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Updated : March 23rd, 2023

Oklahoma Unemployment Benefits

Oklahoma Unemployment Benefits

The purpose of Unemployment Insurance (UI) is to provide monetary assistance to eligible claimants during the times of unemployment. Eligible claimants for unemployment benefits in Oklahoma are selected by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC).

The UI benefits is an interim monetary income given to those who have lost their jobs for no fault of their own. It is to help such individuals during their phase of transition as they try to get other employment opportunities.

In this page, you will find more information regarding the Oklahoma unemployment benefits, such as how to apply for benefits, eligibility requirements, maintaining eligibility, and much more.

UI Benefits Amount in Oklahoma

The UI benefit amount depends on the applicant’s wages in the base period. You can use the Oklahoma unemployment calculator to determine the approximate UI weekly benefits amount that you might receive.

UI Benefits Calculator
Calculate Your Oklahoma Unemployment Benefits

Try the Oklahoma unemployment calculator to estimate your unemployment benefit payments.

Oklahoma Unemployment Calculator


Eligibility Criteria for UI Benefits in Oklahoma

The first step to applying for UI in Oklahoma is to read and thoroughly understand the eligibility criteria to qualify for benefits. The requirements are branched out into three categories- monetary eligibility, job-separation requirements, and maintaining eligibility after qualifying for benefits.

Monetary Eligibility

As soon as you file the initial application for unemployment benefits in Oklahoma, you will receive a ‘Monetary Determination’ letter from OESC. The following information will be made available on the Monetary Determination letter:

  • Your employers who paid unemployment taxes on your wages during your base period
  • The start date of your benefit year will be mentioned in the determination letter. The base year begins on the Sunday of the week you file your initial claim and ends exactly in a year’s time
  • Your weekly benefit amount (WBA)
  • Your maximum benefit amount (MBA)
  • Messages on your eligibility or overpayments on a prior claim

In order to receive the Monetary Determination letter from the OESC, you must have gained monetary eligibility for UI benefits. To do so, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have earned a minimum of $1,500 during your base period
  • The total wages earned must be one and one-half times your high quarter

In Oklahoma, your Weekly Benefits Amount (WBA) will be decided on the basis of the wages you earned in your highest-earning quarter. Your WBA will be 1/23rd of your highest earning quarter. The minimum WBA given will not be less than $16, and the maximum WBA receivable is capped at $520 as of 2019.

For instance, if you earned $7000 in your highest-earning quarter, your WBA will be ($7000/23) $304.34. If in the event, your income is $14,000, your WBA will be $520 (although 14000/23 is $608.69, the maximum WBA receivable in Oklahoma is $520).

Find out more about eligibility

Job Separation

Once you establish your monetary eligibility, you will be asked to state the reason for separating from the previous organization you worked in. The reason for job separation is a crucial parameter to gain qualification for unemployment benefits in Oklahoma.

It must be noted that you may be monetarily eligible, but may still fail to qualify for Oklahoma unemployment benefits for other reasons. One of the crucial conditions to be remembered is that you must have separated from your previous organization due to no fault of your own. If you separated from your previous organization based on your own will or if you were fired due to your own actions, you will not be qualified for UI benefits.

The OESC groups the reason for separation under main titles-

  • Discarded or Fired
  • Quitting your job

You may gain eligibility for the payment of unemployment benefits if you were discharged or fired from your previous job. The OESC will launch an investigation to inquire about the reason for your job separation. If it is found that the reason for discharging or firing you from your previous organization is misconduct, you shall be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits in Oklahoma.

The following are some of the reasons that are considered as misconduct in Oklahoma:

  • Any act by the employee resulting in a substantial breach of the employee’s duties as dictated in the contract of employment
  • Uninformed or unapproved absenteeism
  • Any act perpetrated by the employee that would endanger the health, property, and/or life of self or others
  • Concrete proof against the employee for being dishonest or concealing crucial information relating to the organization
  • Employee indulging in unethical, immoral and illegal activities, propelling the company to offload the employee

You may stand a chance to qualify for unemployment benefits if you left the job on your own. You must, however, prove that you had a good cause to leave the organization. Good causes may include:

  • Working condition of the organization has deteriorated so bad that it has become harmful or detrimental for personal health
  • Unfair treatment by the employer, creating a difficult workplace environment
  • Not receiving timely remuneration for work

Note that the department may verify with your employer the cause of your job separation. If your statement and your employer’s statement are found to be contradictory, the department may put your application on hold.

