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South Dakota Unemployment Job Search Requirements

All claimants are expected to look for jobs in a systematic and active manner if they wish to continue remaining eligible for UI. In certain cases the state may exempt you from looking for work, if this happens, you need not look for work.

As per the state’s laws, an active work search would include the following:

  1. A claimant shall make at least 2 work contacts in a week for which he/she is filing claim. The number of work contacts require may increase depending on your status.
  2. The contact should be made in the way that the employer wishes it. Telephonic contacts are usually not taken into consideration.
  3. Applicants must accept suitable job opportunities if they are offered the same. Not accepting a suitable job may lead to you getting disqualified from UI.
  4. Repeating contact with the same employer is generally not considered as a countable work contact unless the time frame between the two attempts in contacting is more than 30 days.

Claimants are expected to prepare a work search report that documents their attempts at seeking jobs every week. This report may have to be presented as and when it is requested by the agency.  Failure to produce this document may result in your disqualification from UI.

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