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This was my first time ever using my unemployment. So I do not know alot about what to do or not to do. Im extremely worried because my checks stopped coming and im being told I owe money. I still have not worked and am still currently trying to get a job again. i have never collected unemployment before and really need it for my daughters and I while im trying to get another job. Please  help me figure this all out. Im a single mom going through a really rough time right now. And have no clue on what I have done wrong or how to fix it. I just know that we are dependant upon these checks every week until I get employed again.Please help.
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Looks like,there was some break in communication or paperwork.Please do not panic.It leads to unwanted tension and anxiety.

Set yourself a target time to get to the bottom of this issue and fix it.

First of all, gather all paperwork filed,communication letters or emails received from the office.

File them in a chronological order.

Analyse to see what went wrong where.I suggest that you call the local unemployment office,raise a grievance, fix and appointment and personally visit them at the earliest.

Remember,you are solely responsible to fix this at the earliest.Good luck with your job search.
Feel free to come back to us if you have any questions....
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