Oklahoma Eligibility Calculator


Maintaining Eligibility

Gaining monetary eligibility and establishing an acceptable reason for separating from the previous organization will help you qualify for UI benefits. However, you may still be disqualified if you fail to follow all the required procedures during the benefit week.

Some of the reasons that may lead to the disqualification of unemployment benefits are:

  • You are not able to work or were unavailable for work during the benefit period
  • You refused a suitable job offer or referral to a suitable offer without reason
  • You have failed to participate in the prescribed reemployment services
  • You have failed to look for work in the benefit weeks
  • You have not met a minimum of two employers as a part of the prescribed work search requirements
  • You’ve concealed the fact that you’ve found work
  • You’ve concealed your sources of income
  • You’re not a citizen of the United States and have no authorization to work in the country
  • Your deductible pension pay is greater than your weekly benefits amount
  • You’re a member of a union that was involved in a strike

Find out on job search requirements

How To Apply For UI Benefits in Oklahoma

You can apply for unemployment benefits using two methods in Oklahoma- online and telephone. Prior to this, in order to apply, you must make sure to submit the following documents.

After filing for application, you must file weekly claims in order to receive the benefits. Each week begins on a Sunday at 12:01 am and ends on a Saturday at midnight. Explore the following ways to file for unemployment benefits:


The online interface also called Oklahoma Network Initial Claims (ONIC) provides various services to the users, which includes submitting the application for benefits. Log on to to avail the following services:

  • File a new claim or reopen an existing unemployment claim
  • View and print form 1099
  • Change your address
  • Change your PIN
  • Get more details on the electronic payment options
  • File appeals


If the absence of the option to log on to the website, you may also place a call to file for benefits. Contact your claim center in the normal business hours to file your weekly claim.

Learn how to claim weekly benefits

Things To Know After Filing An Application

To take full advantage of all the services provided by OESC, you should be aware of all the rules and regulations prescribed by the organization. Also, the OESC provides opportunities for job-seekers to improve their skill sets and get better opportunities through training programs and job drives.

It is, thus, important to be aware of all the fine details with respect to UI benefits to make complete use of it.

Overpayments And Fraud

Overpayments are classified into three groups by the OESC, which are as follows:

  • Claimant Error Overpayment
  • Administrative Overpayment
  • Fraud Overpayment

Claimant Error Overpayment

This type of overpayment occurs when you receive an overpayment due to a mistake of law or fact, resulting in an ensuing false claim. This may occur in the form of a false statement or you fail to disclose a material fact.

In the event of the occurrence of an error committed by you, you will be expected to return the excessive amount received. In addition to that, the claimant will have to pay an interest of 1% on the unpaid dues of the overpayment. If you fail to make the payment, the OESC will have the right to deduct the amount in question from any future benefits payable to the individual.

Administrative Overpayment

The administrative overpayment occurs in two scenarios, they are:

  • You have received any sum as benefits under the Employment Security Act, 1980 because of a mistake by the OESC itself or an employer
  • The benefit amount you claimed is reduced or stopped due to a redetermination or reversal on appeal

In the case of administrative overpayment, the claimant is liable to pay back the excessive amount received. The OESC will have the right to deduct the unpaid amount from future benefits payable. There will be no interest levied on the repayment of the administrative overpayment.

Fraud and Overpayments

Oklahoma unemployment fraud occurs when you make false or misleading statements intentionally and have received a benefit amount for which you were not entitled. If the OESC finds out that you have used fraudulent methods to get unemployment benefits in Oklahoma, you will be made to face the ensuing repercussions.

Some examples of fraud include, but is limited to:

  • Not properly reporting job separation details
  • Not properly reporting monetary earnings of the claimant, or not properly disclosing the source of the income
  • Providing the PIN number to others
  • Allowing other people to file for UI benefits on your behalf

If you are overpaid, you will have to pay the overpayment amount received. Along with it, you will also have to pay a penalty of 25% on the total overpayment sum and an added interest of 1% on the unpaid amount.

The OESC may also file a criminal prosecution in a court of law against you, which may lead to a jail sentence. The OESC will also have the right to deduct the amount owed to it in the future benefits payable.

