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California Unemployment Rate Remains Steady at 12.6 Percent

Even though there have been reports of the unemployment rate of the Silicon Valley falling in April, the unemployment rate of California does not seem to be affected much. It remains unperturbed at 12.6 percent. The reason for the fall in unemployment rate in Silicon valley has been due to the sharp fall of the… Read More »

Status of Foreclosures in US

The recession has hit the states of US very hard, which in turn has hit the unemployment rate. This has a very bad effect on home loans section. Many loans have been ending up in foreclosure and that is a very sad situation. Reports claim that Nevada was the forerunner in the foreclosure rate. Almost… Read More »

Governor of California Proposes Cuts in Health and Welfare Programs

California, like the other states in US, has been in recession since three years. The state has been making its best efforts to come out of it as soon as possible. The governor of the state, Arnold Schwarzenegger released the revise budget plan proposing major cuts in the health and welfare programs. He laid out… Read More »