The Golden State Stimulus: What Californians Should Know

Updated : September 14th, 2021

Golden State Stimulus

California’s second Golden State Stimulus check is set to roll out early this month, with payments ranging from $500-$1,100 for eligible residents. A part of Governor Gavin Newsom’s ambitious ‘California Comeback Plan,’ the Golden State Stimulus payments aim to support low and middle-income residents and those struggling due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Californians who have filed their 2020 tax returns are eligible for these checks. 

About Golden State Stimulus 1

The first round of Golden State Stimulus offered a one-time payment of $600 or $1,200 to qualifying individuals. The qualifications set for the first GSS payment are- 

  • You must file for 2020 tax returns
  • You need to be a CalEITC recipient or an ITIN filer who made $75k or less (total CA AGI)
  • You need to be a California resident on the date of payment
  • You cannot be claimed as a dependent by another taxpayer
  • You have lived in California for more than half of the 2020 tax year

If you have filed your tax returns for 2020, you may receive your payments as a direct deposit or via paper checks. Note that it may take some time for you to receive the due amount. You have until October 15, 2021, to file your tax return and receive these payments. 

The Second Golden State Stimulus Checks

The second stimulus checks are set to provide monetary support to almost two-thirds of Californians. Checks of $500 and $1,100 will be disbursed from this week to those who qualify. You’ll qualify for the second GSS payment if you meet the following conditions – 

  • File your taxes by October 15, 2021
  • Have a CA AGI (California Adjusted Gross Income) of $1-$75,000 in 2020*
  • Be a resident of California for more than half of 2020
  • Have wages of $0-$75,000
  • Be a resident of California on the payment date
  • Not be a dependent of another taxpayer**

*Read line 17 of Form 540 and line 16 of Form 540 2EZ for more information.
**A dependent is a qualifying child or relative. You can learn more about dependents and other relevant tax information here.

How Will You Receive Your Second GSS Payment?

You will receive your payment by direct deposit or through a check in the mail. Generally, the payment is made to the option you selected while submitting your tax return. You may also receive a paper check in the mail – 

  1. If you received an advanced payment through your tax service provider.
  2. If you paid your tax preparation fees by using your refund.

      How Much Will You Receive?

      The amount varies depending on whether you have an SSN (Social Security number) or an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) and any of the following scenarios. Here is a list of possible scenarios and the stimulus amount you may receive – 

      If you have an SSN – 

      • If you qualified for GSS 1 but did not file for one or more dependents, you won’t receive any payment
      • If you qualified for GSS 1 and claimed credit for 1 or more dependents, you may receive $500
      • If you did not qualify for GSS 1 and did not claim credit for 1 or more dependents, you may receive $600
      • If you did not qualify for GSS 1 but claimed credit for 1 or more dependents, you may receive $1,100

      If you have an ITIN – 

      • If you did not qualify for GSS 1 but did not claim credit for 1 or more dependents, you do not qualify for the GSS 2
      • If you qualified for GSS 1 and claimed credit for 1 or more dependents, you may receive $1,000

      Note: If you are married but want to file your tax returns separately, visit this website.

      When Will You Receive The Second GSS Check?

      The second Golden State Stimulus checks have started rolling out, and some 600,000 eligible California taxpayers may be credited with the payments soon. However, some payments may take some time to ensure accuracy and completeness of distribution. You should note that you must file your 2020 tax returns within October 15, 2021, to receive these payments.

      Tracking The Second Golden State Stimulus Status

      You can reach out to the California Franchise Tax Board (CTFB) for any tax, or Golden State Stimulus checks concerns. You can reach out to them by calling them at 800-852-5711 from Monday through Friday (8 AM-5 PM Pacific Time). If you reside outside of the US, call 916-845-6500. 

      You need to create or sign in to your MyFTB account in order to chat with the CTFB representatives. They are available on weekdays between 8 AM to 5 PM. You can also send any questions, documents or communicate with the officials at CTFB by mailing them. You can address the correspondence to Franchise Tax Board, PO Box 942840, Sacramento, CA.

      Final Word

      The key to getting a Golden State Stimulus payment is to file your 2020 tax returns within the allotted time frame. You don’t need to do or follow any set conditions to receive these payments. If you do not qualify for the second GSS payment, you may be eligible for the first one. Even if you have already qualified for the first GSS payment, you may be eligible for additional payment via the second GSS if you have dependents. Check out this page for more information.

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      1. i have not got my 8 digit pin and can not get thru on phone or emails without it this is making me lose my mind and my family will be homeless what is going on this is just a big run around i need advise its not as simple as enter a new 8 digit number that doesn’t work help me get my 8 digit number and claim this is scary i’m going to be homeless

      2. The EDD website shows my PUA has ended on sep 4, but I don’t have any income for the last 18 months, so do I need to reapply for the regular UI or should I just wait?

      3. I am a freelancer, who had a baby 4 months ago. Can I collect unemployment benefits in the state of NY since I am not getting a paid maternity leave and have no income while taking care of my child? If not, what are other options I have available to me.

        thank you

        1. Sallie,

          If you can fulfill the criteria, you can be eligible. Please use the “Benefits Calculator” available on this website for more.

      4. I need someone’s help. I am not able to get in contact with anyone from the IRS, and I have not gotten any of the 3-4 Stimulus Checks, Golden State Checks or whatever other bonuses California/Stimulus Checks there are out there because I was {claimed on another’s person’s Taxes as an Independent without my knowledge nor Consent. What do I do????

      5. Wrong the Gary, Indiana Dolese Catholic, pay into the State unemployment ever since the 1930″s, and are still covered as of today!

      6. I am on a contract job out of state. When the contract period is over I may get an offer for another contract of the same terms and conditions. If I decide not to renew a contract and go home will I be eligible for unemployment?

        1. Mark,

          Contract workers are generally not eligible to claim UI benefits since employers do not remit Unemployment Taxes into the system.

          1. Hi My name is Tracy and my unemployment got shut on the sixth of this month and i still have benefits left can i reopen my unemployment case

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