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Tennessee Unemployment Phone Numbers

At times you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions. TennCare’s main line phone number is 844-224-5818.

You can email, the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development at

If you are calling long distance to Nashville from Tennessee or from out-of-state then you can call (615) 253-8920 (Nashville area).

To file a claim through the Claims Center, please click here to find the phone number for your county.

If you live in Tennessee but worked in another state, you will file your claim for unemployment insurance against the state where your wages were reported. Some states, like Tennessee, take unemployment claims by telephone or over the Internet, from out of state residents. See the list for states that file unemployment claims by telephone or by Internet. If you worked in a state not listed, please contact your nearest Labor and Workforce Development Benefit Office to file your claim. For a Directory of Benefit Offices, choose Benefit Offices under the Claimant Services menu.

Weekly Certification

Claimant is liable for certifying his/her eligibility on a weekly basis as long as he/she is unemployed. If you do not certify, you will not be paid if your claim is approved later. If you are unable to access the TIPS line to certify, you should contact the office where you filed your claim as soon as possible.

TIPS Phone Numbers:

  • Nashville: 615-253-8920
  • Other Tennessee Areas: 1-800-689-9799

    1. Kathy,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

    2. With my husbands I went in like I was filing a new claim. There it had most of his info saved, after a few questions they asked. It later asked if he was filing an extension I clicked yes.

    3. my last check of $6 is all I have and had to wait on that before I could file extension, which is a JOKE! The website is garbage! I’ve known folks to file and get thousands in back pay, I am missing 5 months of back payments and multiple emails and the reply I get was, if this is resolved please let us know in a reply. OF COURSE IT’S NOT RESOLVED! now my claim is 0.00 so God only knows if I’ll get any back pay! Beyond ridiculous! So while us out here, are going hungry, and losing our vehicles homes ect that we have worked hard for years to get, I hope whoever designed this website are happy and can sleep well at night knowing how many people are suffering due to this! Same with the stimulus they have dragged their heals to pass, I can bet none of them or their family members are missing a meal, or they would’ve passed it before the first ran out!

  1. I have bad asthma and according to the CDC I’m not supposed to go back to work until phase 3 and I’ve submitted all the documents I need to but my unemployment case says it’s under review all of the sudden with no explanation. I haven’t spoken with a live person any time I’ve called about this (it always goes to a voicemail and says not to leave more than one message) and I’m freaking out because I’m almost at the point that I can’t pay for my groceries.

  2. I have a problem right now and don’t know who to get in touch with. I am on unemployment in TN, and they are taking child support payments out of my weekly benefits. However, they are not sending the child support to the state in order to be processed and as a result I am over $2000 behind on my child support. I don’t know what to do as the call center say they can’t help me and neither can the state child support office.

  3. Help tn boss filed a claim for i got va unemployment and now they want give it to because of that even tho i have never got a dime from tn

  4. I had to voluntarily Retire from my job of 14&1/2 years to become my Mothers in-home caregiver because she is terminally ill. My last Employer has this in my employment record. I filed for benefits and have applied for WAH positions but due to the COVID-19 no one is currently hiring and my benefits were flat out denied; even the DUA. Why was my situation just denied without the UI-DUA taking into consideration the conditions I had to take early Retirement? I need an appointment with the Knoxville, TN Unemployment Office to discuss and resolve but that information is difficult to find. Help??

    1. Brenda,

      UI benefits are only offered to claimants who lose employment due to involuntary reasons. I am not sure if you’ll be allowed to physically visit the office. Please call the Claims Center for more.

      1. Ij need someone to contact me. I need to file an extension and I need to talk to someone about the amount of money that I am receiving. Ty

        1. Burlen,

          Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. Please reach out to the Unemployment Office directly.

  5. Im so frustrated!!!! I have filed since April 8, 2020 and have not received anything…i have gotten through on chat line maybe twice and still nothing is accomplished…My seperation letter is on my account, I just dont understand…..I have nothing coming in and all my bills are behind!!!!! this is the worst experience i have ever had…

    1. Sondra,

      I can understand your situation. Please wait for an update from the office. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

      1. I been trying to get an update on my claim and cant get throught to anyone. I send numerous emails and no response, I’ve been calling every morning for 2 weeks and never can speak to anyone.

