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Tennessee Unemployment Weekly Claims

The TIPS line or Internet weekly certification process provides a fast, reliable way to file a weekly certification for unemployment benefits using a touch-tone telephone or the Internet. While unemployed, you will need to certify each week beginning with the week after you filed your claim.

Access to TIPS will be granted after you file a new claim for unemployment benefits. After access is granted, simply call the TIPS number and follow the recorded instructions or use the Internet weekly certification option.

You are responsible for certifying your eligibility by the Telephone Information and Payment System (TIPS) or by Internet on a weekly basis as long as you are unemployed. Do not delay contacting the department should you not be able  to certify.

Go to the website and click on “Weekly Certification” shown in the menu. If you do not certify weekly, you may not be paid if your claim is later approved. If you are unable to certify successfully on the TIPS line or the Internet after you file your claim, you must contact the UI Claims Center at 1-877-813-0950.

Availability of Internet

Sunday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central time and Monday – Friday: 7:00 am to 6:30 pm central time.

If due to some reason you are unable to file your weekly claim within the specified time, you must place a call to the UI claims center at 1-877-813-0950. You cannot make the call again unless you are authorized to.

Weekly Certification hours of availability by phone through TIPS:

  • Sunday – 8:00 A.M. until 12:00 midnight
  • Monday through Friday – 7:00 A.M. until 12:00 midnight and available all holidays
  • Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday are used only for filing weekly certifications.
  • Wednesday through Friday is available to access benefit payment information.

Questions & Answers

  1. Charlie says:

    Does ANYBODY know the number to call in TN to certify weekly? The old number does not work, and I cannpt find it anywhere in TN’s site. Amazing. They completely broke unemployment in TN.

  2. donna says:

    i was layed off for one week i was told to sign up on that sunday and certify the next sunday.i already had a waiting week from earlyer in the year.when i tryed to certify it woudnt let me.i contacted them and was told i didnt sign up the week before and there was no login to my account that day.but they assigned me a username and password that day.and i recieved an email that i changed my address that day but it showed my same address.i didnt understand that.but they said no benefits would be paid that week because i didnt atempt to contact them that first sunday.

    • Martin says:

      Well, if there was no claim lodged from your end (I understand that you did not have access to the account), it will not be processed.

      If you have a disconnect, please call the Claims Center.

  3. Areial says:

    I received a letter over a month ago advising me that I am eligible and the amount of money I would receive weekly. I have done my weekly certification for 6 weeks now and still no payment. I can’t get anyone on the phone. No one seems to know how to help me or point me in the right direction. I’m pregnant and I live alone. I need my money I am about to be homeless waiting on Tennessee. I have never had this issue with unemployment in any of the other states I have lived in previously. I just don’t understand.

    • Martin says:

      There are issues always contacting the Unemployment Office in TN. Please see if you can visit the nearest Unemployment Office for an update on claim status.

  4. Kim Peterson says:

    I have never received the “double week pmt”. Have gotten unemployment 8 weeks now. What should I do?

  5. Vickie says:

    I have done the weekly certification for 11 weeks! It says pending. I have called, no answer. I emailed a website and they said I should get 2 letters. One with the amount another approved on not. I have never gotten the second letter after 11 weeks! I can’t appeal because I have not even got a decision. What can I do? I am broke. I am looking but nobody is birding!

    • Martin says:

      I can understand your frustration.

      Perhaps, you can consider visiting an office in your vicinity for an update. Keep chasing at regular intervals.

  6. Kim says:

    Where do we report TN unemployment government fraud. People are doing everything right and the government is leaving unemployed people with a pending decision for months and no contact info. This is so wrong. We need an investigation into TN government fraud now!

  7. Kim Peterson says:

    When should I expect my double payment? Has been 6 weeks. Have not gotten get. Please help.

    • Martin says:

      Please call the Claims Center for an update on your claim. Make sure to chase them at frequent intervals until you get a response.

  8. jeremy says:

    its 830pm and I cant get on the site to file a claim. whats going on. the site wont come up. help

    • Martin says:

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to the website mechanics. It may be a temporary technical glitch.

      If the issue persists, please call the Claims Center.