The OESC may deduct your earnings from other sources to offset overpayments, which include:

  • State income tax refund intercept
  • Federal income tax refund intercept
  • Bank account lien and/or Property lien
  • Garnishment of wages from future
  • Your future employer

Benefits Extension

The state provides benefits extension only when the unemployment rate is too high. You may contact the OESC to determine the current available Reemployment Assistance plans.

Filing an Appeal

If your initial claim for Oklahoma unemployment benefits is denied, you have the right to file an appeal. You have 10 calendar days from the date of your official notice to submit your appeal – by mail, fax, telephone, email, or in person. In your request, make sure to include your name, Social Security number, current contact information, date of determination, and a detailed description of why you find the decision erroneous or unjust.

Once your request has been received, you’ll be assigned a date for an appeals hearing, in which you must participate. You can also submit new information and bring witnesses to testify on your behalf; you also may have an attorney represent you in this phase of the process. After the hearing, the Oklahoma Appeal Tribunal will issue its decision. If you still are found ineligible for unemployment benefits, you may escalate your appeal to the Board of Review.

When you receive your official determination from the Appeal Tribunal, you will have 10 calendar days in which to file an appeal with the Board of Review. The Board will review all information related to your claim, including the recording of your appeal hearing and the Appeal Tribunal’s decision. No further information may be submitted at this time. Once the Board of Review issues its determination, it must be appealed in federal circuit court within 30 days – otherwise, the Board’s decision becomes permanent.

Paying Taxes on your UI Benefits

It’s important to keep in mind that your Oklahoma unemployment benefits are considered taxable income, and they’ll need to be reported when you file your federal and state tax returns. For each tax year in which you receive benefits, you will receive a 1099-G form in order to complete your federal and state taxes. If you do not receive a 1099-G form, you also can download it from the IDES portal. However, unlike traditional wages, where taxes are most often automatically deducted from your earnings, unemployment compensation isn’t automatically subject to withholdings. Instead, when you apply for benefits, you have the option to have estimated taxes deducted from your benefit amount – when you choose this option, the standard deduction applied for federal taxes is 10 percent, and the standard deduction for state taxes is 3 percent.

If you do not elect to have taxes deducted from your benefit payments, there is a possibility you could end up owing income taxes when you file your tax return.

Job Training Assistance

The OESC has designed job training programs to assist job seekers in improving their competency in the job market and also retain eligibility for UI benefits.

Note that approved training programs are those that allow you to attend training or school while drawing the weekly benefit amount. You will be exempt from submitting the work search reports while attending training programs. You must, however, submit your progress report in your respective programs.

Any training program that you wish to attend must be approved by the OESC. Some of the training programs provided by OESC are:

Regular approved training: There will be no monetary assistance given under the regular-approved training programs. However, the job-seeker will not have to submit the work search requirement but instead must submit a report on satisfactory attendance and progress in the training.

Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act (WIOA) approved training: The state of Oklahoma may be allowed to offset a part of the tuition for candidates who qualify WIOA approved training.

Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) approved training: The TAA is a federally funded program that is provided to those who have lost their jobs due to foreign trade. The program provides an opportunity for such people to get additional training or schooling to gain competency in the job market.

The TRA program is designed for those who are qualified for the TAA program. TRA provides monetary assistance after the normal UI benefits program is expired.

The ETPS is an online list of education and training providers who offer programs that are approved by WIOA or other similar federal funding programs.

Most jobs require specialized training that is well beyond a high school diploma. Most employers prefer candidates who have undergone at least a short-term training backed by industry-level credentials. It, therefore, becomes crucial to identify the appropriate training programs that add value to your profile.

Learn about job training opportunities in OK

Oklahoma unemployment contact information

If you have questions about your claim for Oklahoma UI benefits, or require assistance with filing, you call the unemployment claims center.

For help with finding a new job, including resume writing help and training programs, visit your local American Jobs Center.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What are the common reasons for not qualifying for benefits?
You may have enough covered wages in your base period and still be denied for other reasons. Some of the reasons for disqualification are listed below.
You may be disqualified if you:
  • were discharged or fired for misconduct
  • voluntarily quit without good cause
  • are not able and available for work
  • are not a U. S. citizen and not authorized to work
  • have limited the wages, hours, days, or areas of a job you would accept
  • do not report for or satisfactorily participate in reemployment services
  • are self-employed
  • are involved in a strike
  • are not looking for work
  • refuse suitable work
The law imposes a special "between-terms" disqualification whereby certain college and school employees cannot be paid benefits for any week of unemployment which begins during the period between two successive academic years or terms. Also, professional athletes cannot be paid benefits for weeks of unemployment between two successive sports seasons.
Q. If I am monetarily eligible, (I have the required wages in my base period) will I receive benefits?

