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Base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters. If you are filing today, base period is Jul 2016 - Sep 2016 to Apr 2017 - Jun 2017


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CALL: Please contact 888-255-4728. Each UC service center is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Mondays are traditionally a heavy call day. Please note - If your SSN ends in an odd number — 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 — please call the service center for assistance on Monday. If your SSN ends in an even number — 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 — please call on Tuesday. The UC service centers will continue to accept calls from claimants with any SSN on Thursdays and Fridays.

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State Name: Pennsylvania

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Disclaimer: The estimates are good in faith and accuracy is not guaranteed. We are not liable for any loss and damages caused by using the tools on our website.
Disclaimer: The estimates are given in good faith and accuracy is not guaranteed. We are not liable for loss or damage caused by the tools on our website.

    State: Pennsylvania (PA)
    Phone Number: Please contact 888-255-4728. Each UC service center is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Mondays are traditionally a heavy call day. Please note - If your SSN ends in an odd number — 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 — please call the service center for assistance on Monday. If your SSN ends in an even number — 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 — please call on Tuesday. The UC service centers will continue to accept calls from claimants with any SSN on Thursdays and Fridays.
    File Online:
    Major Towns: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, Reading, Bethlehem, Scranton, Lancaster, and Levittown

    Current Unemploymnet Rate in Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania Unemployment Questions

    I was told by my employer that I may be laid off intermittently during the next several months. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits?

    To be eligible for UC benefits, you must meet certain requirements-

    • You must be financially eligible.
    • You must have a qualifying separation from employment.
    • You must continuously maintain your eligibility for benefits, by satisfying the UC laws.

    If your hours of work have been reduced or you otherwise continue to work less than your normal full-time work week, you may be eligible for partial benefits.

    What happens after I’ve applied for UI benefits?

    You will receive a total of three mailers from the PA Department of Labor after applying for UI benefits. The first mail will contain an official Notice of Financial Determination. The second mail will contain a Claim Confirmation Letter (which is form UC-360) and a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for PAT, filing over the telephone. The third mailer will have a printed copy of PA UC Handbook which is sent to you within a span of 10 days after you’ve applied for UI Benefits.

    What are the registration requirements after I file my application for benefits?

    You must register for employment search services with the Pennsylvania CareerLink® system within 30 days after you file your application for benefits. If you are not already registered, create a Keystone ID and Password, using your complete Social Security number. Use your Keystone ID and Password to login and to update relevant information.

    I am currently in another state, do the registration requirements affect me?

    Yes. You must register for employment search services in your local labor market in that state within thirty days after your Pennsylvania application for benefits is filed, but you must also register in the Pennsylvania CareerLink® system by the same deadline.

    How do I request to receive my benefits by debit card?

    You do not need to sign up to receive your payments via debit card. If you do not have direct deposit, a debit card will be mailed to you automatically after you have been determined financially eligible for benefits.

    If I run out of unemployment compensation benefits, would I qualify for extended benefits?

    No, Pennsylvania is not currently in an Extended Benefit period. Extended benefits are only applicable during an Extended Benefit period. Under the Extended Benefit period, it is payable only if the qualified individual has exhausted the regular benefits under the Pennsylvania UC Law.

    What is the PAT number and what are its operational hours for filing a teleclaim?

    PAT Toll-Free number is 888-255-4728 and the operational hours are from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Sunday, and 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday through Friday. If the number is busy, hang up and try again after sometime.

    Will receiving a pension make me ineligible for UC benefits?

    When filing for unemployment compensation (UC) benefits, you are required to report all pensions, including retirement, retired pay, annuities or other similar periodic payments and lump-sum pension payments. Pension and retirement payments are deducted from UC benefits if a base year employer maintained or contributed to the pension plan and if the base year employment affected your eligibility for, or increased the amount of, the pension. If the base year employer alone contributed to the pension, 100 percent of the prorated, weekly amount of the pension is deductible. If you contributed in any amount to the pension, 50 percent of the prorated, weekly pension amount is deductible. Pensions are deductible from weekly benefits on a dollar-for-dollar basis. The partial benefit credit is not applicable.

    A lump-sum pension payment is not deducted from UC, unless you had the option of taking a monthly pension. In addition, a lump-sum pension is not deductible if you "roll over" the lump sum into an eligible retirement plan such as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) within 60 days of receipt.

    Social Security and Railroad Retirement pensions are not deducted from UC benefit payments.

    May I collect UC benefits while attending school?

    You may not be eligible for UC benefits if you quit your job to enroll in an academic credit training program. There is no requirement that you must be available for full-time or permanent work. Your work history can be full-time, part-time, or seasonal. However, you must not refuse suitable work when offered. You may also be ineligible if you refuse a referral to a job opportunity.

