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Oregon Unemployment Phone Numbers

For questions about your claim that cannot be answered from our website or from the Online Claim System, please call the Unemployment Insurance Call Center.

  • Bend, Madras, Prineville, Redmond – 541-388-4066
  • Dallas, Salem local area – 503-375-7900
  • Newberg, Portland, Woodburn – 503-224-0405
  • Metro / NW Oregon Portland – (503) 292-2057 and Salem – (503)947-1500
  • Eastern / Central Oregon – Bend (541) 388-6207
  • All other locations – (877) 345-3484/(800) 982-8920
  • UI Center – 97309-5068

For information regarding Overpayments of Unemployment Insurance: Call: 1-800-553-5396

Oregon’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) call center is presently experiencing very high call volumes.  This has resulted in busy signals and longer hold times.  Hang up and try to call the local area phone number for the call center.  If you continue to receive a busy signal, please wait several hours before attempting contact again.  Do not call repeatedly within a short span of time.  You will have a better chance of getting through if you call later in the week and later in the day.  The Employment Department is dedicated to providing good customer service.


    • Debbie,

      If you’re asking about the browser bookmark, it depends on the browser. Please check on google with relevant keywords.

  1. Why is it when I try to file a weekly claim, it says:

    You cannot use a bookmark or your browser’s
    history to access a previous transaction.

    I’ve tried to file from 3 different browsers already!

  2. I lost my checks. I need them reissued to me. I would prefer to have them direct deposited into my reliacard. I call unemployment over and over and they never answer what do I do??!

  3. Wow i see that these issues have been going on for,a couple,of years but since beging of last year. I,filed my claim in NOVEMBER. it’s now FEBRUARY! I’m freaking out I haven’t heard a single word. I’m getting the generic emails saying they got my werkly claims I have a million forms from,contact us link heard NOTHING Nothing in the mail. Like,I understand that y’all are very busy but what about us folks that REALLY need some help? Can’t call can’t get through on the phone. Since,there has been no money I have lost my place to live. My phone is,about to be shut off. I can’t get through to change my phone number or address. And NO nothing on line tells me how to solve my issue. Thanks a lot Oregon for hyping everyone to only help the freaking scammers. People are getting benefits in 2 and 3 names and I,can’t get my benifits that I have worked,my butt off for!

  4. Ive tried and tried and tried to get answers about why i haven’t recieved my unemployment yet.. Emails i get back are pre written crap that doesn’t do anything to help me… The phone numbers you give are also crap that dont work..this ring around the rosy BS is really messed up and due to the negligence im witnessing first hand that nobodys doing there job over there.. I am homless as of today cause the relief money congress promised me is nowhere to be found.. I need to talk to a peron a real person asap we are hurting enough from all this and we dont need the stateboffice thats sole perpose is to do help the ones who are unemployed or in my case cant even go to work due to a pandemic that i have no control over… This is realy messed up and needs to be handled

  5. Website said i have to call my UI center because I have worked out of state, I haven’t been able to get through for 2 months now. Is there something else I can do to get a UI Claim started?

  6. My benefits were sent to an address I haven’t lived at in over four years, and the lady on the phone from the reliacard said that the card was issued under my maiden name. I have two kids, I’ve been waiting for this since March. I have no money In my account anymore I’ve drained my savings can someone please contact me or give me a way to contact someone I can’t get thru no matter when I call always goes straight to a busy signal. I understand you guys are busy but this is insane I have no way to even speak to anyone no paper was sent to me with my CID so I can’t try for direct deposit.

  7. I’ve paid into this system for over 30 years and I just lost my job due to it being off shored. I know I’m eligible for benefits but I got a denial letter in the mail, it’s super ambiguous an does NOT give any clear instruction on what to do or what exactly the ‘problem’ is. Why is this such a disaster and so difficult??? What the hell am I supposed to do? I can’t get thru the phone lines and I can’t get any money, has governor Brown and our Senators lost their minds?? DO SOMETHING, SOMEBODY…Oregon is falling apart!

      There are many reason an application for benefits may get denied. Your specific situation must meet Administrative Rules and Law to be granted benefits. The letter you received telling you that you were denied gave specific instructions on how to appeal the denial decision. If you didn’t agree with the denial that was your opportunity to be heard by higher up authorities.

  8. I’ve been waiting for months for my unemployment and now PUA. I’ve gotten confusing letters in the mail saying that I need to contact someone/send additional information/they need more information about my self employment right after getting a denial letter for “regular” unemployment. I faxed in a letter trying to ask what was needed but got no confirmation or reply. I’ve emailed, called and written but I haven’t been able to get through to anybody and I haven’t received even one check. What am I supposed to do?

    • Have you checked your status online on their website? It will tell you about if your claim is being processed or not and what weeks they have paid. I’d try that

    • Emily,

      There will be a delay considering a large number of pending applications. Please be patient and also chase the Unemployment Office at regular intervals for an update.

