We are featuring Unemployment-tips.com, an online portal to help unemployed find answers to all the questions concerning unemployment benefits.

Website Featured: Unemployment-tips.com
Established: 2007

About the site
Unemployment-tips.com is a portal which helps people find answers to questions concerning unemployment benefits and claims, finding a hearing representative, unemployment lawyer and issues worrying a person who has lost a job. This site was started by Chris Hendricks, who had been through a similar phase in life and recovered from it. She then decided to share her insight and experience to help others deal with unemployment and claim their benefits without a hitch.

What is the purpose of this site?
This site provides a forum to its visitors to get their questions related to unemployment compensation answered. It also helps them  find a legal hearing representative or unemployment lawyer who can guide them. This site is a friend for the one in need.
Featured Site- unemployment-tips.com

On this site, you shall find many resources and guides that will help unemployed folks, such as:
1.   Finding a Hearing Representative
2.   Finding a Legal Representative
3.   Blogs
4.   Unemployment Tips
5.   Career tools
6.   Newsletter
7.   Question and answer

Make the best use of the resources available on this site. The Q&A area will be of great help if you have a specific question in mind. Career tools tab will lead you to a list of valuable websites which will help you find a job.