  9. William Henry Lyons says:

    I got NO dropdown from the website when trying to get an occupation code for my work searches. I emailed tech support from a “secondary” email (ticket #640209) and was told to check my email for a response. I NEVER GOT ONE. So I decided to try after a week just to be told I had waited too long. I need my money! PLEASE HELP! I contacted you again from my primary email (ticket #646159) and once again NEVER got a response. I have not been paid since the beginning of the month and need money desperately. Please advise.

    • Martin says:

      Wish we could help you in this regard. This is a private forum and hence we do not have access to the systems.

      Please chase the Unemployment Office on the phone numbers provided for an update.

  10. carter brent says:

    I have been trying to certify and have not found the site. Please tell me how to get on the right site/

  11. Danielle says:

    Hi. I was approved for my unemployment received my back pay from 11/16/2015 to 01/09/16 I did not get my weekly certification money yesterday or today and when will I receive the rest of my backpay?

    • Martin says:

      Please call the claims center for further information in this regard. We do not have access to your claim information.

  12. Terry woods says:

    My phone was off on this past Sunday so I couldn’t check in by phone or internet, but I checked in today which is Tuesday11/17/15. I normally have my check every tuesday. Since I checked in late will I still be able to receive my check this week? I really have bill to pay.

  13. Derrick Hancock says:

    My status has been the same for weeks. I can’t talk to anyone because !y place of employment has not received anything from the unemployment benefits office.I keep filling weekly but also have bils to pay, Thank you.

    • Adrian says:

      Please see if you can check online by logging into your account. Otherwise try to visit the nearest office.

      Ideally, it should not take more than 2 weeks.

  14. Michael Irby says:

    I have just received my third unemployment check today. I am just curious as to how long it usually takes to get the double check. The one where they pay you the waiting week.

    • Adrian says:

      It should not take more than about 7 to 10 working days from the time of approval.

      If it exceeded this TAT, please call the claims center and inquire further.

  15. Toni Scott says:

    I received the approval letter in January of this year along with the debit card. I have never received any benefits although the automated system says I was approved. When I call the automated system after I put in my social and pin – it says no one is able to speak to me at this time and to call back. I received a call about my earlier email from Melissa I think but I did not have my phone with me at the time so I missed the call. I am out of work right now waiting on surgery on my hand to be scheduled so I would really appreciate a call from someone. The last four of my social is 3557.

    • Adrian says:

      Please note that we are not a govt. organisation and therefore do not have access to your claim. Call the numbers provided immediately for an update.

  16. Anne says:

    Unemployment denied b/c I received severance pay. I can reapply after 8/2014. Am I supposed to continue weekly certifications?

  17. kennethlove says:

    i applied for unemployment on april 4, 2014 and i havent heard nothing from them yet, so im going to appeal for the benefits i deserve.

  18. Angela Nelson says:

    I called to weekly certify It went thru on May 11,2014 now 1 week later I attempted to do weekly certification and it locked me out can some one contact me please id like it unlocked immediately please. Thank you

    • Adrian says:

      Please note that we are not a govt. website.Contact 1-800-689-9799 immediately for further assistance.

  19. charles badgett says:

    tried to certify by computer but could not get in today 5-5-14, or last Monday 4-28-14 and when I have certifying each week I have not seen a confirmation in my e-mail yet. I have been denied the priviledge of unemployment insurance so I am appealing it as far as I can go. to have worked so hard over the past ten years only to be denied what is due me I have not taken lightly. given the economy and as hard as it is to get jobs and then be denied a financial priviledge that I worked to maintain well it is hard to take. plus I am 6mos. behind on my mortgage and I applied for help through the government but was denied because I cannot receive unemployment insurance. so now I will loose my home first because I had to wait 9wks to even get a decision from you. then to get a decision that says denied. how fair and efficient would you say you are. its a shame that you give money to convicts in jail but I cant get a dime. Check my situation out and you will see. I know, I know that I had a hearing (which was so unfair and one-sided) but it really befuttles me. the employer pays into that so, you deny me to give to convicts or to make up for the errors of over paying by paying people that are in jail or do not deserve it. come folks give me a break. I deserved UI and I needed it to keep my home! And no you do not understand my plight. married with two fine boys and me as a father is struggling to keep family afloat. HELP!!!

    • Adrian says:


      I can understand the ordeal. Please note that we are not representatives of the labor dept in your state.Keep your fight alive and going until justice is delivered.

