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Updated : April 7th, 2023

Oregon Unemployment Benefits

Oregon Unemployment Benefits
The Unemployment Insurance in Oregon is designed to compensate a part of the wages lost by the applicants for no fault of their own. You may apply for unemployment benefits if you were laid off from work or if your working hours.

Learn about Unemployment Insurance in the state of Oregon and find all the important information you need to qualify for unemployment benefits.

Oregon UI Benefits Calculator

The Oregon Unemployment Benefits Calculator helps you estimate your UI weekly benefits amount.

UI Benefits Calculator
Calculate Your Oregon Unemployment Benefits

See our Oregon unemployment calculator to estimate your UI benefit payments.

Oregon Unemployment Calculator

In the state of Oregon, the weekly benefit amount will be 1.25% of the total base year gross income you earned. The Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA), however, will not exceed the minimum and maximum limit set by the authorities. The maximum WBA provided in Oregon is $738, and the minimum WBA is $183.

Eligibility For UI Benefits In Oregon

To be eligible for Oregon UI, individuals must have earned enough wages in the past 18 months, be unemployed through no fault of their own, and be able and available to work. You must also be a United States citizen or be legally authorized to work in Oregon.

Monetary Eligibility

To be qualified for unemployment benefits in Oregon, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must have received a minimum of $1,000 in subject wages during the base period. Subject wages are the earnings of the applicant on which your employer has paid UI taxes
  • The total wages earned during the base period must be at least 1.5 times more than the wages earned during the quarter in which you earned the highest amount of wages


You worked for a minimum of 500 hours and received subject wages in your previous job.

The Oregon Employment Department (OED) uses two approaches to calculate wages to find out if you are eligible for benefits or not. As per the standard base period, the wages you earned during the first four of the last five calendar quarters will be considered.

If you do not meet the requirements using the standard base period, your wages will automatically be calculated using the alternative base period. In this, the wages you earned in the previous four calendar quarters from the date of your application for benefits will be considered for qualification.

Learn more about Oregon UI eligibility requirements

Job Separation

It is important for the applicants to promptly disclose the reason for separating from the previous organization. The laws in Oregon dictate that you will only be eligible for unemployment benefits if you lost your previous job due to no fault of your own.

The state describes various types of work separations to help define the nature of job-separation clearly:

The primary rule in Oregon is that you must not have lost your job as a result of your own fault, and there must be a good cause attributable to the employer. Failing to meet this requirement may lead to your claim for UI benefits being denied.

Also, providing false or misleading information regarding job-separation may lead to the stoppage of the benefits to you, and you may also have to pay the benefits received with interest and penalty. The state of Oregon considers such misleading attempts as fraud.

Eligibility Calculator

Maintaining Eligibility

You will gain eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits once you establish that you’ve earned the stipulated amount of wages in the base period and you lost your last job for no fault of your own. Receiving your weekly benefit amount, however, will depend on you fulfilling the following conditions:

  • You must be physically and mentally able to work throughout the benefit period
  • You must be available for work in the entire duration of the benefit period. If at any time you become unavailable for work, you must intimate the concerned department promptly
  • You should be actively seeking employment opportunities
  • You must consult at least five prospective employers each week as a part of the job-search requirement
  • You must submit a report on the job-search requirement exercise, whereby you inform about – date of contact, name of the company, contact details of the company, online job posting ID number (if applicable), type of work applied for, mode of contact (phone, email, online resume submission etc.), and the result of the contact
  • You must not reject any job offers made to you with a ‘good cause’. You must explain the cause to the concerned department, which will make a decision if the reason for rejection is good or not

You must submit all this information every week when you apply for weekly benefits. Failure to submit any of the necessary documents will lead to discontinuation of the benefit amount. The concerned department will also conduct audits to verify if your documents and explanations are genuine. If it is found that you’ve submitted false or misleading information, you will face consequences ranging from non-payment of benefits to facing fraud charges.

