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Am I eligible for UI again? - File Unemployment - Questions & Answers
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Am I eligible for UI again?

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I lost my job in May 2013.  I was able to collect UI through November 2013.  I took a job the last day of Feb 2014 and Thur 5/15 or Fri 5/16 will be my last day due to layoff.

Will I be eligible since I collected last year for 6 monhts?  I know I made the required amount of $ and I lost my job due to no fault of my own.  

I believe my benefit end date is 5/17/2014.

Any insight would be great!
asked May 18, 2014 in North Carolina by Tired ofcontract jobs that end a lot soo

1 Answer

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Since you were already receiving benefits, please call the customer service of the labor dept and check.
answered May 18, 2014 by Adrian (23,840 points)

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