Unemployment Question and Answer

  1. Soon to be unemployed, as my job places is going out of business. Been there 12 years. At my age 75 I am thinking of going to live near my child
    for recent health reasons. Will I be able to draw my unemployment from Tennessee if I relocate to Georgia, or Minnesota? 02 2018

    • I suggest you visit the official website of the Unemployment Office or call the Claims Center for further information.

  2. Can your wages be deducted ,if you move to different state ,but same company there’s 8 offices in the the US. My wages where deducted from $25.00/too $23.00 -2.00

    • I do not have any information in this regard. Please contact the Labor authorities in your state for specific details.

  3. If I relocate to another state in search of work, am I still eligible to receive benefits until I find work?

  4. I am curious to know the law pertaining to military spouses who reside overseas due to spouses being in the military. I was informed Virginia will not accept claims for unemplyment due to having current residence overseas. This does not pass the common sense test to me. Is this accurate information?

    • I would not be able to relate any law to you. Google is a great source. I have read once a military person is back in the US, they take or send a completed dd214 to unemployment. While overseas, you are not in the labor market that our unemployment insurance covers nor are you likely to be working for an employer who pays into unemployment.

  5. I would like to relocate to another state, I am on UI right now, if I relocate will it stop my UI I can not find work here in the field I work in.

  6. I recevied my financial determination on 02/26/2013. The statment gave me a benfit year 02/10/2013-02/08/2013.I filed a bi-weekly claim on 03/03/2013 and was told I have a claim open. I been employed for 20 months? WHAT`S UP?

  7. Have being employed as a pool for more than a year now,my hours of work is less than 60hours in 2weeks so times i cant even have 50hours.Most times my hours are cancle when i sign up.Am presently in school am paying $600 every months is their anyway i cant have help from unemployment.

  8. i called pat on sunday and my funds were not deposited into my account. i wanted to know where my funds are.

    • my name is Michael, I am 47yrs old. MyUI sent me my pin number and says my account has been registered online yet I have not received one single bit of financial help from Unemployment. I have been unemployed since 2020, I also have been calling my claim every two weeks to claim my bi-weekly benefits. My question is, am I gonna receive any financial assistance from the government since March I been without income since Feb, 2020. Thank God for all the loving support I have endured from my loving family. I also lost my home and my vehicle due to stress, and my financial status. any info to guide me in the right direction for any sort of help, I would greatly appreciate it more then anyone could ever know.

      • Michael,

        This is a difficult time for all of us. I can understand your situation. Please be patient and continue chasing the office until payments normalize. There will be a delay due to the number of pending applications.

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