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Hostile Work Environment & UI Benefits

If you landed here, you might be someone who is considering about quitting your job because the environment at work no longer feels secure or peaceful or you could be someone who already quit the job voluntarily because you could not take it anymore. Since UI benefits are usually offered to people who lose their… Read More »

How To Stop filing For Unemployment Insurance

Stopping your unemployment benefits is usually a step that follows retirement, vacation or securing a new job. Unemployment Insurance programs provide monetary benefits to eligible people so that they have temporary financial assistance until they find another stable source of income. Unlike filing for the benefits, filing to stop the benefits is an easy task.… Read More »

Unemployment Insurance Common Questions

Eligibility What is the base period? What is covered employment? What should I do in case if I am not eligible for Monetary Benefit? What is Unemployment Insurance and who is eligible for it? What are the basic eligibility requirements to obtain unemployment benefits? What is an Alternate Base Period and how is it calculated?… Read More »