South Carolina Unemployment Extension

EUC is a Federal temporary extension of unemployment compensation for unemployed individuals who have already collected all regular state benefits for which they were eligible.

These benefits are available for weeks of unemployment ending on or before January 1, 2014. This means that the last payable week of EUC benefits in most states will be the week ending December 28, 2013.

There is no “phase- out” period for EUC payments. All EUC payments will cease when the program ends.

Total available weeks currently available in South Carolina are 48 weeks (Regular 20 weeks+ EUC 28 weeks – a final week of partial benefits is also available).

Note: Currently South Carolina does not offer extended benefits (EB).

About to run out of regular unemployment insurance benefits?? ——> Know about Unemployment Extension

  1. It is sad that there is no longer any extensions available the job and employment rate are still the same for people mid age groups 40’s to 60’s people are not seeking hiring them as quick as the younger ones our bills still plié up and the governor say’s there are jobs show them to us.

    1. Currently,EUC(Emergency unemployment compensation) is not available due to expiry.Please contact the labor department in your state to see if there are any other benefits available.

  2. My first extension ended on 12/28/13. I just received an eligibility review from SC but I left that state on May to seek work out of state. Why do I have this eligibility review when I am not receiving money and they never helped me to find a job?
    It is hard when you are 60. You are in limbo as nobody hire you. thanks

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