    What is the PREP and RESEA program and why must I attend?

    The Profile Reemployment Program (PREP) and Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) Program are Pennsylvania’s version of the federally mandated Worker Profiling and Reemployment Service system. PREP and RESEA are designed to identify claimants who are most likely to exhaust unemployment compensation (UC) benefits and may need assistance to find a new job.

    You may be ineligible for benefits for any week in which you fail to participate in reemployment services to which you have been referred through PREP and RESEA. If selected, you must participate in these mandatory programs unless there is justifiable reason for your failure to participate.

Questions & Answers

  1. Keith McClure says:

    I only worked 8 hours in one week! Can I file for unemployment benefits for that week?

  2. linda nocella says:

    i am losing 20% of my salary, am i eligible for 20% unemployement benifits?

  3. georgine says:

    My employer has decreased my weekly working hours again by 3 hours. Can I apply for partial unemployment benefits?

  4. Barbara Cook says:

    I took a job thru a temp service at UPS I was told the job would be mine after 90 days. After two weeks we were told the job was being outsourced to India. My contract keeps being renewed but is up 12/26/2012, UPS knew about this and let me go thru all the training and now want me to train someone in India which I am but can Icollect unemployment when my job is done Iwill have worked four months, with the possibility of being 7 months.

  5. kevin Blazer says:

    How can I find out how much unemployment compensation I have for 2012, I am trying to remortgage and they are asking for this information. I can only get 06/12/12 through 08/25/12 on the website

  6. Mark Kelly says:

    How can I find my August 2012 unemployment payment history

  7. Sherry says:

    If I receive a severance package that pays me 2 weeks for every year of service, can I collect unemployment immediately after the layoff?

  8. Debbie says:

    I have been calling for 3 weeks to get an answer on unemployment. I FINALLY got through today – was on hold for 50 MINUTES – and then was disconnected. This is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe PA unemployment should hire on more help. My 26 weeks runs out next week – Will I be able to get extended benefits?

    • Brenda says:

      If I get a busy signal because there aren’t enough employees to answer the phone, why do they not just hire some of these people on unemployment to answer the phone. I swear they just want us to give up and not file at all.

  9. Matthew Dennis says:

    I applied for my unemployment benefits and received my conformation number but have not received my conformation email yet and I filed about a week and half ago. Can you tell me if I have qualified for any benefits?

    • neha says:

      If you contact with your unemployment office you can find out the status as well as how long your benefits will last. Most of the time you get an automated system and all you do is put in your info.

      If you are in Pennsylvania, go to – click on the EB link. Claim weeks. Get claim info. And enter SSN and other info required. It will give you all the info you are looking for regarding status: Benefit year, amount in account , amount sent in the check and date to claim

  10. Thomas Vought says:

    I am mandated by federal government to retire at age 57 in less then 2 years. People have said that PA changed law that mandated federal workers are no longer covered to receive unemployment benefits. Can you set me straight on this.

  11. Todd Feairheller says:

    My job agreed that I can start work and finish at a certain time every day. have a 14 month old child I need to watch when I am done work because my wife works. If my job makes me try to work a different shift and I tell them I cant do it because I need to be home to care for my child and they let me go will I be able to get an unemployment claim?

  12. Bambi Murphey-Garvin says:

    If I worked in the state of PA 7/11 thru 10/11 and have 6 weeks here again do I qualify for UI or do I have to have 16 weeks this year?

  13. sally says:

    I gave my two week notice at work last week. My boss told me today to leave and I didn’t have to finish my last week. Is that considered firing and can I collect unemployment. I did nothing wrong, I’m still not sure why I couldn’t finsh the last few days

  14. virginia ryan says:

    when am i getting my first unemployment check

    • neha says:

      The first valid week is a waiting period week and no check is payable for that week. It will take nearly 2-3 weeks from the day you first file a new claim to obtain your first unemployment check.

  15. terri quick says:

    i have been trying to call with the number listed above for three days straight and keep getting a busy signal is there a place to go instead

    • neha says:

      Be ready for long wait as lots of people are trying to call at the same time. Remain patient and you will get through to someone who can assist you. Even if it is frustrating to wait so long, please be courteous to the person you get connected to. You may expect a lot more help from the staffs than if you are terse and rude. Please understand that the staffs on the other line are over worked and are helping you in every possible way.

  16. Ann Young says:

    The project I worked on ended and I wasn’t rehirable for any of the other available positions in the company, located in Utah,due to disability limtations. Thus, I decided to move back to Pennsylvania to be with family, and I plan to stay here. With which state do I file for unemployment benefits?

