South Carolina Unemployment Job Search Requirements

To remain eligible for benefits, you must search for work each week. Your work search must include at least four job contacts each week.  At least one of your four searches, or job contacts, must be done on SC Works Online Services. If you do not use SC Works Online Services for at least one weekly job search, you will not receive payment.

In order for your online job search to be counted in our system, you must log on to SC Works Online Services with the original username you received when you registered for work as part of filing your initial claim.

If you forget or lose your original username, you can call your local SC Works center or 803-737-2400, Option 1.

If you need to reset your password for your original username, click on the “Forgot username/ password?” link on the SC Works Online Services page.

You must bring the work search form each time you are called into the SC works center for an interview.

Note: Your work searches and accompanying documentation are subject to random audits and verification by DEW. If you do not adhere to the work search policy, you will lose benefit payments.

  1. I applied for work at burger king on north main st and I also applied for work at hardees on rosewood, waiting on a response back from management

  2. Do you need to send out a job application as a result of the sc works search or does it simply record that you searched for a job?

    1. Felix,

      As much as I am aware, most of the states require you to produce the proof. Please call the Claims Center for assistance in this regard.

    2. Really vexing that that there isn’t a real time
      link to CONFIRM your weekly work search while logged in at South Carolina

      I do the required searches AND make applications in the allotted time/week, yet still get worriesome message updates saying ” our records indicate you have not completed the 2 required work searches to remain eligible for benefits, etc.” There is some genuine ambiguity, (as far as i can tell) about how this is digitally documented, and if you have met the requirement… Shouldn’t there be a tab/ link to view this while logged for peace of mind on everyone’s behalf? Seems like an IT no-brainer….Can someone explain this?
      * E-mailing docs or screenshots to claims verify process seems inefficient and tedious in addition to the work of looking for work. Be grateful for any light shed here! Thank you. D. A.

      1. Darren, on the work dashboard page, go all the way down and look to the left you’ll see a work search log box. When you have searched 2 jobs in your chosen fields, you’ll see a green check mark and a 2. Red X otherwise lol.

        1. I just now was aware of the green and red. And I have been certifying for 6 weeks even though my claim still hasn’t been approved. But my issue is I have been doing job searches but wasnt in my chosen field. Heck I have done 75 job searches in 6 weeks. But I am not sure past weeks if was in the chosen fields. Do you know if they will still count towards my job search. Like for this week it tells me I done 18 job searches in other fields

  3. this is my first time ever filing for unemployment. I received 2 checks but my last claim stated that I did not search for a job when I did in fact have been searching. I have emails proving that I did. Am I not going to get that money for that week? I was not told that it had to specifically be on SC Works site. Thank you.

    1. Pang,

      Please note this is a private forum and unable to communicate the message to the authorities. You can call the Claims Center at the phone numbers provided.

  4. I have been trying to access SC Unemployment and Workforce website off and on today 10/29/2017 and haven’t yet been able to access it and I can’t do my weekly certification because of that,I also tried calling the number and can’t certify on it either,this isn’t the first time this has happened I was wondering what I can do?

    1. Juanita,

      It may be a temporary technical glitch. Please call the Claims Center on the phone for if the issue persists.

  5. claims page says approval pending; do you still report these weekly even though yet to receive benefits from unemployment insurance and/or nothing started yet?

    1. Kim,

      Please continue submitting the reports. If you do not receive the approval/payment on time, please call the Claims Center.

    1. You can visit the nearest office of the Labor Department for further instructions in this regard.

      Please also explore web job search portals online for relevant jobs.

    1. Please look out for job assistance services in your locality.

      Also upload your CV on leading job sites with a complete profile if you have not done so.

      1. So if I accidentally forgot to go on the scworks website for one or more of those weeks… will they take just one payment OR all??

        1. You must file weekly claims online.Otherwise,they will only release payment for the weeks filed.

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