Learn about Oregon UI job search requirements

How To Apply For UI Benefits In Oregon?

You can apply for unemployment insurance benefits using the Online Claim System or over the phone. Both methods allow you to submit your initial claim.

To apply for Oregon unemployment benefits, be sure to have the following documents ready:

  • A valid social security number
  • A driving license or any other ID provided by the state
  • Recent paystubs received from your last employer during the base period to determine your WBA
  • Name and contact details of your previous organization and your previous employer
  • SF08 and SF50 along with your Federal Employee Identification Number if you were a federal employee
  • DD-214 along with the start date and end date of employment if you were ex-military personnel

Learn how to apply for Oregon UI benefits

How To File Weekly Claims

Once you submit your application, you will receive The Wage and Potential Benefit Report through the mail. You must go through the document carefully and verify all the information provided in the document. You must file a claim each week in order to receive a UI benefit. You can file your weekly claim over the phone or by using the Online Claim System.

If there are any discrepancies in the report’s information, instructions regarding rectifying the mistake will be given within the form, which you will be expected to follow.

The report will also contain Customer Identification Number (CID), which is a unique number assigned to you. This number will be used on all the documents concerning your application to safeguard your identity. You will need CID while using both online and telephonic services.

You will also be asked to create a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the time you file your unemployment claim . You will need to sue the PIN when you make use of any automated systems.

Learn how to claim weekly benefits

Things To Know After Filing An Application

You must be aware of certain information as they begin to receive their weekly benefits every week. Lack of information may sometimes lead you to situations where break rules inadvertently or miss opportunities that may have helped you in your career.

Overpayments and Fraud

The state of Oregon stresses on distributing the resources among the applicants fairly and without any malpractice. If you happen to receive unemployment compensation that wasn’t intended for you, you will be affecting the fair distribution of the funds.

When you receive a share of benefits that was not intended to you, this will be considered as an overpayment. Note that if you receive an overpayment, you are liable to pay the excessive amount back.

When you receive an overpayment, you will receive a notice from the concerned department, which will contain repayment details and your right to appeal. The notice will also contain the administrative decision ascertaining the reason for the overpayment.

Some of the reasons that can result in an overpayment:

  • Incorrectly reporting the wages you’ve earned during the base period
  • Providing a false reason for job-separation
  • A decision reversed by an appeal, administrative hearings, or employment appeals board
  • Unemployment compensation from the department prior to finding an issue with your application
  • Your WBA is reduced due to a correction imposed on your base period based on your base period wage

Learn more about Oregon unemployment fraud.

      Benefits Extension

      The state offers extended UI benefits only when the unemployment rate is high or when there is a declared natural disaster. Previous extensions like Pandemic Unemployment Assistance have all expired.

      Job Training Assistance

      The state of Oregon provides various avenues to look for jobs and apprenticeship programs to help applicants land on their feet at the earliest. The state also provides opportunities for the applicants to improve their skill sets through various training programs to make them better in their area of expertise.

      WorkSource Oregon (WSO) is a network of local and state service providers which helps those who are looking for jobs by helping them find appropriate jobs or by providing training services.

      The state of Oregon also provides services such as the Career Information System (CIS), which allows you to take assessments to let you know what occupation suits you best.

      The state of Oregon also provides an online tool called iMatchSkills, wherein you can use this tool to find out which potential occupation will suit you best. The tool uses your skills and work history to determine what kind of job will be more suitable for you.

      Learn more about job training opportunities in OR

      Oregon unemployment contact information

      If you have questions about the Oregon unemployment insurance program or require assistance with filing, you can call the unemployment claims center.

      If you are looking for help with finding a new job, including resume writing help and training programs, visit your local Worksource Oregon Job Center.

