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Updated : July 11th, 2018

State: Tennessee (TN)
Phone Number:1-877-813-0950 or 615-253-0800. Additional help lines - Nashville: 615-532-1800. Other Tennessee Area - TIPS Telephone Number 1-800-689-9799; Out-of-State Claimant: TIPS Telephone Number 1-800-262-8094
Major Towns:Athens, Bristol, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Columbia, Cookeville, Crossville, Dyersburg, Gallatin, Humboldt, Jacksboro, Jackson, Johnson City, Knoxville, Lawrenceburg, McMinnville, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Paris, Rogersville, Talbott/Morristown, and Tullahoma
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Tennessee

Tennessee Unemployment Questions

Working in multiple city or states
If you worked in Tennessee during the base period but moved to another state, you may, if you are unemployed, file a claim for benefits on those wages earned in Tennessee. If you worked in another state during the base period, but moved to Tennessee, you may file a claim for benefits from another state. In some cases your wages from two or more states may be combined to provide benefits. If you have filed a claim for benefits in another state within the last 12 months and established a benefit year, you must continue to file on that claim until your benefits are exhausted, your benefit year ends, or you are disqualified for benefits. Then you may qualify for benefits in another state.

Part-time work and TN Unemployment benefits
You can earn up to 25% of your weekly benefit amount without it affecting your weekly check; however, if you do go over your weekly benefit amount, it will suspend your claim and you will need to actually re-open your claim in order to receive unemployment benefits in the future. And what you will do is report this on your weekly certification.

Minimum number of non-work days required to qualify for benefits
To be paid benefits for any week, a claimant must have a qualifying reason to apply and the total gross wages earned during the UI Week must be less than the claimant’s weekly benefit amount. A UI week is calculated from one Saturday night midnight to the following Saturday night midnight. Gross wages are those earned during this seven day period. If the gross wages are equal to or exceeds the claimant’s weekly benefit amount, the week is considered to have excess wages and be disqualified.

How is unemployment compensation amount calculated?
An otherwise eligible claimant shall be entitled during any benefit year to a total amount of benefits equal to whichever is the lesser of (A) twenty-six (26) times the claimant’s weekly benefit amount; or (B) one fourth (1/4) of such claimant’s wages for insured work paid during such claimant’s base period. The weekly benefit amount is determined on the individual’s base period and the two calendar quarters in which such total wages are highest. The minimum weekly benefit amount in Tennessee is $30 and the maximum weekly benefit amount is $275. The base period means the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters immediately preceding the first day of an individual’s benefit year; provided, that the first quarter of the last five completed calendar quarters was included in the base period applicable to any individual’s previous benefit year, such individual’s base period shall be the last four completed calendar quarters.

How does my business file quarterly reports?

"Premium Reports" (LB-0456) and "Wage Reports" (LB-0851) are mailed to employers each calendar quarter. If you do not receive a quarterly report, you are not relieved of your responsibility to submit reports and pay premiums due on time. You can obtain reports by calling the Employer Accounts Office in your area or by calling Employer Services at (615) 741-2486. Tennessee employers are required to use the "Premium Report" to report the amount of total gross wages and total taxable wages paid to all employees, as well as the number of employees working for the employer as of the 12th of the each month of the applicable quarter. Employers are also required to report each employee’s social security number, name and total gross wages on the "Wage Report".

Quarterly reports can also now be filed by Internet. We call our online reporting system TNPAWS (TN Premium And Wage reporting System). You'll need the access code that will be printed on your quarterly premium report to register a user account and file online. The address is Please note that to access TNPAWS you do not type "www."

What is the definition of "wages"?
All remuneration paid for personal services from whatever source is considered to be "wages" for unemployment insurance purposes. Examples of such remuneration, or compensation, are salaries, commissions, bonuses, drawing accounts, fees, certain gifts, deferred compensation, employee contributions to a cafeteria plan, employee-reported tips, allocated tips and vacation pay. Payments made to employees in a medium other than cash are also considered to be "wages", except for meals, lodging, and clothing when furnished for the employer’s convenience and on the employer’s premises.

What are "taxable wages"?
Taxable Wages: For Tennessee unemployment insurance purposes, effective January 1, 2009, "taxable wages" are defined as the first $9,000 paid to each employee in a calendar year.

When are my quarterly reports due?
Employers are required to report payroll and pay the total unemployment insurance premiums due for each quarter by the end of the month following the end of the quarter (i.e. Apr. 30, Jul. 31, Oct. 31, and Jan. 31).

What is magnetic media reporting?
Magnetic media reporting is the filing of individual employee wage information on a CD, 3.5" diskette, or electronic filing by Internet (TNPAWS) or modem. Tennessee Employment Security Law requires employers or their agents reporting more than 250 employees to submit quarterly wage information on magnetic media.

