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Top 5 Metro Cities For Businesses In US

The word ‘Silicon Valley’ reverberates through the entire world as a synonym to the most business friendly environment! So what characteristics of a city shortlists one into being considered as one of the most sophisticated and convenient places to set up your business? Is it the number of research organizations/universities or the already established and… Read More »

Employment Situation Across USA – May 2016 (Household & Establishment)

After months of dormancy, there is finally some news to cheer about for Americans with respect to the unemployment situation in the country. The national Unemployment Rate fell by 0.3 percentage points in May 2016 to clock 4.7 percent with gains of 484,000 jobs during this month. The number of jobless persons in the country… Read More »

Employment Situation Across USA – January 2016 (Household & Establishment)

Its that time of the month where we unveil statistics about the unemployment situation in the USA. As a part of of our ongoing series to bring to you, latest information from the world of unemployment, let’s go ahead and uncover key facts and figures on the unemployment situation during January. The Bureau of Labor… Read More »

Employment Situation Across USA – December 2015

The year 2015 has been quite an important year for the employment situation in the country. Though it did not witness drastic fall or significant climb, It has more or less carried over the legacy of 2014, an important year that saw fast paced improvement by creating jobs across sectors and therefore directly impacting the… Read More »

Transferring Unemployment Benefits from One State to Another

Receiving monetary compensation in the US for unemployment is guided by laws and framework prescribed by the U.S Department of Labor and operated independently by each state. The Unemployment Payments network is perhaps a perfect example for an all inclusive social security system in a federal set up. As most of you’re aware, the state… Read More »