      More Oregon Benefits

      Oregon offers may other benefits and social assistance in addition to unemployment insurance. Here are just a few:

      Paid Leave Oregon

      Eligible employees in Oregon can take up to 12 weeks of paid leave during a 52-week period for reasons such as family, medical, or safe leave, with the period starting from the first day of leave. In certain situations, pregnant employees may qualify for an additional 2 weeks of leave, for a total of 14 weeks. Employees have the flexibility to choose when and how they take their leave, and they receive a percentage of their wages while they are on leave. Importantly, taking paid leave protects an employee’s job and position, provided they have worked for the same Oregon employers for at least 90 consecutive days.

      There are three types of paid leave. Family leave, Medical leave, and Safety leave. These employee benefits are for life events such as the birth of a child, caring for a sick family member, or situations involving domestic violence.

      Oregon Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

      The Oregon Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as Oregon SNAP, is a federal food assistance program that provides eligible low-income individuals and families with funds to purchase food. Formerly known as food stamps, the program is administered by the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS). Oregon SNAP benefits are distributed via an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which can be used at participating grocery stores and other food retailers. The amount of benefits a household receives depends on various factors, including income, household size, and expenses.

      TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families)

      TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) is a program that offers cash benefits to low-income families with children to help them meet their basic needs, such as food, clothing, rent, and utilities, while working towards self-sufficiency. The benefits are distributed through an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which can be used like a debit card. The maximum monthly benefit for a family of three is $506, and most recipients are also enrolled in the JOBS program, which assists them in finding employment. Eligibility for TANF requires living in Oregon, having low income and few assets, and either being 18 or younger and head of household, pregnant, or having a child who is 18 or younger.

      Employment Related Day Care (ERDC)

      Families who work may be eligible for financial assistance to cover their child care expenses, such as registration fees. The Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) program is a subsidy program that helps pay for child care. Families may still need to pay a copayment depending on their income and family size. ODHS pays a portion of the child care bill directly to the provider, but the maximum amount is capped, and copays can range from $0 to $130 per month. To qualify for ERDC benefits, applicants must be Oregon residents, employed or attending school, meet income requirements, and have a qualifying child.

      Oregon Health Plan (OHP

      The Oregon Health Plan is a state-sponsored Medicaid health care program that provides health care coverage for low-income residents of Oregon, including children, pregnant women, families with children, and disabled individuals. The program offers medical, dental, and mental health services at little or no cost.

      Call 211 for benefits

      Calling 211 is a non-emergency service that provides information about a variety of community resources, such as food banks, housing assistance, and health care services.

      • Resources for immigrant and undocumented communities
      • Help getting groceries
      • Help paying utility bills
      • Help paying rent or finding housing
      • Immediate help for domestic violence situations
      • General information about COVID-19
      • Help finding and paying for child care
      • Cash benefits
      • Transportation assistance
      • Social assistance

