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Oregon Unemployment Benefit Questions

What is the “waiting week”?

The first week of your claim, during which you meet all the eligibility rules is referred to as the waiting week. Payments will not be given for this week. It is mandatory that every unemployment account has at least one waiting week before benefit payments are provided.

How can I change my mailing address?

Changing your address is fairly simple. You can do it through your claims. You will need to enter your customer ID (CID), PIN and social security number to be able to access the page where you can change your address.

Alternately,  you can call the UI office and inform them about your need to change your address. You will have to feed them details about SSN, PIN and CID through the telephone.

Yet another option is to mail the UI office informing them about the address change. Every year in January, form 1099-G is mailed out to allow recipients of UI to file their tax returns. This form will be mailed to your last updated address. Which means that if you don’t inform the office about it, you may not receive the form.

Does retirement pay affect my benefits?

Receiving retirement pay may or may not affect your benefits. In some cases your benefits may be reduced by a certain percentage, in other cases it may not affect the benefit amounts in any way.

Deductions happen if, at any point of time, one of your base period employers contributed to your pension fund or maintained it. Social security pensions will affect your benefits in any way as long as you fully satisfy all the other eligibility rules. However, if you difficulty in performing full time work or if you are limited to certain kinds of jobs alone, you may face a deduction in the benefit amount.

If I worked for a temporary agency, can I receive UI?

You may or may not receive UI benefits. If you work for an employee leasing agency, you may receive benefits between your various assignments or between your various part time jobs. However, you will need to meet all the eligibility rules laid down by the State in which you file for UI.

The conflict here is that while only assigns work to you periodically, you are still a full time employee of that agency. Which means that you can only list the agency as your employer and not the business you worked for as a temp. So when you file for a claim, mention your reason for being jobless should be lack of work, end of assignment etc.

As you work for an employee leasing agency, work you do could either last few hours or few months. You can file for UI in between your assignments. However if you refuse a suitable assignment, you may become disqualified from UI.

  1. I am an office manager for a veterinary hospital and was just contacted by an employee who has been on maternity leave and is due to return to work. The hospital is in the midst of laying 1/2 our staff off due to the shut down from covid-19. Would the employee be able to receive UI since it is at no fault of her own that we will need to lay her off immediately.

    • Kristy,

      We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

  2. I resigned from my position because of the hostile and toxic workplace. I fell in June & now may need surgery because of it and was told not to fill out a claim. Also told I would be terminated if I didn’t learn certain software with virtually any training. Told I was too old to retain information.
    Am I eligible for unemployment?

    • Sharon,

      I am not sure if you qualify on the basis of the information supplied by you in the message. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  3. If you are taken off work by your midwife in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy for hip and back pain and continued morning sickness, can you claim unemployment?

    • Ketzia,

      I am not sure if a claimant can claim under these circumstances. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  4. We have an employee that we are going to lay off for about 4 weeks do to lack of work. He is also self employed during the summer months. Can he collect unemployment for the 4 weeks he is laid off with us and not being able to do his own business till June?

    • Sandra,

      If your employee is meant to do seasonal work. he/she may not be able to collect. Either way, please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  5. I terminated my employment, due to nonpayment of wages. Employer did not report earnings nor did he withhold payroll taxes, or pay employers portion for federal, state. I am owed almost 10k in unpaid wages. Am I able to file for us benefits and if so do I claim only those wages I have been actually paid for as earnings?or claim paid and unpaid as my total earnings? Can an employer dispute my claim when unpaid wage claim is being handled by attorney?

  6. I am currently receiving UI benefits, but I recently got a job. I have only worked 24 hours so far, and I reported that on my last claim. However, because of the date I was hired, I won’t be paid for another three weeks. I am concerned about my ability to pay my bills if my UI is denied because I am earning. Is it possible for me to be paid until the week I receive my paycheck?

  7. My job of 2 years is being reassigned to someone else. Management told me I would be going to another position and different schedule. Can they so this or can I quit and get benefits?

    • You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  8. i have own a company which i closing due to financial reasons. i paid unemployment insurance – can i file for unemployment until i close the company down completely and find a new job?

  9. I been working full time and going to school and I had to take a few more class so my financial aid to help pay and I was cut from full time to part time will I be eligible if I was to quit. Till I find another job that would work with my schedule

    • Diego,

      UI benefits are only offered to those who’re able and available for work. Please call the Unemployment Office.

  10. My position has been eliminated in Management. My employer has said I can return to my agent position I start here 7 years ago. In that 7 years I have proved myself by moving to a lead within 6 months, then to executive assistant to the CEO, then to Procurement Manager (eliminated position) for the whole company. I have all my evaluations for the term of my employment showing exceeding. My other option is to go into a redeployment bench position to look for other work inside this company as well as outside, then after 30 days I will no longer have a position here if nothing is found. My question is, can I collect unemployment after these 30 days if I go the redeployment route or do I have to back track to my starting position of being just an agent after rising through the ranks to becoming a manager?

    • If you’re laid off from the job and the company, you can be eligible to claim UI benefits until you find another job.

    • Yes, it does make a difference which varies from state to state. Please call the Unemployment Office for further details.