How is my employer account charged for benefits paid to my former employees?
If you are the only employer who paid wages to the benefit claimant for covered employment in his/her base period, you are the only employer with potential liability for benefits paid on the claim. However, if the claimant was paid wages for covered employment by more than one employer in his/her base period, the liability for benefit payments is prorated. Each employer is then responsible for a percentage of each payment, which is equal to the percentage of the total base period wages paid to the claimant by that employer.

How do I terminate/cancel my account?

Once you have established liability as an employer, you are subject to the unemployment insurance law for at least two calendar years, regardless of the number of employees, as long as you employ workers. However, you may request termination of coverage as of January 1 of any calendar year if you employed workers or paid wages to a lesser extent than required by law for the purpose of liability for the previous calendar year.

Such request must be submitted, in writing to our Employer Services Unit, before April 1 of the year the termination is to be effective.

How do my premiums paid to Tennessee affect my Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)?

In order to be eligible for a 5.4 percent offset credit against the 6.2 percent FUTA tax that you pay to the IRS, you must pay state unemployment insurance premiums for the previous year in full by January 31.

If the state premiums are not paid, you must pay the full 6.2 percent FUTA tax. However, this will not relieve you from state premiums.

Mass Filing Facility for Unemployed Workers

The State has set up mass filing facilities where you will get live help so you can quickly file your papers. Note that this is a temporary measure and can be decommissioned anytime. Here are mass filing locations. Check Participating Career Centers to find out the address and phone numbers. Athens, Bristol, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Columbia, Cookeville, Crossville, Dyersburg, Gallatin, Humboldt, Jacksboro, Jackson, Johnson City, Knoxville, Lawrenceburg, McMinnville, Murfreesboro, Nashville, Paris, Rogersville, Talbott/Morristown, and Tullahoma

Questions & Answers

  1. Need verification for my insurance I am still unemployed. Where can I find this information or can I get a fax sent to them?

    1. Please call the claims center of the Unemployment Office in your state on the phone numbers provided for further information.

    1. If you filed online, please log in and explore options to do the same.

      Otherwise, please call the claims center for further advise regarding address change.

  2. Just wanted to make sure before I fax my proof for my last name to be changed, I need to make sure since my DOB isn’t on the decree I send my birth certificate. And same when showing proof that I have primary rights with my girls. But Sd u need to put my name and DOB ON THeir PAPER work showing they belong with my unemployment claim. Correct?

  3. I filed an unemployment claim and locked my pin. I have faxed in 2 requests to unlock my pin but I tried to call 48 hrs later and nothing. I can’t get through by calling 253-0800 or 877-813-0950 to file my weekly searches. I’ve called 532-1800, 800-689-9799 & 800-262-8094 trying to get a hold of anyone who can help me. I’m going to try the Career Center in Gallatin looking for help but not sure what they can help me with.

    1. Keep trying. A Career Center might have a direct line to the unemployment office or allow you to fax your request to the unemployment office. Be sure to put your name, social security number and phone number on all pages of the fax.

  4. our record indicate a break In my claim of the week of 8/11/13 to 8/18/13.I was ask to work a week of vacation the week of 8/5/13 thur 8/9/13this was not a call back to work our recall is not till 9/2/13.So what do I need to do to able to start be my weekly claims

  5. i have been filing for the last 8 weeks and still have not heard anything but still pending when i call. all the other numbers are not accepting call who can i talk to for questions i need answered. i had surgery on left hand and the company i worked for had no lite duty for me nor did the temp service i was working thru so i started filing im now so far into debt with just my monthly bills i dont know what to do. if there is anyone from unemployment reading this please call me

  6. the store where I work is being sold. Do I have to accept a position with the new owner? If I do not accept the job, will it disqualify me from getting UI benefits?

  7. When I call in weekly for my benefits the past 2 weeks I’m told my pin is locked need help phone number no help Maury County Does Not offer this help service any longer PLEASE HELP

  8. Half way through online application, I got an Application error . It gave 615-253-0800 and 877-813-0950 to contact. These numbers require a pin#. I didn’t get pin# prior to the application error. I attempted to start over but the system would not let me. Who can assist me in getting my application complete,and to receive pin#?

  9. I can’t change my pin.I don;t have a pin.It says my weekly benefit amount of 189 is wrong on automated system.Can i have a phone number to talk to a real person.

  10. I attempted to file for unemployment online on 7/22/13. When I got to the PIN screen I was disconnected from the server. When I call about estabishing a PIN and CORRECTING MY SEPERATION DATE it will not let me continue without a PIN number. Without this correction I will automatically be denied unnecessarily. Please advise on who I can speak with about making this important correction. Thank you!!!!!!

  11. Was employed by URS Corp in Chattanooga, TN for 7 years. I accepted a position in Kansas City, KS after the company planned to close the Chattanooga, TN office. After a year of commuting every two weeks from Chattanooga to KC and insufficient amount of work in KC, I opted to retired early from URS Corp. as of 7/15/13.



