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Oklahoma Unemployment Phone Numbers

Locate Workforce Oklahoma Centers:

Toll free 1-888-980-WORK (9675)
TDD 1-800-722-0353

Text Telephone System

If you are hearing impaired or for some other reason need to use a Text Telephone system to file your initial claim for benefits you may do so using the following telephone numbers:
TTY users in the Oklahoma City calling area – (405) 208-4022
TYY users outside the Oklahoma City calling area – 1-866-284-6695 (toll-free)

To file initial claim and weekly claim certification:

Inside the Oklahoma City calling area use: (405) 525-1500
If you live outside the Oklahoma City calling area use: (800) 555-1554

To inquire about direct deposit, debit card, or missing payments:

1-866-320-8699 (Inside the United States only)
1-210-334-6616 (Collect, outside of the United States only)

Find office locations and more on how to apply.

Questions & Answers

  1. Pamela says:

    What day of the week do we receive benefits on? Is it not the same day every week?

  2. Denise says:

    My previous employment eliminated my position but used the words “mutual separation” in an email that was sent to management. It was not my desire – I had mp option. I did get a severance which is paid + 3 mos cobra. Does this prevent me from drawing unemployment?

    • Sam says:

      If you think your separation from the job was involuntary, please apply for Unemployment Insurance after the expiry of the Severance payout.

    • Lisa Martindale says:

      The place where I work is closing their doors on 8/31/17. I should have got paid Friday for the previous week, but have received no paycheck. They can’t tell me when I will get paid. Can I file now for my unemployment or do I have to continue working till the 31st and hope that they will make this right?

      • Sam says:


        You can be eligible to file for UI benefits after exiting from employment. Please speak the Unemployment Office for further advise.

  3. stormi says:

    I was wondering if am working part time and not making what i used to am i allowed to still file for unemployment.

    • Sam says:

      You should have the required minimum income to qualify.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further questions.

  4. Pamela Sue McKinney says:

    I am employed at Oklahoma City Public Schools. I had surgery in December and was only suppose to be off during theChritmas brea. Through no fault of my own there were problems that occurred with the surgery and I am not allowed to return to work until April 1, 2017. I stopped receiving a paycheck as of last week. I cannot return to wrk due to weight restrictions, since I work with Down’s Syndrome children and Special needs children. I have used up all my leave and do not qualify for the school program. Am I eligible for anytime of compensation since I am not allowed to work until April 1, 2017?

  5. Cathy Callender says:

    I never received a W-2 form for the benefits that I received last year(2015) and I need it to file my income taxes. Help!

  6. Robert McClain says:

    I was told that the unemployment office might help with obtaining my cdl?

    • Martin says:

      I am not sure if they can directly help you but there are vocational programs which provide training.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further information.

  7. Jasmine says:

    The direct deposit phone number disconnects after selecting the correct number options to connect with a representative.

  8. tqyla brown says:

    I am receiving unemployment benefits and my husband recently passed away. I am 62 and am wondering if i can draw unemployment and receive his social security at the same time

    • Martin says:

      I don’t think there should be an issue.

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office in your state for confirmation.

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