      Call: 2-1-1 or 1-866-698-6155

      Frequently Asked Question

      Q. How do I get my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
      You can select a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when you first submit your initial unemployment application. You will must use the same PIN throughout your claim. You will need it whenever you access the Online Claim System and to claim weekly benefits. If you forget your PIN, you will be asked to reset it. You are responsible for the security of your PIN, so do not share it with anyone.
      Q. How do I get my Claimant Identification Number (CID)?
      Your Claimant Identification Number (CID) is a number assigned to you at the time you submitted the application for UI benefits in Oregon. You will need to use it on the documents sent to you by the concerned department as a way to safeguard your claim and Social Security number from identity theft.
      Your CID will be asked when you intend to change your address or apply for direct deposit through the Online Claim System. The labor department will not give out your CID, even to you if you call, so please keep a record of it.
      Q. What is a Waiting Week?
      The Waiting Week is the first week on your claim in which you meet all eligibility requirements. You do not receive payment for your waiting week. Every unemployment account must have a Waiting Week before the unemployment department can start making benefit payments.
      Q. Does retirement pay affect my benefits?
      Retirement pay could reduce your benefits, make you ineligible, or have no effect at all. If you are not eligible for periodic payments, it has no effect. If an employer for whom you worked during the base year of your claim either contributed to the retirement fund or maintained it, then your retirement pay is deducted dollar for dollar.
      Q. What is the procedure to start or stop tax withholding?
      You can choose to have 10% of your weekly benefit amount withheld for federal income taxes and/or 6% for state income taxes. This setting can be changed from inside your Oregon unemployment online account.
      Q. Can the Department reduce the benefits for child support payments?
      The department can reduce the benefits for child support payments. In the event, you owe child support payments and there is a court order requiring deductions, a percentage is deducted from your benefits each week. The deductions continue until the court notifies us to stop.
      Q. How is my weekly benefit amount calculated?
      Your weekly benefit amount is 1.25% of the total base year gross earnings. You can use the Oregon unemployment calculator to estimate your weekly payments.
      Q. How long do benefits last?
      In Oregon, unemployment benefits can last up to 26 weeks. Sometimes, there is an unemployment extension when the unemployment rate is very high, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. Typically, your benefit year is a 52 week period that begins the first week you file. You may receive total benefits up to 26 times your weekly benefit amount. You can’t file a new Oregon claim until your benefit year is up, even if you’ve received all of your benefits.
      Q. Will I be eligible for UI benefits if I started my own business?
      Running your own business will stand as a direct contradiction to the condition that you must be available for work. You must report any self-employment activities to the UI Center, even if you don’t have earnings from it. Failure to report such details to the department will result in overpayment and penalties.

      Questions & Answers

      1. I have been collecting unemployment since July, 2021. My employer said to apply since my hours had been cut. I still work for the same company with reduced hours and will go back to full time in December or January. I work for a tax preparer so the job is not full time all year round. I had a phone interview and received a letter stating that I have been over paid between July 25th and October 23, 2021. There is an appeal process which will expire at the end of November. I understand that I have to pay back the funds, however, can I set up a payment plan and have it taken out of my account automatically? I have calculated to be $3,731.00. Please advise.

      2. I have not received a letter in the mail from Unemployment with my CID number. Who should I contact to get my CID number for direct deposit. I have tried to reach unemployment for 4 days but I only get busy signal.

          • James,

            This is a private forum and not a govt. office. Please call the Unemployment Office for an update.

        • Becky,

          Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

      3. I recently moved out of state and tried to file for unemployment because of this coronavirus madness, but because I only worked in the state for one calendar quarter out of the 2019 calendar period, i was denied. Would i be able to start a new claim in oregon?

        • Daniel,

          Considering the situation, I suggest you simply go ahead and claim in your state. You should be eligible.

      4. I have been employed by the same restaurant for over 19 years with the same owner. It was sold after the first of the year and 4 mo’s later I have been told “we have to let you go” with no forewarning or dismissal papers of any kind. I am going to file for UI but my question is …I am 72 and healthy as a 50 yr old, still very self sufficient and active. I am planning to search out another income but will need the assistance of UI for a few months. So, is there an age limit to UI? and if so,, what would be another source of help.

        • Donene,

          I am not sure if there is one. You can go ahead and consider applying or even call the Unemployment Office before doing so.

      5. I work in Oregon I work everyday but lately I have been missing multiple days for lack of work. Someone mentioned that since I work in a union I am allowed to collect unemployment for the says lost is this true

        • Russ,

          Regardless of your Union membership, a claimant is allowed to collect ‘Partial’ UI benefits for a reduction in employment hours. Please consider applying.

      6. My partner and I have lived together for 15 years and we have a 7 year old together. We are not married due to complicated extended family issues. I have been employed at the same job for 10 years. My partner recently accepted a job offer in Arizona. We will be moving there in July at which point I will need to quit my job. Can I qualify for trailing spouse benefits?

        • I just file my initial claim, I’m going to get my CID number by email or sent to my address and how long it is going to take?
          I called them several times but never went through or if there’s a particular number i need to call to get the CID.

