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South Dakota Unemployment Extension

State funded Extended Benefits (EB) and federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) are the two options available for claimants who exhaust regular unemployment insurance benefits.

Extended benefits are available only during times of high employment rates. And are available only after an applicant exhausts both UI benefits and EUC. EB is generally given for a period of 13-20 weeks. Availability of EB is state specific so if it is not available for a certain month, claimants will have to make do with regular UI.

EUC is usually given in 4 tiers with the last three being given only if the unemployment rate is higher than a certain percentage. The first tier of benefits are given to anyone who continues to remain eligible for UI and the benefits are given for a period of 14 weeks. Tiers 2 through 4 are given only if there is a high rate of unemployment.

As of Dec, 2013, federally funded  EUC has come to an end. Until further rules and bills are passed on this, it will remain unavailable.

All applicants are requested to visit their state’s DLR website to know about currently available Re-employment assistance (RA) programs.

About to run out of regular unemployment insurance benefits?? Know about Unemployment Extension

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