Not necessarily. The monetary eligibility of an application means only that you have sufficient qualifying wages. After an application is monetarily allowed, OESC must determine if you meet all of the eligibility requirements. The first payable week of unemployment is your waiting week - no benefits can be paid for that week. You will not be paid benefits for that period of unemployment if you were discharged for misconduct or if you quit your employment without good cause connected to the work.

Q. How are UI benefits payment made?

Unemployment Insurance benefit debit card is given to the claimants during the waiting period. It could take somewhere between 7-10 days to receive the card.

You have two options to receive unemployment insurance payments. You may receive your payments via the prepaid debit card or you may direct transfer the payments from the prepaid debit card into your own U.S. banking account, for no fee.

To receive payments to the debit card, you must activate the card by following the instructions sent with the card. To set up this recurring direct transfer, you must activate your card and then visit or call 1-866-320-8699 and use the automated system to enter your banking information. If you wish to set up direct deposit without activating your card, you must visit

You are encouraged to view the debit card and direct deposit information by visiting and selecting the link “Important Information Regarding Debit Cards and Direct Deposit.” For general information on prepaid accounts, visit If you do not have internet access, you may obtain a copy of the information at any local Workforce office.

Q. What do I need to do to have taxes taken out of my check?
Unemployment Insurance benefits are subject to federal and state income tax. You must report unemployment benefits you receive when you file your income taxes. By January 31 of each year, the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission will send you a form 1099-G with the amount of the benefit you received the prior year.
Q. Can I work part-time and still be eligible to receive benefits?
You may elect to have federal and state taxes withheld from your weekly unemployment benefits. If you choose to have taxes withheld, federal taxes of 10% and state taxes of 3% will be deducted from the gross amount of your payment each week.
Yes. However, you must report the amount of money you earned, before any deductions were made, for each week, whether or not you were paid during the week. Earnings must be reported during the week you earn them, not when you actually receive the payment. Work is anything you do for wages, including self-employment, during the seven days of the week you are claiming Unemployment Insurance benefits.
Q. What should I do if I can’t file my weekly claim?
Contact your local Service Center during normal business hours if you encounter any problems when filing your weekly claim:
Inside the Oklahoma City calling area—(405) 525-1500
Outside the Oklahoma City calling area—(800) 555-1554
TTY/TDD Calls—(866) 284-6695

Questions & Answers

  1. Please how long does it takes OESC to process and determine a claim filed. I filed on the 06/16/2023. Please how how many weeks does it take the OESC. Thank you

    • Hi, Jersey – the processing time for your claim depends on how complete your application is and any details the OESC may need to research. Here’s what the OESC says about processing times:

      Once your claim is filed, OESC must first determine if you are monetarily eligible for benefits. We may need to request wages from other states, complete investigations on missing wages, request federal agency or military wages, or adjust your claim’s base period to accurately determine monetary eligibility.

      Once determined monetarily eligible, we will review your claim to determine if you are allowed benefits under the Oklahoma Employment Security Act. The U.S. Department of Labor has established that this eligibility determination should be issued within 21 days of a claim becoming monetarily eligible. After a determination is met, you will be mailed a letter detailing the decision and further information.

  2. How is it possible that now in May 2022 that OSEC is claiming that they are still processing Sept 2021 appeals! This seems to be a delay tactic to make unemployment numbers low! There is no way a person should be waiting an extra 9 months to find out a decision on there benefits! The Department of Labor should get a call to see what’s going on!

    • Dear Phillip,

      The situation is dire and yes, you should call the Dept. of Labor. Also, contact your US Representative (Congress Member). Keep in mind that the OSEC, along with many other gov’t agencies, are chronically underfunded for political reasons. The lack of funding creates a loop: gov’t is terrible, so don’t fund it….no funding, makes gov’t less responsive…gov’t is terrible!

      This situation effects federal agencies like the IRS, Post Office, and others. We are experiencing an “anti-government” wave that picks up momentum every time someone says “gov’t is terrible–we should do everything privately and stop funding gov’t!”

      When gov’t doesn’t have basic funds they cannot pick up the trash or process unemployment claims, etc.

      Call your representative and/or visit his or her office. You are correct: processing claims shouldn’t be so far behind. There isn’t a conspiracy–it’s simply a lack of trained staff at the OSEC office.