  17. JoAnn Wienczek says:

    What are my obtions when my extended benefits run out?

    • neha says:

      When you finish extended benefits, depending on your resources, you might need to think about other options for financial assistance. Families with low income and financial resources might be eligible for cash assistance, food stamps, mortgage assistance and health care assistance, commonly known as Medicaid.

      You can also make use of services such as job listings, career assessment and planning, computer access, resume and interviewing tips, advisories on job fairs and workshops near you and opportunities for financial aid in education and retraining programs.

  18. Ed Zelenak says:

    Does anyone know if there is any new rule regarding seasonal employees in PA collecting?…I work on a golf course and have collected before in the winter…I went south last year and worked year round so I have over a year and a half of wages but am concerned that the law has changed since I last collected for seasonal employees….Any reply is appreciated….

  19. Stephen Morton says:

    I have worked for the United States Postal Service for over six years and was let go a couple of weeks ago. I am receiving Administration pay which is running out, and my question is what state can I file in. I lived in Nevada and worked with the USPS since 24 June 2006 and on 9 July 2012 I transferred to Erie Pa and was terminated on 10 Sept 2012 from the USPS. Thank you for your time.


    Stephen Morton

  20. Jeremy Kilo says:

    This year my kid starts school & im the only one to get them on the bus, whitch makes me 20 minutes late on a daily basis. I informed my boss & he said i need to make other arrgments in whitch case i can not.. So being late has gotten me wrote up for tardyness, & they said if i get another one i will be fired.. So wanted to know if i got fired , will i be able to collect Unemployment benifits

    • neha says:

      Your unemployment benefits will be denied. You were fired as what you did is against company policy. You can’t receive unemployment benefits when this is true. You are usually granted unemployment benefits when you are laid off, fired without cause or if your hours were drastically cut.

  21. clifford oshana says:

    I have been working at c.e.conover co. inc. for 16 yrs 3 weeks ago they cut my hre from 40 hrs per week to 24hrs per week I’am I eligible for unemployment. Thank You

  22. kevin cunningham says:

    I am financially eligble from a claim 3 months ago. I was not eligible to collect since I was fired for attendance. I just worked 1 day from a new job and because of lack of work am not currently working at that job through no fault of mine. Can I be eligble to collect from the new employer? I filed a new claim.

  23. Thomas Patrick Getty says:

    Two questions
    I will be 66 on November 20, 2012. Social security advised me to take social security. Am I still elgible for unemployment

    my 26 weeks end this week. Is it possible to apply again to gain another 26 weeks

    Tom Getty

  24. Barbara Mersing says:

    Can I collect unemployment benefits if i have to quit my job due to inability to perform accurately due to fibromyalgia, which is causing me to make mistakes and forgetting how to perform my job, which entails numbers and monetary figures which are crucial to my position.

  25. milamoosey says:

    can- i filed or re-open my unemployment on augost 13thto18th one weekthat i lay off?and how?

  26. Mike says:

    My wife had an extremely premature baby back in January of this year. She exhausted all of her family medical leave by March and her employer sent out a letter stating they could not hold her position beyond the expiration of her family medical leave time. Due to my sons condition we were not able to place him in daycare in time for her to reclaim her position. My wife is now ready to go back to work, but her company does not have any work available for her. Does she qualify for unemployment compensation?

  27. Lawrence camp says:

    I’m trying to file my weekly claim for the first time. I don’t know how to.

    • ked says:

      Have you actually applied and received a financial determination, handbook, debit card? If yes, then call or go online – either way you will be led through the process. Be sure to use gross wages, know how much you received in holiday pay or vacation pay. If you worked for someone new since opening the claim, have date started, employer’s address and phone #, and the last day of the last week you worked your normal full time hours. It is easy, always be honest, take your time – it will be fine.

  28. Karen McDonald says:

    what is the quaterly time frame in which someone would need to have work if applying mid to end november 2012.
    what is the wage earlings required for filling a claim mid to end november.
    does someone need to meet both the time in quarter and the wages .

    • ked says:

      Minimum requirements are 16 weeks earning at least $50. These weeks must have occurred in a completed quarter. If most of your work is in the quarter just before the layoff, have paystubs ready in case employer is slow to report.

  29. Andrew Letters says:

    if your job locks-out can i collect unemployment

  30. Tina Smith says:

    I am currently receiving unemployment benefits. I started on April, 1, 2012. How long with this continue and do I need to file for an extension after 6 months?

    • neha says:

      Typically, most states allow an individual to collect unemployment for a maximum of 26 weeks, or half the benefit year but if your chances of landing a job by the end of the claim year are slim, you can apply for unemployment extension benefits.

