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Tennessee Unemployment Job Search Requirements

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development want all unemployment claimants in Tennessee to demonstrate valid work search activity and maintain a work search log. Failure to comply with the new law will result in a loss of benefits.

Documenting 3 work searches each week is must for those receiving unemployment benefits. Labor and Workforce Development will conduct random audits of 1,000 claimants’ work search documentation each week to verify work search activity. If work search claims are found to be fraudulent, the department will stop a claimant’s benefits immediately and can suspend payments for 8 weeks.

A valid search activity is considered as one of the following:

  • Valid job searches/applications as prescribed
  • Completing a job application online in person
  • Submitting your resume/ applying for a particular job as per public notice
  • Visiting with employers directly regarding job openings
  • Submitting job applications with potential employers
  • Taking part in interviews for suitable jobs
  • Registering for jobs with private agencies for employment or hiring
  • Making use of resources available at Tennessee Career Centers
  • Attending seminars/ talks focusing on career guidance/ job hunting or workshops instructing on how to get jobs faster

Your illness or that of a family member or a death in the family does not exclude work searches. If at any time you are unable to complete the required weekly work searches, you must answer “NO” to the related certification question.

Once you resume the TUC Work Search requirement you should go online to reopen your claim.

Weekly TUC Work Search Log records should include a list of all work search contacts made, date of each contact, names and titles of persons contacted, telephone numbers, addresses (mail, e-mail, or Web), and the results of each contact.

  1. I will be getting laid off soon the job I work at had lost business this will be the second plant I have gotten laid off from I’m 53 years old and I want better training so I am signing up to a tech school to get a better job will I be able to draw unemployment while being a full time student and not be busy looking for work while trying to better myself

  2. I am job secured,meaning I will return back to work in a few months,how do I get out of doing job search.I can’t finish my certification until this is cleared up.

    • Charlotte,

      Please call the Unemployment Office for a detailed discussion. You may call the Claims Center for assistance.

    • Gordon,

      It should be self-explanatory. Please call the Unemployment Office if you’re having issues with submission.

  3. My work is seasonal, sometimes I will have another seasonal job lined up that I use as a fill in. My fill in work will not start 8 weeks this time. A few years ago when I needed unemployment for a short time, I was told I was not required to do the job search, because I had a job starting in a few weeks, is that still the same. my jobs are fairly regular and do not want to go on interviews knowing I will quit them when my regular employers are ready for me. Everything is online and cannot get to talk to anyone at the TN Unemployment office

    • Seasonal jobs do not generally qualify unless specified otherwise. As far as I aware, the conditions are still the same.

      You may want to call the Unemployment Office during off-peak hours to confirm.

  4. Are the reasons for denial of unemployment benefits and subsequent appeals by an individual a matter of public record?

    • Please note we are not associated with the government or state authorities.

      Please call the claims center to get further advice in this regard.

  5. A client of mine would like to know if during the process of trying to start a new business qualify for job search. Compensation will begin once open for business.

    • Please provide more details surrounding your question.

      To qualify for weekly benefits, your client has to make the required job searches and report it accordingly.

  6. I filed online oct29 and when I log in to check my benefits it says $0.00 . its only nov 1 does it take time or does that mean im denied

  7. I have been doing alot of ready and and some people are saying that is taking them months to actually get their unemployment checks? And I also try to get in touch with a real person and can’t seem to. is there something i can do?

  8. When completed both three work searches to recieve benifts do I print it out and mail it, fax it?
    or is it an incase they check i just have it on record?

    • Hi Brittney,

      You will have to retain all your work search records for at least 2 years from now. You DO NOT have to mail or fax it. Unemployment office will request you to furnish these records during the audit. Do not fail to carry out work search.

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