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Rhode Island Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Each applicant is expected to meet certain job search requirements as laid down by the state of RI. As actively seeking new jobs is one of the eligibility criteria for UC, claimants are expected to make at least 3 work contacts every week for which they file claims. Additionally, claimants are also required to prepare a work search report weekly. The work search report must contain the following details.

  • Number of employers contacted/ jobs applied
  • Names, addresses and contact details of the employers
  • Position applied for
  • Nature of contact (email/ telephone/ face-to-face)
  • Outcome of contact

The agency may request you to produce the work search report while filing for claims. Failure to produce the report may result in disqualification from UI.

  1. How long does RI require you to keep work search information ? If I have exhausted my benefits do I need to keep my work search data, and if yes for how long ?
    Thank you.

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