  9. I’ve been trying to “restart” my claim by calling the numbers listed for two months now. The system wouldn’t let me file weekly claims nor did I ever see anything at all to create a pin. Since theres now a gap in my weekly claims my benefits ended right at the retroactive checks. Starting to think it’s never going to happen. At this point the summer will be over if I even do get through. I call about 3-4 hours a day for the last 8 weeks. They say not to keep dialing but I don’t see how that helps at all since everyone is blowing up the phone lines that are understaffed. Going to have to find another way to survive this since it’s not PUA.

    • I’ve been calling for a week straight just to finally here it rings through and recording comes on and after being on hold from 45 mins to 2hours the system hangs up on me!!! I’ve received emails from OED, stating they received my weekly claim and if they need additional information someone would contact me… Well when Iclaim 9 weeks in a row but the week before those I worked and made more than my 205.00 benefit so I have to restart my claim!!! Can’t get through on the phones, went to the Salem office yesterday because their website said it was open 8-5pm to find out it’s closed, I’ve even sent a help me message through their new link 10 days ago and have not heard back. Now the PUA phone system isn’t working correctly and the email system obviously isn’t either and the office is closed!!! I’m about to loose everything I’ve worked for because this Department was suppose to upgrade there system years ago but hasn’t”Due to Management issues” I mean I don’t hear the Food stamp office struggling with the increased cases!!! Even Tina Kotek won’t answer my pleas for help. Do we need to all gather in front of the office to give them an idea how frustrating it is to wait 12 weeks, get some checks and then it’s another 10 weeks to get paid!!! Tried to call David Gerstenfeld’s phone number just to hear that his phone isn’t nabbed/answered at this time!! I bet, why would he, because I’m sure he doesn’t want to answer all the questions I have for him!!!

      • Lori,

        I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  10. while I was waiting for my initial pua claim to approve I was submitting my weekly claims. I now show payments processed for the weeks I claimed but this last week’s claim doesn’t show (week ending 5/30). I submitted it on Sunday & when I check weekly status it says I don’t have a claim yet for last week. Should I resubmit? I’m just wanting to make sure I don’t accidentally have a double claim. I also noticed that I accidentally put the wrong date on the bottom of the weekly form next to my signature (wondering if that’s the issue).

    • Jessica,

      Please wait for the Unemployment Office to get back to you. Else, you can also try calling them.

      • Sam are you stupid or brain dead? Which one? You keep giving the Sam answers after everyone has said you can’t get anyone at unemployment. Get off your asses and answer the phones help us,

  11. Isn’t there a way to get a message to someone about my issue (which is very unusual, not addressed in any of the online help) and have them call me?

    • Jan,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  12. I submitted my claim several weeks ago online, but got a recent letter stating there was a problem associated with the application. I’ve been trying to call and straighten it out, since no corrections can be made over the web. I also emailed the a letter, sent a letter through the mail, and will fax the same letter/message tomorrow. BTW, I tried dialing over 200 times today with the system having a constant busy signal. What are my odds of the email, fax, or letter rectifying the situation?

    • Chris,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  13. I can’t restart my claim online or on the phone. The website crashes after I enter my social security number with a message “STOP. You cannot use a bookmark or your browser’s history to access a previous transaction. For your security, the transaction you requested is no longer available.” Since I have self employment, I have to call and I can’t complete on the Internet. When I call, I get busy signals and can’t get through. I’ve tried calling every day over the past week. Please help and restart my claim.

    • Matt,

      This PIN reset is a common issue across. Please keep checking your account at regular intervals. The authorities should come up with a solution soon.

      • If i cant file my weekly claim because my PIN was deactivated and I cant get ahold of anyone. How will this affect my claim during this time?

        • If you do not file the claim on time, you’ll not receive the monies. Please call the Unemployment Office for a quick resolution.

  14. All the phone lines are busy and no way to contact. I filed my claim online and no response from whoever. Tried to log in again to see what’s going on but it said unable.

  15. I am unable to complete my claim online because I worked out of state during the period of Oct. 2018-2019. I currently live in the state of Oregon and was laid off here, the website tells me I must speak to a claims taker to sort this out and see my options but I have been trying to reach someone through calling for a week now and have gotten no luck getting through. I’m stuck and know that I’m very much eligible for unemployment, what should I do?

  16. This system is garbage and full of crap. I completed everything as required before this Corona virus exploded and have had my claims denied. I am now 3 weeks out. I am doing everything I can to not be on this system, I don’t want to be, but to be denied a claim with no reason except there is a problem and nobody to speak with to find out what the error is or way to fix it is ridiculous.

    • I’m having the same exact issue this is ridiculous that this many people are having a problem and are struggling to make it by and not end up homeless.

  17. People can’t even get through to file a claim, even with new dedicated additional phone lines. Seriously, add some more lines and hire some people to answer the phones!