      I speak from experience, having worked for years for Social Security (disability), which is also chronically underfunded. People have long wait times to get their benefits as a result.


      Jean (Moderator)

  3. Why can’t I file my weekly claim but it says I have an active claim and I need to file weekly claims to get paid?

  4. Trying to connect with someone at OESC to cancel my Claim, I have faxed, emailed multiple times since April. Is there any other way to cancel my initial claim with OESC.

    • How can I get my back pay that I am owed for 6 weeks and still nothing I have kids that I take care of I have bills that need to be paid cause I’m behind

      • Kimberly,

        I can understand your situation. I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

        • What can I do? On 11/07/20 a woman from ok.unemployment helped me file for the past 3 weeks because the web site wouldnt let me. Ever since then I havent been able to file. It’s now January 2021. I’ve done everything everyone has told me and still nothing

  5. I was approved for unemployment benefits. When I file my weekly claim, do I report any last checks I receive later from my previous job? Or only if I worked that filing week?

  6. When Government was on Furlough this past January, several employees received “overpayment” statements and some did not. Why aren’t all required to repay the overpayment? If not able to explain why, I would like to know where to send a FOIA Request for Guidelines.

  7. I served a waiting week, 1/6 – 1/12, and I just filed for last week, 1/13 – 1/19, and it says that it’s a waiting week and not payable according to OK state law. I though it was just one waiting week?

    • Mine did the same thing. But the following week when my claim was processed I had the pay for both my claimed week and the one prior.

    • Johh,

      The Waiting week kicks in only after the process of determination is complete. Your assumption of the waiting week might not be correct. Please call the Claims Center for help.

  8. I received an overpayment audit in Oklahoma. If I want to pay the overpayment and not appeal it. Do I just wait until I receive my payment amount? What exactly do I do?

  9. There wasn’t delay this week when I logged into my account this week. It said still being processed and then I called it said the same. Then logged in again and it said week paid and you can see the payment was approved. Thinking it was a computer delay but now when will it be available on my card? Usually when I wake up Monday’s it is there. Now since it went through today not sure if that means it will be available tomorrow?

    • One of my employees moved to Oklahoma from Texas last November and began work with us. We had to furlough everyone due to the pandemic, however Oklahoma said she has no weekly benefit available. I believe this is due to the short amount of time she has been employed in Oklahoma, although it has been five months. Is there any way she can qualify?

      • Beau,

        We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly. Please read more about the situation here

        Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

  10. Can you receive benefits if you were being paid strictly commission? My employer technically gives 1099 I think….it was a salon and I was wrongfully terminated for sure been there a year in a half.

    • Cory,

      Contract workers are generally not eligible since employers’ don’t remit Unemployment Taxes into the system. Please inquire further with the Unemployment Office in your state.

  11. Does commision and or bonuses count as part of your salary? So if your employer takes away your commision or bonuses is that good cause to quit?

    • Zac,

      Any form of monetary income will be considered. For precise answers to your second question, please call the Unemployment Office.

  12. If your a teacher and were not asked back because of not having a position for you, not enough students can you receive UI? I have a reference letter that states I was let go due to numbers. I have almost 20 years experience. I
    called the claims office and they tell me it is s a separation issue with my former employer.

    • Holly,

      You should be able to claim, provided you were asked to leave due to involuntary reasons. Please contact the Unemployment Office.

  13. I worked at a self storage and got robbed at gun point and injured I received 7 staples in my head and two days later I was fired

    • Mike,

      If you’re working under threatening conditions, you can quit and claim UI benefits until you find a safe job. Hope you get well soon.

  14. I can’t file my claim , I tried online but it says there is a problem, then I tried the automated system and it tell me to try back at another time. Is anyone else having problems?

  15. I found out I was pregnant last December, kept having high blood pressure problems and some other health issues during the preganacy. First of June I had to take early maternity leave for those reasons. Had baby in July and I found out yesterday that the place I worked closed down due to state problems. Would I be able to file for unemployment

    • Meagan,

      Unfortunately, personal reasons such as health conditions are not considered. UI benefits are only extended to those who lose employment due to involuntary reasons.

      • I didn’t pass my State Exam to continue working as a therapist. My employer offered me a different position with a much lower pay until I pass my exam. Can I get unemployment?

