South Carolina Unemployment Job Training

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is a federal program administered in South Carolina through the Workforce Division of the Department of Employment and Workforce and through 12 Workforce Investment areas throughout the state. It supports training programs that help job seekers prepare for employment and businesses access skilled workers.

A statewide board appointed by the Governor and comprised of business owners, state government officials, educators and private citizens guides policy for all WIA-funded programs. WIA programs help businesses meet their need for skilled workers and provide individuals with access to training that helps them prepare for work.

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  1. Attention: SC Dept. of Employment and Workforce
    From : Sharon D Stradford
    1668 Duckwood Road
    Lancaster, SC 29720
    Claim #4603104
    I am trying to find out where I need to email all of my job searches that I applied for since the middile of April!!! The that I spoke to during that time stated that no work searches were required. Please let me know if I can mail or email ALL of these work searches that I have applied to.
    Sharon D Stradford

  2. What is a person supposed to do if a phone call is not returned. I’ve called for 3 days to speak with someone about an issue. Every time I call I get a message saying there is heavy call volume, and to leave my number to get called back. There is not an option to just remain on hold. I’ve left my number for 3 straight, and haven’t received a call back. How do I speak with someone or get someone to return my call?

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