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Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefit Questions

I am a resident of Pennsylvania, but I got laid off from a job in a different state, where should I file my claim?

If you worked in only one state during your base period, that is where you should file for UC from. However, if you worked in multiple states during your base period, you should be filing a Combined Wage Claim (CWC). CWC can be filed from any one of the states in which you worked and earned wages during your base period.

If you are unsure about where you should file your claim from, contact UC service center and place a query either through the Internet or through phone call at 1-888-313-7284.

My layoffs are intermittent or sporadic, if so, how do I apply for Unemployment Compensation?

File an initial claim by either visit a One-Stop Career Center or by visiting the website UC service center or by calling them at 1-888-313-7284. Filing online would be the fastest way. Once your initial claim is processed, you may be expected to file bi-weekly claims to get weekly benefit checks. Should you fail to file the claim, the claim will become inactive. If you get a job for a week in between, don’t file for that week. And when you face unemployment again, simply re-open your existing claim and continue with weekly filing to claim your remaining benefits.

Does severance, salary continuation or separation pay affect UC benefits?

Any severance pay, that exceed 40% of the annual wage of Pennsylvania, is deducted from the claimants UC. This holds true only if the claimants application for benefit was filed on or after Jan 1, 2012 and if the severance pay agreement between the claimant and his employer was signed on or after Jan 1, 2012.

Whatever amount is deducted from a claimant’s benefits is allocated the weeks that immediately follow his/her job separation.

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  1. ronald rutkosky says:

    after 37 years at the same company I am being let go at the end of the month. I am 65 and was going to retire in February When do I file? I am very hard of hearing and unable to use a telephone My wife cannot get any info as they want to speak to me which is impossible

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