    We tried 70 times yesterday

    • Mike,

      We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

  18. I am desperately trying to reach someone at the Unemployment office and the line is permanently busy. I have two more days to get them certain information and how can I do that if I can’t get through. I unfortunately didn’t receive the letter until this weekend and it said that if I do not respond within 5 days of the date on the letter, they would have to make a decision about my claim without it….which means what? I am denied? This is so frustrating. It isn’t my fault that I was laid off because of the coronavirus. I need this income or I will starve! What should I do? Is there another number I can try?

    • We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

  19. I have been trying for days to either get through on the phone or finish it online but it’s telling me all sorts of crazy things like my soc and bday don’t match or they can’t verify my identity online… It works fine for everything else on a regular basis so I’m lost.

  20. My contract had a predetermined end date, and now I am currently looking for work. I am applying for unemployment, what do I enter for my contract simply ending? I did not resign and I was not terminated (fired or laid off), my contract was simply a short term contract.

    • Please call the Claims Center before applying. They’ll help you with the queries regarding form filling.

  21. Trying to do weekly reporting and it keeps telling you not bookmark my browser well I’m not been trying to do it on my phone also the other concern I have is I accidentally put one employer down twice because the computer I was using works out so I didn’t think it took and it didn’t have an option to delete it so I’m hoping you guys find it and fix it

    • Kristine,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please report this incident to the Unemployment Office by calling them.

  22. um I filled out the online stuff for unemployment and it said to whait 30 min so I did but when I called I think it was the worng number cause it said to wait 30 min again can u please help I’m new at this and am woired I’m going to loose my ssi needed to do oit today ssi said please help me I’m not sur what number to use or what to even do please help

    • Lukas,

      Hope its resolved now. If you continue facing issues, please use the “Contact Us” link on the website to find additional phone numbers.

  23. I just finished filing my online claim, but could not navigate the system to add my other employer so it was not complete. How do I go back and edit it to add additional employers?

    • Ashara,

      Please explore the available options. If you do not find it, please call the Claims Center for assistance.

  24. I filed, set a pin. Now I went to do the claim online and it says my pin and SS don’t match. Who do I contact?

    • Please use the phone numbers provided on this page. You will also find additional numbers on the department’s website.

  25. The online application continually says my name doesn’t match my SSN. I’ve never had a problem with this in my life. Never changed my name, gender marker, nothing. The phones are always busy. I’m stuck.

    • I can understand your frustration. You have to speak to a representative on the phone line to sort this issue.

      Please call during off-peak hours for better connectivity.

  26. Hello,
    I was recently “let go” from my place of employment of seven months.
    They will not tell me if I was fired or laid off, even when I asked specifically. They would only use the term, “let go.”
    They admitted my work performance and attendance was fine and refused to provide a reason. I recently transferred departments. Even though I’m still with the same company and had accrued sixty hours of paid time off by my last check, I was told the transfer put me back on a probation period and they didn’t have to give me a reason.
    How should I proceed?
    Thank you for your time,

    • If the separation from the job was not your fault, please consider applying for Unemployment Insurance until the time you find a job.

  27. I was trying to apply for Unemployment on-line. When it got to the part for me to request a debit card for payment, I got sent to a Credit Score page. I could not get out of that page. I could not proceed with my important benefits because of this. The on-hold voice I’ve been hearing for the last hour keeps telling me to do this on-line. How? it won’t let me.
    How do I request a debit card without applying for a (not really) Free credit score?

  28. I applied for direct deposit, received my first 3 checks via mail, then got my reliacard, activated that and called to cancle my direct deposit due to bank account change,and having the activation process complete on my reliacard, over the phone I was told that my bank DD was approved but I’d receive a check this week , without reason or explanation for this run around then was declined to switch to my state mandated reliacard thru us bank because the representative didn’t know how to achieve that,I want to receive my weekly pay on my reliacard that I already have and have active and ready to use, for some reason I can’t get anyone to solve this problem over the phone and there’s no link I’ve found on how to do this myself online, please help I’d appreciate it greatly

    • You may call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided for specific instructions to do it yourself.

      Decision on some requests will be vested with the departmental representatives.

  29. I am the Dietary Manager at Marquis Vermont Hills facility. I have had ads on Craig’s list,, Our web site I have a full time position available but I am not getting any response for applications. The job is a full time diet aid/dishwasher above min. wage depending on experience hours are 12:00-8:30pm or 7am til 230. Is there any way that you could post this?

    • Hello Debbie,

      We do not have any option to host profiles/jobs on the website.
      Please try other websites famous in your region and update them regularly for the desired results.

  30. im trying to restart my claim for benefits i was accepted for, but i just started this job and there is no date to i was fired from this job. For that matter i can’t place previous date for employment due it being for this year alone. Need help getting this fixed,

    Thank you,

    Dirke B.

    • Please call the Unemployment Insurance office in your state for precise information on your previous claim.

  31. Mike,

    I am sure the Unemployment Office is overloaded with pending applications. Please be patient and keep chasing at regular intervals.

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