  20. Kenny W says:

    How do I resolve the issue with weekly certification? I have received benefits up until April 17, 2014. Now I cannot certify. I keep getting certification cannot be processed as timely. What does this mean? This is two weeks and countless time on the phone trying to talk with someone. I always get unable to talk your call at this time. Now I am two weeks behind on benefits and child support. I am pay 109 a week and need my unemployment benefit to help pay child support.

    • Adrian says:

      This is very specific to your claim with the labor dept and only they would be able to give you an update.I can understand your situation.

      Please see if you can visit their main office to raise a grievance.

  21. L Winter says:

    Let go from FT job Sat. 2/28. Began filing for UI Sun. 3/8. I requested email confirmation each week but have not rec’d one yet. Also, my case has ‘not been determined’ yet. It’s April 23 – going on 8 weeks of being without a job. I’ll be homeless in a month if 1) I can’t get work, or 2) I can’t get UI. The phone number is of no help. This system is broken. Companies pay UI. What is the state doing with that money if they aren’t paying terminated employees? Something is very wrong.

    • Adrian says:

      I can understand your plight. We keep hearing from claimants in Tennessee regarding the inefficiency in claims processing.

      Please see if you can visit their office.

      • L Winter says:

        Thanks for your reply Adrian. The trouble, from the standpoint of the unemployed person, is that they have completely cut themselves off. There is no way to contact them. There are NO more unemployment offices in TN. The only way to file is online. The phone lines give you an automated response no matter how many times you call. Can you suggest a way to get through to the people at the other end?

  22. Kristee says:

    Any information on how to correct a weekly certification? I have called non stop for 2 weeks and cant get through. DO the local career centers still help with unemployment because when I called they just gave the the same ol number I have been calling.

    • Adrian says:

      There are multiple issues with the labor dept in your state as we keep hearing grievances from claimants.

      If you filed online,please check if this can be corrected on the portal.

  23. Ivan says:

    I went to my local career center monday march 31st filed got approved know how much how ill receive each week. My first certification day was monday april 7th. How soon will the money be on my debit card? And also they said theyd mail me a new card but if the one i have isnt expired yet can i still use it or do i need to wait for a new one to arrive?

  24. joe banks says:

    system will not let me file weekly certification – says un timely. Been trying since January.

  25. Lennie says:

    I did not get through to certify by phone on Monday so I called and did it tuesdey first thing will it still register?

  26. Broderick Walker says:

    I have certified every week since I was fired from my job 2/3/14. I have only spoken with the unemployment people once and the machine always says no decision has been made. How do I get information on what is going on with my case I’m not working or getting paid this process is seems to be hard on the workman. A few changes in time restrictions for these companies would really help. Please how do I talk about my case with someone.

    • Adrian says:

      I can understand your plight. The claims processing system in Tennessee is very inefficient.Please keep following up is all I can say.

  27. Sherry Parsons says:

    Did my TUC Work Search Log post on the Internet on March 15,1914? I just need to find out if my computer is working properly. I am frustrated…Please reply!

    • Adrian says:

      We are not a govt. website and hence do not access to your account info.

      Please call 1-800-689-9799 or 1-800-262-8094 for assistance in this matter.

  28. Brenda says:

    I hit the yes button and it should have been no. Now my claim is pended. What website do I go to in order to correct my weekly certification.

    • Adrian says:

      Please visit the same website and log onto to your account immediately to see if you can correct. Be cautious next time as information submitted may be immediately considered.

  29. Misty says:

    I cannot do my weekly certification due to an answer on my first weekly certification that may not make me eligible for benefits. I have called every number given for 2 wks everyday! It always says we cannot take your call please call back later. I have not worked since Dec. 31st and applied on Jan.2nd. I need help!

    • Adrian says:

      There seems to be ongoing issues on multiple fronts with the TN department of labor on UI claims. Please follow up routinely and also see of you can visit them in person if convenient.

  30. alicia says:

    I’ve been unemployed since 9/1/2013 and have been certifying every week and have not received payment. When I call the Toll free number it says my claim is still pending. How much longer will it before I am issued a payment? its now 1/20/14 I don’t know what to do its driving me crazy please help…

  31. dwayne leck says:

    My claim has been approved I had a waiting week back in july same problem cant get thru to certify says needs to be reset why wont they let me certify?

  32. Michael says:

    I was supposed to certify on Monday but my internet and phone was down so i couldnt untill Tuesday Morning. Will i still get paid this week???