        • Julia,

          “Trailing Spouse” benefits are not available in every state. Plus, since you’re not legally wedded, I am not sure if you can claim for a voluntary reason. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

      7. I live in very remote areas with zero public transportation. Recently my car broke down leavingme with no wayto getto work . Takes me45 minutes drive time shop walkingis out of the question. I cannot car pool, as none lives out here if i get firedor I have to quit can I receive unemployment benefits?

        • Lori,

          You might be eligible to claim UI benefits under these conditions. Before deciding on your employment, please call the Unemployment Office to confirm.

      8. Hello.
        I currently receive UI in California but due to Tubbs Fire, I am being displaced and am offered housing in Oregon. I wanted to know if I am collecting Unemployment Insurance in Ca but move to Oregon, am i eligible for job training or education in Oregon? I REALLY WANT A GREAT JOB! I have two college degrees but i am an older worker and having a hard time with age discrimination at age 58 years young. Please tell me Oregon has assistance where I am able to obtain a great job again. Thank you.

      9. I have applied for UI in Oregon and have gone through all steps to receive benefits except meeting with Workforce Oregon staff. My concern is I recently lost my wallet with current ID and cannot replace it until my birth certificate is sent. This will take up to 90 days. I have 2 photo ids that are expired. Can I use these as proof of identity? I cannot wait 90 days for birth certificate to mail.

      10. After 3 months of claiming unemployment I decided to pursue a call center job. I met with a woman at a hiring agency who told me more about a call center position. I specifically inquired about what it would be like on a day-to-day basis because I recently started counseling for some severe abusive nature from my last place of employment. I cannot put myself into another negative environment while trying to improve my mental health, it’s just that bad. I’ve had deep depression and have been seeing a counselor since August, when the abusive job ended. Still struggling in mental health and rightfully looking for a job that would be at least neutral, if not positive. But two weeks into the call center job, last Friday I got callers so verbally abusive. Calling you “f****** stupid” , “idiot” etc. to no end. No matter how hard you try to be nice and kind to them and ask them to calm down. I had a full on panic attack. Hyperventilating. I was the third person of our training group that day that ended up in that same emotional state. Supervisor told me without a blink and with a smile that it’s just a part of the job and will happen on a day to day basis. At this point, I am literally terrified to go back to work. My preexisting depression was not prepared for this and I did everything I could to ask questions prior to accepting the job to know if this was a wise decision for me or not. My mental health is number one because of how poor of a state it was in to begin with. Now am terrified that if I quit this job and claim unemployment to save myself from feeling worse, I won’t be granted unemployment again due to quitting. I have no idea if it’s worth it to quit now to save my mental health while not knowing if I qualify for unemployment benefits, or if I have to stick it out at this place and watch my mental health deteriorate while I look for another job.

        • Jamie,

          Please take good care of yourself. It important to stay strong and be optimistic. A claimant can be eligible to claim UI benefits in the backdrop of hostile working conditions. Make sure to check with the Unemployment Office before making a decision.

      11. If my employer layed me off after 29 years because my knees have arthritis which did not affect my duties but they were worried about liability if I got hurt but said that if I strengthend my knees in the next 3 months they would bring me back . do I still have to look for work ? I am 64 years old

        • Joan,

          You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

      12. I live in Wisconsin but am employed in Oregon every year from June-Oct. Am I able to claim benefits? If so in what state do I file the claim? Also what month will my income show up, as I was told not until april of next year is this true?

        • Shane,

          Please consider filing from the state where your employment was based. With regard to the latter part of your question, I suggest you speak to the Unemployment Office for clarity.

      13. I started a job 2 month ago. I told my employer that I was a recovery drug addict. With 6 months clean and sober time. He said that’s okay I still want to hire you for the painting position.I got the job.been working at different job site its all good.until 7 days ago the new job site I was to work at the apartments I was to be painting. Were the apartments where I was doing drugs at 6 month ago. I told him its not good for my recovery clean and sober time of 6 month. He said he didn’t care about that. I choose not go in that day. Instead I went n/a meeting my clean and sober time was Moore important to me . he could have sent me to a different job to work or just fired so I could look for a new job. Instead im not fired but I have been off work for 7days and still have 5 days to go at least to go. He said on the 12 day we can talk about it. Can I fill for unemployment for the days I lost not work or until. I fide a new job. Or go back to work for him

      14. My current employer is relocating to a place where there is no public transportation. I rely on public transportation since I don’t drive. Am I eligible for unemployment benifits?