  16. How do I check claim status’ ? I am on my 3rd claim and I can’t not figure out how to check the status online? The option It provides, just brings me to the weekly claim questions.

  17. My sister isan asst. mgr at a grocery store..worked for employer 15+ yrs. Store is closing. Employer has offered her a job running a convenience store owned by employer but not open yet…will offer gas only at convenience store. She doesn’t want to work at a gas only convenience store…fear of security at a convenience store. Would she be eligible for UI benefits?

    • Leroy,

      Please ask your sister to call the Unemployment Office for clarification before deciding to quit. People working under hostile conditions are eligible.

  18. I work for a hotel, i was recently promoted to Assistant General Manager about a year ago. Our hotel failed the quality evaluation inspection and because of this the ownership company is demoting me and moving me to another location. Its less pay and more drive time to and from my home. If i decline this offer will i still be eligible for unemployment benefits

    • Johnson,

      I am not sure if you can be eligible due to voluntary reasons. Please check with the Unemployment Office before making a decision.

  19. I worked at a warehouse for over a year. They made some changes and we had to wear goggles, working with very hot water. I wear glasses, so these goggles mixed with the hot water caused my glasses to fog up all the time. The manager threatened to fire me for taking off my goggles and clear my glasses. So i had to quit my job due to the fact that i was concerned for my safety because i could not see properly. Can i get unemployment based on this?

    • Amanda,

      You can be eligible to claim under threatening work conditions. Please consider applying and make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute.

  20. I worked in home health had two clients one passed away the other family put her in nursing home said she would only be there for a short period of time 2or three weeks haven’t worked since June 27 con I get unemployment

    • Vanessa,

      If your employer paid taxes into the state, you can be eligible. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  21. I am a school bus driver. I was in an accident which required me to have hand surgery. I continued to work, and my hand did not heal properly. I need another surgery on that hand and on the other also. I need to be off work to heal. Can I get unemployment while recovering?

    • Teresa,

      I hope you get well soon. UI benefits are only extended to those who are able and available for work. If the injury is work related, please explore options under Workers Comp. scheme.

  22. took annual physical it looks good except for one thing iwas told since my accident if I have to stay on painkillers to work they couldnot pass me no narcotics my physical is on hold so if I caint do it on none narcotics then the would let me go am I eligible for unemploymeant

    • You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      Please contact the Unemployment Office to ascertain eligibility.

  23. Ian in HVAC my employer has dropped my hours more than half. Do I qualify for partial unemployement? If my boss fires me for doing that and he will do I qualify for full unemployment?

    • If you are on the payroll of the company, you can apply for partial UI benefits. If he fires you for a reason that is not your fault, you can claim full benefits.

      Please find out if the employer remits the relevant taxes and apply accordingly.

  24. Husband has a “seasonal job” Works over 40hours 6-7months out of the year the past month he is only getting 15 hours if he is lucky. Can he file?

    • Seasonal workers are generally not eligible due to the obvious nature of work.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further information.

  25. HI, the company I work for as an assistant for almost 5 yrs is selling and the new company isn’t keeping any of the employees can I get unemployment?

    • Yes, you can be eligible to claim Unemployment Insurance if the separation from the job is due to involuntary reasons.

  26. I have a question, i quit mt job recently due to working condition of the warehouse, we are working under 5 degrees F … too cold that we cant feel our hands, a lot of workers quits because of the working condition which was not disclosed to us when taking the job. Can i get approved for unemployment insurance.

    • Yes, you can be eligible to claim UI benefits for quitting due to bad working conditions. Make sure to keep supporting proof handy in case of a “dispute” raised by your employer.

  27. I am drawing soc. sec.and working part time. I may lose my position due to factors beyond my control. Can I collect unemployment?

    • You should be able to draw UI benefits as long as you continue looking for jobs.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for confirmation.

    • Sorry, I did not understand.

      If you’re moving to another state with an active claim, you may consider getting it moved to the Unemployment Office of the new state.

  28. I have been working under a federal grant since fall 2012. I previously worked for the state in education. Due to budget cuts may be looking at a lay off. I am considered self employed. Could I be eligible for unemployment?

    • Please check with your HR team if they pay relevant taxes into the system. If they do, you can be eligible to claim Unemployment Compensation.

  29. I was terminated due to having an epileptic seizure at work and was let go on March 4th, I called to get my unemployment started on the following Monday and it’s been 3 weeks now and haven’t received anything, will I get back pay?

