Tennessee Unemployment Extension

Federally funded Extended Unemployment Compensation is no longer available in the state of Tennessee or any other state in the U.S. Until further laws on this are approved by the senate, it will continue to remain unavailable.

Extended Benefits (EB) are subject to unemployment rates in individual states and hence are subject to unavailability. As of now, Tennessee does not provide EB and that will leave claimants to rely on regular UI benefits alone.

About to run out of regular unemployment insurance benefits??  Know about Unemployment Extension. The Extended Benefit Program (EB), the last 20 weeks (maximum) of federal benefits, ended in April 2012.

  1. My benefit year runs out in June of 2017 but it states that I have no more credits available. How can I get emergency assistance from unemployment office?

  2. I have $85 left on my current claim and my benefit year ends 5/4/15 because I wad laid off for 2 weeks in may ’14 but I have worked since then. Since I still have $85 that I will be able to receive next week, should I wait to file my new claim until I receive those remaining funds or if I file today could it possibly increase the amount I will get next week? I’m afraid if I file today it could delay my payment I will receive next week.

    • The benefits may not increase if you file next week.

      Please call the claims center of the labor dept in your state for more further information.

  3. My unemployment ran out today, I’ve never received an extension letter. Am I still eligible for an extension.

  4. I would speak to the “Claims Center” if I had the option, “to ask a question”, or, if anyone would answer….. I always get “can’t take your call now.” Any hints?

    • We hear a range of grievances from claimants in Tennessee.All I can ask you is to keep trying or see if you can visit them in person.

  5. Why was I only approved for 17 weeks? Also, those benefits will run out next week! Do I need to keep certifying? Will I be extended to the 26 wks for TN? Federal government has not approved an extension yet…right?

    • you wont get 26weeks.. you got 17weeks because thats what you qualified for.. 26 is the max NOT the usual.. you can get as little as 9weeks or as many as 26…

    • EUC or extended benefits which is a scheme funded by the federal govt. is not yet approved for extension.

      Please speak to the customer service/claims center of the labor dept in TN for specific info on why only 17 weeks.

  6. Online it said my benefits were reduced because (sentence was not completed) and I was supposed to call. Automated call system does not have such an option or an option for explanations or finding out the next thing to do. Unfortunately I missed recertifying and now I really don’t know what to do next. Every day I call and when I can find an option to talk to someone, the reply is “we can’t take your call. Try again later.” Any suggestions?

    • Extension is currently not available across US due to expiry.Please watch news for further updates on this(Debate in process).

    • In TN, upto 37 weeks of extended benefits is provided under the EUC scheme.Please contact the claims center in your state for more info regarding this.

  7. my unemployment says it ends on 1/18/14. but this week i got a partial payment stating this is my final payment what can i do?

  8. Am I reading this correctly, “All claimants obtaining federal benefits beyond the state’s first 26 weeks will obtain their last benefit payment the first week of January 2013 when all federal extensions of unemployment expire.” …I know this was extended for 1 year, and my state benefits (26 weeks) runs out the second week of December, does this mean, if I’m eligible for an extension, i will only get benefits until the first week of January, then be cut off??? …thanks

  9. My benefits are about to run out. I have received 26 weeks. I have not received a letter and I have not located when I file for extension on line. Please advise.

  10. I’m in tier 2 my year end benefits expire on 11/2/13 and I will still get paid until the 17th of Nov. They gave me 14 weeks for tier 2. My question is, will I go into tier 3 even though my year end benefits have ended??? I was told back in May of this year, Tennessee has 3 tier’s. And we should get all 3!

  11. I have been receiving unemployment benefits since January 2013 and I believe in July 2013 I started my first extension. However, when I certify weekly, it states this information only pertains to my regular unemployment benefits. I only have $46 available as of October 27, 2013, will I qualify for extended benefits and if so, how will I know? I have not found employment as of yet and I am relying on my unemployment benefits, please help me.

  12. I started receiving unemployment in august 2013 my money will run out in november2013 My year is also up in November which I would apply for the new year and there should be money in my account again. I worked at the company for six years so the money im getting know was from? the last six months of 2011 and the first six months of 2012. Is this correct and can I reapply? or how does that work?

    • The week in which your balance goes to zero – file for the Federal extension.
      If for some reason you start a new claim, the income on which the claim is based is determined by: going back 5 COMPLETED quarters, then go “forward” to the 4th quarter – a claim is based on those 4 quarters.

  13. I live in Tennessee and my 26 weeks of state unemployment were exhausted last week. I have not received any letter in the mail to file an extension. As of June 13, 2013, all unemployment matters are only handled by phone or online.
    I went to the Tennessee Career Center, which had previously been the unemployment office, and was told to file by phone at (877-813-0950) or contact for claim questions only at UIClaimsInfo@tn.gov to address questions of extended benefits.
    No extensions are to be handled online.
    I truly do not know how to resolve my situation with no instructions online or by automated phone system instructing me how to apply.
    Any, and all, replies or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Laura Dodge

  14. I was trying to see why is the automative system is saying my benefits has ended. I went on the website to look at the benefits schedule and it was saying I have 340.00 remaining… please help me????

    • Possibly your benefit year is over. Or it is possible you submitted a claim for the $340 and it is being held for some reason. A call to the local unemployment office will clear it up.

  15. on8/11/13 when calling in to tip hotline told that I had approx 2 weeks left. have i exhausted my benefits, if I have not what should I do. also can you send me a letter via e-mail when my last week to draw other words how much money is left

  16. My unemployment has just ran out. Received partial payment this week. How do you apply for an extension.

      • I got the letter stating I was eligible for extension and I certified Monday morning like normal but still haven’t received check…usually always have the money by now… any ideas on what to do?

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