Pennsylvania Unemployment Job Search Requirements

In order to continue remaining eligible for UI, it is important that a claimant actively seeks out new job opportunities. As UC is intended to cover your struggle to get a new job, it’s vital that you meet the specified job search requirements while you are on UC.

Job search requirements for the state of Pennsylvania are as follows-

  • Applicants must actively hunt for new jobs
  • A minimum of two job contacts must be made in a week. Job contacts mean correspondence through email and resume submissions
  • All claimants are expected to preserve the proof of correspondence with an employer and produce it as and when it is asked for
  • A claimant must not be physically disabled. If you are differently abled, there are other programs to assist you.

All applicants are expected to prepare a work search report for every week for which they file a claim. Claimants will have to produce this work search report when asked to. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification from benefits.

    1. Jennifer,

      You can look at exploring the ‘Career Centres’ for job and training requirements. The PA unemployment website has the required details.

  1. im currently in collage that I just started does unemployment help out with this anymore? Older people told me they use to be I don’t see anything that they do?

    1. Tara,

      If you’re schooling full-time, it will affect your ability to work full-time. Under these circumstances, you’ll not qualify.

  2. I have tried to do the job thing required by unemployment it keeps asking me about a keystone password that i don;t remember it’s been too long since ive had it it has made it so that i cannot recieve my unemployment bennifits i need these to pay my bills my husband just had two strokes and i have been app;ying online for jobs i have the paperwork i filled out for you all and i cant find anyone to fax it for me please help!!!!!

    1. Margaret,

      I can understand your frustration. Please call the Claims Center or try to visiting the nearest office for an update.

  3. I currently receive unemployment from Pennsylvania. I am interested in learning PLC maintenance. Does Pennsylvania have a program to assist with this endeavor?

    1. I am not sure of the available programs. Please call the Unemployment Office or visit the nearest unit for further details.

  4. i started a medical billing and coding course to learn a new profession following the closure of the hospital i worked for. is attending school/classes permissible? is attending job fairs and applying for jobs still required?

    1. If the program is certified by the Unemployment Office in your state, you can continue attending.

      Please call them for further information.

  5. I am interested in applying for the jibs at the new restaurants and motels/hotels in Altoona/Hollidaysburg area. Where do I find what is available and where to apply?

  6. I have worked for this company for 36 years and I will be 63 in July. I have been talking about retirement the last couple of months so the company asked me if I would take a layoff so they could keep some of the younger workers. If I take the layoff would I (because of my age 63) )still have to apply for jobs every week, or could I just collect until my checks ran out and then retire????

    1. Depends.If you file for UI benefits in your state, you’ve to apply for jobs and submit proof to the labor dept.

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