    • Generally, personal reasons are not considered.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further information.

  30. I was “let go” from my job, Fired or terminated was never mentioned in the exit. In addition I was unable to do my job as perceived because superiors would not rectify problems that allowed me to do my job. (ability to travel).

    • If you’re inquiring about applying for Unemployment Insurance, you should be able to claim as long as you did not lose the job due to voluntary reasons.

      Please consider applying.


    • Please call the claims center on the phone number provided in communication. The numbers are available on this site on this page.

  32. I have just retired from my job as school custodian for over twenty years and my retirement will not kick in for a month or so. Am I elegible for temporary assistance until my retirement kicks in? Thank you.

  33. I’m trying to call in my weekly claim and after I enter my ss # it says your claim cannot be completed at this time please call back later.. Goodby. What’s going on? It’s never done this before

    • Please note this is a private forum. Please use the option where you can speak to a person on the telephone if you’re having issues.

  34. I have been self-employed since 2005. Due to the slow down in the oil field I have become unemployed. Can I draw unemployment benefits from the company I worked for prior to my self employment?

    • You will not be eligible since self employed do not qualify and your salaried employment was years ago.

  35. Found site that listed benefit amounts paid and date. Cannot found now. It listed on June 28th I was paid weekly amount but this was not deposited on my Oklahoma card .I called three days in a row .No deposit.I thought claim over and threw everything away.Tried to call 800-555-1554 numerous times trying to get through. Impossible,waiting times to speak to representative 64-112 minutes.I was never paid that week.Have not been able to speak to a human being about this. This I called And there was a deposit. Going to bank to see if I can indeed withdraw funds.Don’t know if this is screw up or payment for missed week-just concerned whether it is since have another payment or what the deal is and why everywhere I check says I was paid weekly amount for the week ending June 28th

  36. I think I have applied for Oklahoma Unemployment Insurance on line. How can I verify that this is completed? Thank you…………Patsy Quiring


    • Resignation or voluntarily unemployment may be a barrier if you decide to quit and apply.

      Please check with the labor dept in your state.

  38. I had been on my job for a week when I learned that I had to have eye surgery. I do ultrasound. Peoples lives depend on my eyesight.
    I had 2 wait for my insurance to kick in almost 6 weeks. After my employer learned of this he started nitpicking my work and wrote me up twice. When I was finally eligible to have the surgery they told me they couldn’t gaurantee my job. When I went back my job had been filled. Do I qualify?

    • Depends. Looks like they wrongfully terminated you.

      Please go ahead and consider applying for UI benefits if you are now ready to work.

  39. I am a mid 30s mother of three my children live with there father.I have no Ged or high school diploma.I have had 4jobs since 2012.My question is am I eligible to be considered for unemployment?

    • Depends on various factors.Hope you have read the benefits page thoroughly.

      There is no harm in trying.Please consider filing for benefits.

  40. My company was recently bought by a new company and they are offering me the same position but in another town which I will not be able to accept due to gas cost and milage. Since this is a change in the parameters of my job expectation, will I qualify for unemployment?

    • If the situation is compelling enough – distance is extreme – you may be found eligible. Do your best to preserve the employment relationship.

  41. Hello, I work with the disabled, and transport to and from work, to activities, and various appts. The other week I went to the eye doc for an issue ive had for years and was informed I shouldn’t even be driving.Long story short, I am currently taking vacation while management figure out something, and I could work on transportation to and from work. What if they cannot find a placement for me, or they decide my “low vision” is a liability. In any event any position they find will not be permanent. What can I do.

  42. I WAS TOLD MY HOURS WOULD BE CUT TO ONLY 1 hour weekly.Will I be able to get paid for loss of hours.I HAVE BEEN THERE OVER 2 YEARS – 40+ hrs.

    • Hi Kenny,

      All significant reduction in working hours can help you receive unemployment benefits but you will have to meet other eligibility requirements as well.

  43. I was just notified that due to funds I will be laid off on May 15th. Can I start the unemployment benefits process now and not wait until the 15th? Thank you.

    • Hi Bryan,

      You will have to wait until after may 15th to apply, but you can go ahead and keep all the necessary documents ready. You will have to serve a waiting week during which you will not receive any payment. Please remember that your earnings in the base period also determines your eligibility and the amount you receive as unemployment benefits.

      • I was needing to find out if I have any benifits on my unemployment card I lost it awhile back and was wondering how I’d go about finding that out

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