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Established: 2009

About the website

Unemploymentdata.com ProfileUnemploymentdata.com, acts as a source of information on unemployment, jobs and investments. The content featured on the website is informative and entertaining at the same time. The site hosts numerous articles on various topics related to professional services and investment options. Over the years, Unemploymentdata.com has become a highly trusted website by its users.

Tim McMahon, the editor of the site,who also happens to be a financial expert, has previously published his work on investments and other related articles with the Financial Trend Forecaster, before he started writing for UnemploymentData.com. The website also features articles from over 20 different authors.

Purpose of the site

Unemploymentdata.com offers information on employment and unemployment statistics and services, jobs and investment options. The website is for information, education and cybergratification.

The website also provides charts on current unemployment statistics and other related topics. On the whole Unemploymentdata.com can be considered as an informative and dynamic, user-friendly website

The articles are covered under the following categories

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Career
  • Government
  • Small businesses
  • Success
  • Unemployment