Oklahoma Unemployment Phone Numbers

Updated : June 25th, 2019

Locate Workforce Oklahoma Centers:

Toll free 1-888-980-WORK (9675)
TDD 1-800-722-0353

Text Telephone System

If you are hearing impaired or for some other reasons need to use a Text Telephone system to file your initial claim for benefits you may do so using the following telephone numbers:

  • (800) 722-0353 (To have calls relayed)
  • (800) 522-8506 (Voice Calls)

To file initial claim and weekly claim certification:

Inside the Oklahoma City calling area use: (405) 525-1500
If you live outside the Oklahoma City calling area use: (800) 555-1554

To inquire about direct deposit, debit card, or missing payments:

1-866-320-8699 (Inside the United States only)
1-210-334-6616 (Collect, outside of the United States only)

Find office locations and more on how to apply.

  1. If the employer cuts back on labor and the employee is laid off after almost a year of employment, the employer offers a severance pay of 640.00 can the employee still get unemployment if they also get the severance pay?

  2. Is there anyone I can speak to in person about why my claims are getting denied? I got one week of pay and then denied the next week. Nothing is different and the claim is the same. I have been trying to get a hold of someone for almost a week seeing how there’s no option for this problem on the automated system when I call the 1800 number.

  3. I was recently laid off from my job of four years as a roofer my employers knowingly had me classified as an independent contractor even though I work only for them was trained by them was paid hourly each week, drove a company truck and they had full control of where I worked and on what when I was laid off I was also given a letter of recommendation clearly saying I was an employee for four years and preformed above and beyond I filed on the web site but there was nowhere to explain my situation and now I cannot access the web site at all I just get an error message what should I do I no longer have a vehicle to go to an office and the telephone number is all automated

    1. Michael,

      Why don’t you go ahead and file if you think you’re eligible? You don’t have to necessarily explain your situation unless the authorities asked you to.

  4. Since the unemployment direct deposit department will not answer their phone (have tried between 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, no state or federal holidays), I sent my form via USPS mail to the address on the form. Imagine my surprise when my unemployment was deposited to the card I DO NOT WANT. ***HOW*** can I get my direct deposit set up, seeing as **I** did everything I was supposed to in order to set it up?

    1. Alison,

      Please call the Claims Center by phone to check if they received your documents. For hassle-free management of claims, we suggest you apply over the internet.

  5. I have called for hours.. There is no option to speak to a human being if you wait on the line its says thank you for your call goodbye.. I need to speak to a REAL PERSON how can this happen???

    1. Dustin,

      Firstly, make sure you’re calling during the stipulated hours. Secondly, you can also find answers to your questions on the official website.

  6. I have been trying for over a week to get in touch with ANYONE about my unemployment claim that has been denied. There is no way that I see on line to file an appeal and I would REALLY like to speak with someone, anyone, concerning this matter. If someone could please call me, I have spent countless on hold and being disconnected and calling back, over and over, my number is 318-359-5183. I would appreciate any help that I could possibly get in resolving this matter

  7. My previous employment eliminated my position but used the words “mutual separation” in an email that was sent to management. It was not my desire – I had mp option. I did get a severance which is paid + 3 mos cobra. Does this prevent me from drawing unemployment?

    1. If you think your separation from the job was involuntary, please apply for Unemployment Insurance after the expiry of the Severance payout.

    2. The place where I work is closing their doors on 8/31/17. I should have got paid Friday for the previous week, but have received no paycheck. They can’t tell me when I will get paid. Can I file now for my unemployment or do I have to continue working till the 31st and hope that they will make this right?

      1. Lisa,

        You can be eligible to file for UI benefits after exiting from employment. Please speak the Unemployment Office for further advise.

  8. I was wondering if am working part time and not making what i used to am i allowed to still file for unemployment.

  9. I am employed at Oklahoma City Public Schools. I had surgery in December and was only suppose to be off during theChritmas brea. Through no fault of my own there were problems that occurred with the surgery and I am not allowed to return to work until April 1, 2017. I stopped receiving a paycheck as of last week. I cannot return to wrk due to weight restrictions, since I work with Down’s Syndrome children and Special needs children. I have used up all my leave and do not qualify for the school program. Am I eligible for anytime of compensation since I am not allowed to work until April 1, 2017?

    1. I am not sure if they can directly help you but there are vocational programs which provide training.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further information.

  10. The direct deposit phone number disconnects after selecting the correct number options to connect with a representative.

  11. I am receiving unemployment benefits and my husband recently passed away. I am 62 and am wondering if i can draw unemployment and receive his social security at the same time

    1. I don’t think there should be an issue.

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office in your state for confirmation.

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