  13. I have never drawn unemployment but I am trying to. I wasn’t sure if it goes back 12 mts or 18 because I have more paid in on the 18 mts also I am having a really hard time filing a claim is there a number I can call to actually get through to someone?

    1. Hi Koty,

      Base period is defined as first four of the last five calendar quarters. This means last 18 months will work fine in your case.

  14. I have run out of my unemployment and can’t find work. Can I apply for a extension for the ,State of TN since North Carolina don’t offer any extensions. So how can I apply for a extension from the state of TN

    1. Hi Debra,

      If you were receiving your unemployment compensation from the state of North Carolina, I do not see a possibility of you shifting to Tennessee. Unemployment benefits are provided in the state where you worked. Please let me know if you found a possible way to do this.

  15. how in Gods name do you file for a extension for unemployment ??? We have called we have looked every where on your page to see where we are to go and can find nothing to help us . It feels like you all don’t want us to file and have done every thing to make it hard for people to file for anything. If you guys think this is easy for the people that have no computer experience you are wrong . These guys that work construction and lower income jobs have hell .

    1. Hi Fredrick,

      Looks like you are right. We are having a hard time finding out how to file for extension in Tennessee. Usually, once a recipient exhausts regular benefits, the unemployment office sends across a letter stating their eligibility for extension. This link might be of some help –>
      Sorry for the inconvenience on our site.

  16. i have exhausted my tier 1 benef=its. i am looking for work but am 64 yrs old and its hard. are there any extension of benefits i can apply for in tn?

  17. I am 70 years old, drawing social security and a small pension from another source. I have been working full time for about 48 years and have not drawn any unemployment compensation. Should I lose my job, am I eligible for unemployment compensation?
    Thank you

  18. I was recently demoted from a managment position, and forced to take a lesser paying job. I went from $9 per hour to min wage, also my hours were cut from 48 to 28. Do I have grounds for a claim? If so what all info do i need to make this claim?

  19. I have been attempting to call the listed numbers but have never gotten anything but a recording saying they are too busy to take calls. Is there an office I can call who will answer? I have questions that I need answered.

  20. I had filed a UI claim online after waiting 3-4 months for it to show in the drop-down box that lists the employers you’ve had in the past. It took this long to show that employer, otherwise it will tell you that you must call in to file a claim… which is very cumbersome, so I waited. Shortly after filing the claim I found work temporarily at Walmart during the holiday. I quit certifying after 2 weeks, however I kept getting letters telling me to contact the UI office for further info about my seperation or I may loose benifits etc. I thought if you quit certifying it would automatically cancel the claim. The employer I initially filed the claim for (last employer before new job) was disputing the “lack of work” reason I listed saying I was discharged for a policy violation. I didn’t get a seperation notice so that was what I used for the layoff… “lack of work”. I didn’t care anyhow because I hadn’t received a check yet and thought the claim would be cancelled after not certifying and finding other work. This was evidently not the case. I recently spoke to a caseworker via phone and they said I had to file an “ad claim” to re-start benefits. Well, another quarter had passed during this time which pushed another quarter in the place of an empty quarter I had on my monetary determination. Come to find out, when I re-apply for being laid off from the newer job, they will not consider the new quarter… they tell me they will only go by my initial determination (where I filed from the old job and didn’t receive any money)and the quarters that fell during this time, and the new quarter that is now part of the 1st 4 of my last 5 completed quarters is obsolete. Can anyone tell me why they will not just let me file the new claim & cancel the old one? They told me I had to file what they called an “ad claim”, which I assume is just re-opening the old one. This doesn’t make sense and I would appreciate the help if anyone can explain any of this to me.

  21. I have kept a accurate work search log since I have received unemployment. how do I get a unemployment counselor. Ny benefits don’t run out until first week of February 2013. What i understand is before your last 2 weeks checks are exhausted I’m to call my unemployment counselor. I don’t have one. Do i continue to call in to certify to see if there is an extension granted for me. I’ve tried so hard applying on line. face to face, phone calls , filling out applications. No good results. I’ve cried and I don’t know what to do. Can you help me please. My number is 865 454-5662

  22. i have been waiting for a decision on my unemployment for several weeks now. no one can tell me what the problem is. all i get is that they are behind on claims. is there anything i can do to help speed up the process? am broke and christmas is coming.

  23. I am currently receiving unemployment benefits. I have a part-time job offer. Need to know would the employer be taxed or hit for unemployment insurance benefits. Thanks, in advance need information.

  24. My husband has been receiving unemployment and going to school. As a side job he coaches softball for a junior high school. He gets $1000.00 at the end of the year for all his work? Do we have to claim this as over a weekly amount since it is one check that is spread over 180 days of school equaling much less than the allotted daily amount? I need help with this question soon because he should be receiving the check in the next few weeks.

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