        • Linda,

          You can be eligible under such circumstances. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

      15. I quit my job because my employer was breaking the law. I won a Labor and Wage claim. Can I collect unemployment?

        • Yes, you can be eligible. Make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute by your employer.

      16. I am currently working in a company where we are short staffed. The work load has been becoming increasingly worse. The result is I am not getting lunches, nor breaks in order to attempt to stay caught up. As well, I am working 8 hours at the site of employment, and another 2 to 4 hours a night at home. I feel this is not a healthy nor safe working condition given I work in the health care field. After 8 hours at the site of employment we are often given more work with a direction that is has to be finished before we go home. Now, at the time of this question we just lost another employee. What are my rights? The upper management argues that we are role models for others and basically have to set an example. However, at the pace that is being demanded I don’t feel the work load is conducive to good health? Now the employer has written me up for tasks not being done in a timely manner. Can I quit this job and receive unemployment under it feeling like a hostile environment?

        • An employee can be eligible to quit under hostile working conditions and claim.

          The hostility conditions for your employment is best defined by the authorities. Please call the Unemployment Office to check eligibility and decide accordingly.

      17. I began work in May 2016 in Oregon. I was laid off March 10, 2017 at no fault of my own. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits ?

      18. I am currently working as a correctional officer. The job becomes increasingly more dangerous each day. Would I quality for unemployment under these circumstances?

        • Yes, you can be eligible to claim if the working conditions are hostile.

          Please call the Unemployment Office to find out more before making a decision.

      19. I am going to have to quit my job in order to take care of my disabled father in Arizona. Will I be eligible for benefits?

        • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      20. After 17 years on the job I injured my back at work. The injury accepted by workers comp is not my actual lower back problem but my case would be difficult to prove in court, so I am forced to take a settlement. Once the settlement money is used up I’ll have zero income. However I’m only released by my doctor to work 4 hours of light duty with frequent position changes and a number of restrictions. As part of the settlement, my employer will let me go and will not contest unemployment. However, with all my medical restrictions, will I even qualify for unemployment??

      21. My son had to move to Oklahoma from Oregon for family reasons can he draw his unemployment from Oregon while he applies for jobs in Oklahoma

        • Your son will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      22. I currently have been working at my job for 2yrs, I just was told that I no longer qualify for my housing due to my wage increase. I have no where to go with two little kids in this town so I will need to move as soon as possible. Will I be able to file? I’m not leaving because it’s a choice I want

        • I can understand your concern. There are exceptions to quitting voluntarily.

          Please call the Unemployment Office in your state and decide accordingly.

      23. I am 49% owner of a family owned business and we are in the process of closing it down or selling it. My brother has 51%. We are salary and pay Oregon unemployment tax. We can not afford to keep me on the payroll and keep the companying going until we sale or close down. We have one employee. It takes two machine operators to run it. If I am able to collect will I have to look for work or can I help run the office will I am collecting

        • Well, not sure if you as the owner can claim Unemployment Insurance. Regular claimants will have to look for employment and report the required number of job searches every week.

          Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

      24. I told my employer I was going to start looking for a new position and a month later they hired a new person for my position and told me I needed to turn in my resignation. Will I qualify for benefits?

        • Well, this is a tricky situation since you had nearly resigned due to voluntary reasons.

          Please inquire further with the Labor authorities in your state and apply accordingly.

      25. Hello, I am living in Texas and returning to my home state of Oregon. I plan on quitting my current employer to return to Oregon. I am under a doctors care for stage 3 breast cancer and want to return to Oregon to be near family as I am a single person. Would I be eligible for unemployment while I actively seek a job?