      The provision for granting extended benefits vary for each state. You can get an additional 13 weeks on your current program. In certain circumstances you may avail extended unemployment benefits for 20 weeks. Grim economy, high nationwide unemployment rates are the conditions which force the government to extend the period.

  31. Lynne Zaborowski says:

    Iam a nanny and the little girl starts preschool sept 4 so my hours will be cut from 40 to 10 as they still need me to pick her up everyday at 3 and stay til 5– she pays into unemployment for me but when would I start the process and what do I do?

  32. Joan Warren says:

    Can I stop an active claim until being settled in new area and reopen it at a later date.

    • neha says:

      Receiving unemployment benefits from Pennsylvania is not dependent upon you living in the state for the duration of your unemployment claim. If you move to new area with an active unemployment claim in Pennsylvania, you do not transfer the claim to the new area. Instead you simply continue your claim with Pennsylvania. The only thing that changes if your physical location.

  33. Matthew Hafner says:

    The question that I have is that my employer is laying us off before the full year of the last lay off but only by week. how does this affect me and how would I sign back up for unemployment?

    Thank you
    Matthew Hafner

  34. alvaro lemus-perez says:

    need to aply for unemployment benefits

    • neha says:

      Pennsylvania unemployment insurance benefits are available if you meet the certain requirements. To know about the criteria visit

      Out of work and part time workers are eligible to apply for Pennsylvania unemployment benefits. To qualify you must meet certain minimum wage thresholds during the base period.

      Moreover, you can claim benefits for 16-26 weeks and if your weekly benefit amount is $35 – $558.

  35. keith says:

    I live in texas but was told to file in Penn. because that is where i worked. Ihave called the 888 number that i was given, and all i get is a busy signle. Is there another number i need to call?

    • neha says:

      You may file by calling the statewide UC Service Center toll-free number at 888-313-7284 between 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

      The best times to call are later in the day and later in the week.

  36. Gail Figueroa says:

    I relocated from Florida and haven’t been about to find work full time or part time am I eligible for unemployment.

  37. Dianne F. Dakis says:

    Where on this site is the actual form where I can apply for unemployment benefits? I can’t find it anywhere.

  38. Michael says:

    Does working for eight months in a calendar year two four month periods make you eligible for unemployment. I am getting ready to lose my job. Two jobs in a row they are going out of business.

  39. Jeffrey Rutt says:

    How long does it take to get backpay after eligibility.

  40. Kristen Kennedy says:

    I am currently seasonally employeed for the summer by a local fireworks store. Will I be eligible to collect unemployment when I become laid off of this job in the fall?

  41. jennifer johnson says:

    I began working in Pennsylvania March 16, 2012. I am going to be laid off this Saturday. So I only have a few weeks in quarter 1, and all weeks in quarter 2. A friend just told me that I will be ineligible for unemployment because my 2nd quarter earnings are over 20% of my first quarter, is that correct?

  42. alonzo mcdouhale says:

    misplaced benefit card

  43. James Kedersha says:

    Am I eligible to collect both unemployment and Social Security at the same time?

  44. Judtih A Schaffer says:

    Hope someone can answer my question….

  45. Judtih A Schaffer says:

    On Saturday, May 5th, 2012, I applied for unemployment. It would not let me apply under reinstatement. I filed back in 2011 towards the end of the year when I was laid-off for a week. Does this count towards the holding week. Please let me know.

  46. […] to fabricate the steel and produce the concrete and asphalt needed for those jobs. You can refer unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania for more details on how to file for the unemployment claims in the […]

  47. Jessica Gallaway says:

    Shannon! It’s jessica…i have been tryin to get a hold of you and I googled your name and saw this post! Can you PLEASE email me back!! Thanks hun! [email protected]

  48. Unemployment Benefits Extended by Another 14 Weeks | File Unemployment says:

    […] Several states are seeing unprecedented levels of jobless rates. Check out Ohio unemployment, PA unemployment and NY unemployment pages to learn more about the rates and the […]

  49. Ray says:

    Shannon – You should wait until you become legally unemployed before you file your claims. Generally you would need to provide previous 6 months of employment history and reasons for losing/leaving the previous job. Sorry I am very sure about the benefits week, it depends on many factors and you need to check the PA state unemployment office. Hope it helps.

  50. Shannon Hilderbrand says:

    I am done on active duty status on 31 dec 2009. I have been on active duty since 19 dec 2005. They say i will recieve 46 weeks up unemployment. Is that correct? Also what information will I need to provide proof of employment or active duty status. And do I have to wait till 31 dec 2009 to file or can I do it now knowing when my date is?

    Thank your for your time.

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