        1. Jamie,

          The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

      2. I have not received any information about my unemployment I have no money coming in I was took off work by my doctors because I am a high risk pregnancy but I am behind on my bills I just need to know what going on with my unemployment claim

    2. Hi Sondra,
      What I found is that you need to call literally back to back, leave messages even if it says to leave only one and email them as well at Make sure you include your name and claim number it will help to get someone’s attention.

      1. I filed in april as well and still nothing. Is anyone else waiting this long? I’ve left SEVERAL voicemails. Sent SEVERAL emails and still nothing! The one time i actually got a live person they just told me to keep waiting…couldn’t tell me anything!

        1. Joshua,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  6. I can’t get a live person on the phone or chat room. I was wondering if anyone knows what to do if you have to provide medical documentation that has to be filled out by the doctor but that doctor is out of state?

  7. If this frustrating mess is set to detourant who ever done it done a good job it is absolutely miserable .I have payed taxes for 21yrs and have only drawn one time before .TN tax payers deserve better.!!!!!!

  8. Why aren’t there any information on here to file a complaint against this agency when this agency violates its own policies in order to keep individuals from collecting their benefits.

    1. i know i moved to indiana and was laid off and have to file my claim through tennesse and its been mounths its the end of the year car repoed christmas time and cant get my benifits bet some one at tennessee and indiana unemployment will have a great christmas after all they ll have our money to spend !

    1. So apparently you cannot certify by phone? Ive hunted the website and when i say hunted thats what i mean. Nothing is simple or easy to navigate. I tried certifying and after 20 minutes of nothing looked for the phone # for the TIPS line to certify. Nope! What a joke. Ive spent a rediculous amount of time for $275 on something that should be simple.

    2. How would one get the name of a supervisor through the audit dept ? or who is above the audit dept that could be contacted ?

      1. Terri,

        The names of certain departments and people will never be made public. If you would like to report fraud or similar incidents, you can get in touch with the Claims Dept. Please visit the official website for more.

  9. I’ve been trying to certify my weekly claim for 2 weeks now,and I call the tips number and it says they are closed (Sunday) and there hours are 8am til 4pm .I don’t understand why it’s so hard to get unemployment benefits I have worked for 35 years and our government makes it so hard for Americans.illegals get More help then we do,and actually the taxes I’ve paid over them years I worked the illegalls benefits from it.its time for a change.

  10. I think they make it so hard as they don’t have to pay you unemployment I think it is a state cover up and a government oversize needs to notified I know Jeff sessions on a personal level I will be calling him via cell today to find out my option since no one at the tn unemployment calls you back

      1. My unemployment got approved 3 weeks ago and I still have not received no payment what do I do who can I call this is not right

    1. Please note this is a private forum and not a government website.

      You may contact the Unemployment Office on the phone numbers provided for paperwork.

    1. John,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim details. Please chase the Claims Center pro-actively until you get the payment.

  11. I’ve been trying since September to talk to someone. I’ve called every number you can find and listened to every menu that sends me to the website that doesn’t answer my questions. How can I reach a live person???

    1. Well, TN has issues when it comes to reaching out for help.

      The only alternative left for you is to visit the nearest Unemployment Office.

    1. Pete,

      We do not have any information in this regard. You may want to check with the Labor Authorities or read further on the internet.

  12. I need to speak with someone about my a line that is holding me up from submitting my claim. I have called 1800-813-0950. Can I please get a number to speak with someone to get this resolve so I can file my claim?

    1. Please look out for an option to speak to a representative on the same phone line.

      Alternatively, please consider applying online, over the internet.

  13. I file my first weekly cert in Sept of this year and i have yet receive any type of correspondence. I would like to know what is going on with the case

    1. Please note this is a private forum. You can call the Unemployment Office on the phone numbers provided for an update on status.

  14. Thanks for posting this info about unemployment. I called the senators office in Nashville and was able to speak to someone. I was told that someone would be contacting me soon. I am hopeful since I was able to speak to a live person.

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