  11. My hours will be severely reduced and then I will be laid off, can I apply for under employment for the weeks that I am working and will that count as my waiting week for when I am no longer working at all?

    • Yes, you can be eligible to claim unemployment compensation for the lost hours under the partial Unemployment Benefits scheme.

      Please speak the Unemployment Office for further information.

  12. I’m trying to file for my unemployment but I keep getting directed to a site to get my free credit score that requires me to have a credit card in which it wants payment from….???? I don’t have a bank account or credit cards!!!! Which is why I need to get the unemployment direct deposit card however it won’t allow me to finish my claim filing or enroll for the card with already having my own bank account and paying for a credit report!!!! How do I get around this? I just got laid off with zero notice after 6 solid years at this company! I don’t have this resource at all right now! What do I do none of the listed office numbers are accurate for my area! Thanks-Shauna

  13. I’ve worked for a company full time for the last 4 years. Just been informed my employment is being terminated but I can sign up to a temp service and still keep that job. If I refuse to sign up can I collect unemployment while I look for a different job?

  14. Almost 3 years ago I moved up to Washington to help with a disable mother after my father passed away. In the meantime I have a son who is 27 but has a tramatic brain injury after being run over by a truck. He is currently in prison from a crime that he caused because of stress from his accident. He gets out of prison the end of January and has no where to go. So I am moving back down to Oregon so he can live with me. He has no where else to go and it’s not feesible for him to come live with me and his grandmother here in Washington. Can I qualify for unemployment benefits until I can find a job in Oregon State? I am currently working in Washington and will have to leave this position.

    • Unfortunately, personal reasons are not considered.

      Unemployment Benefits are only extended to those who lost their job due to involuntary reasons.

  15. One month after being terminated, I have received a severance check, taxed at nearly 50%, of course. At the same time, i had to resign from a night job to be able to attend a job council workshop that would allow me to get a scholarship for CDL truck driving school. Do I claim the severance as income for the week and apply for benefits anyway?. It’s much less than my former monthly wage even with a weeks worth of night duty(my last)

    • That is correct. Please disclose the severance pay while filing.

      You can call the claims center for specific instructions in this regard.

    • Sorry, did not understand your question. If you’re asking about a weekly claim, please call the claims center for precise information.

  16. I am already scheduled to have shoulder surgery next month, and I was recently notified I & all employees will be latex off soon. If I file fore U.I. & have my surgery to correct my problem, will I. Still be eligible for benefits?

  17. Adrian, Do you work for the Unemployment Department? If not, who do you represent with authority to answer these questions. I only ask because it said this is a community forum and I want to know if this is people’s opinions or answers from the Unemployment Department.

    • Deann,

      Your question is valid. We are not associated with the government nor do we have any connections with the labor department in any state.

      This is a private forum. We only provide basic advise out of our expertise and understanding of this domain.

  18. I am a Manager and have been told that I am being terminated by my employer, but have the option to resign. They said they will not deny me unemployment benefits. Will I be eligible for UI if I resign in Lieu of termination? My choice is resign or be fired.

    • Generally, UI is not provided to those who resign voluntarily. Your employer may not deny when you apply, but the labor authorities may, at the time of processing.

      Please call the customer service to inquire more.

    • Unemployment insurance is only provided to those who lose their job involuntarily.

      Resignation does not qualify.

    • You will not be eligible as Unemployment Insurance is only extended to those who lose their job involuntarily.

  19. I will be getting laid off later this year (from my job of 20 years). I have a very small side business (it started as a hobby that I’m trying to grow). My IRS income for this business is around $5K a year (not enough to live on). Does this side business make me ineligible for the benefits for my 20+ years of service from my job?

    • Depends.You can apply based on your previous employment.

      Please speak to the customer service of the labor dept in your state before applying.Let them know about the income from your business.

  20. I need surgery on my hands and my doctor estimated I would be unable to work for 4-6 weeks. Am I eligible for benefits during that time?

    • Unfortunately, if you’re off for medical reasons,you will not be eligible for UI benefits.

      Please explore benefits under the workers compensation scheme.

  21. I plan on moving to another state in the next few weeks. will I be able to claim my Michigan earnings in Oregon?

  22. I am going to be layed off of a 9+ year job due to a change in management and restructuring of staff. I am nearly 66 and collect a small pension of $309 per month from a long ago job. If I were to collect unemployment benefits, how would this pension affect my UI compensation? Also, I was not planning on any of this and had no intentions of collecting Social Security until I was 70. If I am allowed UI compensation, am I required to start collecting Social Security?

    • Collecting pension will have a say when you file for UI benefits. You can speak to the claims center of the labor dept in your state to see how it affects in your state.

      I dont think you have to collect social security on being unemployed unless you decide to apply for it.

  23. I have worked for Burgerville for 5Years I am pregnant and I was fired for not being honest with some overings that I have made and other managers still make them and they arnt fired…What r my rights and how do I get unemployment benefits??

    • First of all,pregnancy may be a bottleneck when you file.Please speak to a representative from the labor department in your state for advice before considering filing for UI benefits.

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