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Rhode Island Unemployment Job Training

Rhode Island actively provides career and occupational training to unemployed individuals. Claimants are encouraged to make use of these facilities while they are awaiting new job opportunities.

Following are the programs that the state of Rhode Island offers –

  • Online learning resources in employRI
  • netWORK RI training programs
  • netWORK RI workshops
  • On-The-Job training
  • WIA Approved Training Programs
  • Unemployed Tuition Waiver
  • Pell Grant Information
  • Licensed Occupations
  • Apprenticeship

Other links –

How to apply for Rhode-Island Unemployment
Calculate benefit amount

  1. I am in a training program administered by the state of RI, and on unemployment currently. My training finishes a couple months after my benefits run out. Am I able to get continued weeks of benefits until training finishes? Massachusetts allows this, not sure about RI. Thanks!

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