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Oregon Unemployment Extension

Federally funded EUC, which is available to eligible claimants who have exhausted regular UI benefits, have been put a stop to. As of Dec, 2013, EUC has been made unavailable in all states across the U.S. unless the Senate passes further laws on it.

Extended benefits or EB too is subject to availability and is issued only during periods where the rate of unemployment is above a certain limit. As of now EB is unavailable in the state of Oregon.

Claimants will therefore have to depend on regular UI benefits for the time being. UI benefits are given out period of 26 weeks.We also recommend that you visit your state DOL website to know about currently available Re-employment Assistance (RA) plans.

About to run out of regular unemployment insurance benefits?? ——> Know about Unemployment Extension

Questions & Answers

  1. Kimberly Lucas says:

    Is the state of Oregon a state that offers exertion for unemployment?
    Where do I find the forms ?

    • Sam says:


      As far as I am aware, there is no extension available. Please call the Claims Center to get further information.

  2. Shawna says:

    I was unable to get to the work source center by the dead line I didn’t call in to claim weekly benefits because I wasn’t able to do what was required. However I can now am I still eligible for benefits?

    • Sam says:

      If you’re approved, you will continue to be eligible. Please call the Claims Center and continue with the claim/application if you haven’t completed it.

  3. Francis Eaton says:

    Whathe happens when my balance of money runs out before my claI’m expires

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