        • You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

          Please inquire further with the Unemployment Office in your state.

      26. Are adjunct faculty members at private liberal arts universities in Oregon eligible for unemployment wages during the non-school seasons? (summer)

        • Seasonally employed do not generally qualify for UI benefits.

          Please call the Unemployment Office for confirmation.

      27. I’ve been with same company for 20 years. Very physical work. I’m unable to perform at my job properly due to several conditions that have developed because of the work i do. In the past 6 mths I’ve had to file 2 workers comp claims. I’m considering requesting to be laid off or quitting if they won’t. I can work just not hard physical labor which is what my job entails. Can I collect while I’m trying to find lighter work?

        • It depends on multiple factors. Generally, personal reasons such as health is not considered. However, there are exceptions.

          Please call the Unemployment Office before making a decision.

      28. can a member of a LLC working with W-2 status collect unemployment payments after the business is closed due to financial hardship?

        • Depends on the nature of employment.

          You may call the Unemployment Office in your state for precise information.

      29. I am leaving my job and relocating to different state because my spouse is going to school. Am I eligible for benefits?

      30. I qualify for unemployment in oregon but would receive only 280 per week if I apply now. If I wait until October 1, I would qualify for the full amount of $525. My question is: If I file now, when would I be permitted to reopen a claim and file again in hopes of getting the full amount of unemployment?
        Thank you.
        Harrison Bauer

        • Not sure if you can do this.

          Please call the claims center of the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

      31. I am being laid off my job due to it being eliminated as of 06/10/2016. I am going to receive a severance for a few weeks. Do I need to file immediately for unemployment or can I take the severance weeks off. I would like to file for unemployment when the severance is about ten weeks after the final work date.

      32. I own a salon with 4 employees. We are in a retirement community and we have had an outbreak of the Noro virus that started approximatly April 11 and as of this morning we looked like it would be clear to start on Mon. May 2. But, this afternoon one more person has become infected and it puts my employees out of work for atleast 4 more days. Are they eligible for benefits?6

      33. I currently work as a temp employee and my contract end in June. I am planning to finish out contract but my husband received a job offer in California and I will be moving there once my contract ends. Can I apply for unemployment since I am relocating and my contract will be ending?

        • Contracted employees are generally not eligible.

          Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

      34. if I claimed a week, waited the week and continued to do so for 5 weeks, and returned to work. Then i am layed off again due to lack of work, do i have another waiting week?

      35. I recently finished a contract as a w-2 employee. We are required to take 3 months off before working at this company again. I have been actively looking for work for after my contract ends but haven’t found anything else. Am I eligible for unemployment since the job was w-2 and they didn’t offer me anything permanent?

        • Well, contracted employees are generally not eligible as employers do not generally pay the relevant taxes.

          Please inquire further with the Unemployment Office in your state.

      36. I have been on Oregon unemployment since 7/29/15.I am part of a family owned business it is a corporation and I am salary and taxes and unemployment taxes are taken out of my weekly check. I was laid off because there was no work coming in and no money to support payroll. It takes two people to run the machines and I am not qualified to run them and I could not. There are totally of three of us. My unemployment is running out in February when can I reapply? I was and am trying to look for a part time work and work for the family business.

        • The benefits provided is a one time affair.

          It is not revolving in nature and therefore you will only be able to receive it for one full cycle as assigned.

      37. I was fired from my job on december 4th, i filed a claim that day. It is now january 6th, and i have heard nothing. Other than the weekly automated letters stating “week claimed not processed yet, until the issue is resolved. They fired me because i could not get my audit up to their standards, but former boss also prevented me from doing it, made a agreement plan on filing and doing a weekly meeting which he continously told me he didnt have time for, then fired me for not passing but i was even told by corp that i did alot of work, and she wouldnt have to come back to do another audit because i made such an improvement. Why havent i heard anything, im getting nervous bills are starting to rack in, ice tried calling the claim system and they just tell me its in Adjudication, gives me the number to the adjudicator, ive called no answer. Left messages no return phone call.

