thier offer?

    • You have neither accepted the offer nor have you worked in this role. You will not be able to apply on the basis on the job you never worked.

      If you have worked before this,please consider applying.

  27. i started a part time job while collecting unemployment. after working 1 day they told me that i would only be offered 12 hours a week for 3 weeks, then only 3 hours after that. what happens to my unemployment if i quit this job?

    • You can continue filing for the min. hours not worked in a week. Please call the claims center before you make any changes for specific advice.

  28. I have a check that was issued to me in April 2013 that I did not open until last week. I wanted to know how that check can be reissued to me?

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