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I have been with this company for for over 10 years and am one of the most experienced guys on the job and have trained several of the key employees there recently my salary was cut after the busy season ended. I am not seasonal help and they reduced my pay from salary to hourly with restrictions on how many hours I can work. The weekly cut will be around $370 gross pay. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits while I look for another job suitable to support my family if I choose to leave? In my opinion that would be a violation in the work agreement and make me eligible but I'm scared the company will protest and I will receive no benefits and have no job until spring. Stuck between a rock and a hard place could use some advice. Can't afford to leave and can't afford to stay
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While I understand every aspect of the grievance here, you must stick into your job until you find a replacement.

Unemployment benefit programs pay money to workers who:

Become unemployed through no fault of their own.
Meet certain other eligibility requirements as determined under state law.

Since your case does not satisfy the most basic qualifier,please look for alternative. Talk to a human resource rep in your office,get the issue addressed by a senior executive whom you trust. I am sure there will be a way out since you have dedicated 10 years towards this company.
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