    • Adrian says:

      If the weekly certification was not made within the deadline,the payment may be delayed.Please follow up with the claims center by phone.

  33. timothy says:

    I can not certify for my weekly benefits because of some question that I answered that may have declared me to be ineledgeable. what question and what do I do PLEASE HELP

    • Adrian says:

      If you unintentionally answered questions that made your application ineligible,please follow up with the Tennessee department of labor and workforce development claims center on 1-877-813-0950.

  34. Forest Ranger says:

    Is there an easier way to do an “add claim”? I am on eternal hold. I have a part time job during my off season, but my hours last week exceeded my benefit amount. This week, not so much. Am I destined to spend the week of Christmas on the phone waiting on someone???

  35. kelvin moore says:

    How do I gp about unlocking my pin.can you please help

  36. Ann says:

    I’ve been unemployed since 10/1/2013 and have been certifying every week and have not received payment. I’ve checked online faithfully and it says my benefit amount. When I call the Toll free number it says my claim is still pending. How much longer will it before I am issued a payment? Will there be a back payment for the weeks I’ve certified without payment?

  37. keesha says:

    entered no instead of yes by mistake what do i do to correct this mistake. i cannot call through keeps saying they cant take my call. went to the office and they gave me a email address to send my question to but i havent got a response

  38. Mark says:

    How long does it take for you to received a check ? This is my sixth week, tried calling several contact numbers waited over two hours gotten frustrated and hung up. Could it be a better way when it’s not your fault of being laid off to receive funds ? Just waiting,and waiting each week bills can’t get paid. Not to mention in search of six jobs a week…

    • kathy says:

      You may try online. Perhaps check your claim status online first and then see if there are alternate forms of contact. I would think your state offers reemployment services – please take advantage of them. From my own experience there is more available at these centers than I ever imagined.

  39. john w. yates says:

    Sunday I did my claim. I answers the last question wrong. I am doing my job search. I sent it in Monday.I check no and it should be can get this fixed so I can get my check?

  40. thomas britt says:

    I cannot remember my TIP number. Is there any way I can get some assistance with this issue?

    • kathy says:

      Call the local unemployment office. We are a public forum and not the unemployment office – sorry, wish I could be of more help.

      • alicia says:

        please help ive been laid off since 9/1/13 and have yet to receive a single check its now 1/20/14 I don’t know what to do, every time I call the unemployment # it says im still pending what the hell does that mean and why? how to I get answers help

  41. georgia smith says:

    I applied on line and called back and now i can not access my case. every time you call you get,cant take your call. then sends you to internet where it say’s access is suspended. you call the numbers it say’s cant take your call.. you don’t no why nor can you find out why your access is suspended. i just received a letter stating what i may be able to draw but must certify. . this is very aggervating. it is like you are going in circles and cant connect…i have the question just dont have the answer. i am thinking of going to channel 2news, let them investigate, and figure out how many other americans are having problems and losing there homes because of this.

    • kathy says:

      We are not the unemployment office. Perhaps if you go to your state’s website, you will find alternate contact information. A fax # perhaps. Write your question, give information you think might be pertinent and most of all – put your name, social security # and phone number on every page.

  42. Jerri Harris says:

    Last week I file for my unemployment but I worked two of those days so I marked yes. my confirmation #15385363166338517404553. This sunday I tried to certify but it wouldn’t let me. Ive been trying to call since last week to correct the problem. Can you help me please?

    • kathy says:

      We are not affiliated with the unemployment office and therefore can not help directly. Do they have a fax number – you could submit your question in writing. Be sure to have your name and social security number on every page. Perhaps they need the name, address, phone number of the employer? You could include this in your fax.

  43. Kathy Hamma says:

    laid off from job, trying to get unemployment and can’t find right page on computer to get started

  44. kenneth fowler says:

    I may have entered the wrong answer what do I need to do

  45. satosha smith says:

    I made a mistake and answered the wrong question now it want let me certify what can I do

  46. deborah whitehead says:

    done filed claim, got letter in mail stating how much i can draw, already set up direct deposit on line, having trouble to acess weekly certification, lets me go thru steps and then message appears cannot process due to question i answered on claim might not be eligible for benefits?? called numbers to claim center as instructed each time i call recording says cannot take my call at this time?? i have been calling for days now about every hour still same message? what have i done wrong? i applied my claim on line and then called phone number and answered questions about my claim. please help im really getting aggervated

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