        • Please keep following up is all we can say.

          There seems to be some dispute due to which your file has been passed onto an adjudicator.

      38. I’ve recently gotten fired from my job for having to take my wife t the hospital and not having a phone to call in before the set time. Also, I missed a couple days of work previously this year because of my back injury interfering. They told me they were firing me because of attendance, but I have doctors notes and reasonable reasons why I missed work, last one being immediate family. Will I qualify?

        • You can be eligible if you’re willing to provide supporting documents in case of a dispute.

          Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

      39. When using the calculator and filling for unemployment do I use the amount I made before taxes or the amount made after taxes? Also if I make tips can I claim an average amount on top of my paycheck?

      40. My kids live out of state with their mom and step father. I have recently found out that their mother has begun using drugs and their step father has a protective order barring her from seeing them. He has no legal custody and I have concerns for their future safety and stability. I am planning on taking what savings I have and relocating to where they currently reside. When I do this do I have any chances of receiving unemployment benefits while I’ll seek new employment to help ease some of the financial strain?

        • Unfortunately, personal reasons such as yours are not considered. You may not qualify.

          Please inquire with the labor authorities.

      41. I work in Oregon as a wildland firefighter and i get laid off every year around September. My boyfriend will be getting a job at that time in North Carolina so we will be moving there. Am i still eligible to recieve my benefits from Oregon since that is where i was employed and did all my work?

        • If your job is seasonal, you may not qualify for Unemployment Insurance.

          Please call the labor authorities in OR for further information.

      42. I was fired on May 28 for leaving work after lunch on my day off. The company encourages employees to come in and earn extra commissions on our days off, which we did on a regular basis, often leaving early if work was slow. (No one ever told us that we couldn’t do this.) The company has a point system for disciplinary actions. I had 4 points. If anyone got 8 points, the discipline was a week suspension. But they fired me. One supervisor told me to check back with them in 3 weeks, another told me to reapply in 60 days. The payroll clerk told me she was sorry they let me go, and hoped business would pick up soon.

        I filed for unemployment about a week later. I’ve heard nothing about the outcome of my claim. Phone calls get me nowhere. They told me processing takes about 4-5 weeks. I have no source of income. I followed up with the company twice with no result. I believe they are angry that I filed a claim for unemployment.

        Any advice or suggestions? Aren’t there any claim processing requirements on the UI department?

        • The best thing to do is “Wait” for the outcome. Please try to look up for more numbers online for following up.

          You can also explore the option of visiting the closest office if that is convenient.

      43. I just got back from a deployment and I got into a nursing school. My employer doesn’t allow part time work and cant work around my school hours. If I quit my Job will I be able to receive TUI?

        • If you quit voluntarily, you will not be eligible.

          UI is only provided to those who lose their job due to involuntary reasons such as lay off’s.

      44. I was recently let go from my second job because new ownership took over and decided to let me go. I have another job, but can I still collect unemployment from the job that let me go? There was no valid reasoning behind letting me go, simply new ownership chose to.

        • If you’re working the permissible number of hours in a week from your active job, you will not be eligible.

          Either ways, since you have a job in hand, eligibility becomes a question.

      45. If I am getting divorced and then decide to quit my job to move from Oregon to Virginia (all my family is out there), will I still be eligible for Unemployment benefits from the state of Oregon?

      46. I applied for ui benefits in the state of Oregon the first week of June I got approved for benefits but am being denied every week because I attend school. I would like to apply for training unemployment insurance which would allow me to attend school and receive unemployment. I am curious if I should apply for this while still being enrolled with regular ui benefits or how exactly I should go about applying for this without it causing me to loose unemployment all together?

        • The best authority that can answer this question is the labor dept in your state.

          Please check with them.

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