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State: Texas (TX)
Phone Number:800-939-6631. Local numbers: Austin local: (512) 340-4300, Dallas local: (972) 339-6200, El Paso local: (915) 832-6400, Fort Worth local: (817) 420-1600, Houston local: (281) 983-1100, McAllen local: (956) 984-4700, San Antonio local: (210) 258-6600. Call Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. for all unemployment benefits related services. Some of the important phone numbers that you may need are: Tele-Center, CSR Help Line: (M-F, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) 800-939-6631; Tele-Serv, Automated Phone 800-558-8321; Debit Card Help: U.S. Bank Customer Service 800-657-6343; Appeals Fax: Appeal Tribunal 512-475-1135; Commission Appeal 512-475-2044
Major Towns:Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano, Laredo, Lubbock
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Texas

Texas Unemployment Questions

Does part-time job disqualify me from receiving benefits?
If you work part-time, you may be able to receive some benefits. Your Statement of Benefits tells you your weekly benefit amount and your weekly earnings allowance. Your earnings allowance is one and one quarter times (125% of) your weekly benefit amount. If your actual weekly earnings are less than your earnings allowance, State govt. will pay you the difference between the amounts as long as you meet all other requirements, including looking for full-time work. You can receive 25% more income from part-time work and partial unemployment combined, than from unemployment alone. Your benefits also may last longer. If you are working the full-time customary hours for your occupation, you are not eligible to receive UI benefits, even if your earnings are less than 125% of your weekly benefit amount. NOTE:: Separation from part-time work can affect your UI benefits. If your part-time employer fires you or you quit your part-time job, Texas state employment agency will review your job separation reason to decide whether you can still receive benefits.

What are eligibility criteria for Texas unemployment?
To establish a payable claim, you must have received enough wages to meet the requirements. State uses the wages paid to you during a recent 12-month period, called the base period, to calculate your benefit amounts. The base period is the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters before you filed your claim. (Calendar quarters are three-month periods beginning with January, April, July, or October.) This means that when they calculate benefits they do not use earnings in the calendar quarter in which you filed your claim, or the quarter just before that. Your maximum, or total, benefit amount is the smaller of 26 times the weekly amount, or 27% of all your wages in the base period. Your weekly benefit amount will be between $59 and $406 depending upon the wages you earned.

What is the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)?
TWC is the state agency charged with overseeing and providing workforce development services such as job matching, recruiting and training to Texas job seekers and employers. TWC also administers the Unemployment Benefits and Unemployment Tax programs. TWC's mission is to promote and support an effective workforce system that offers employers, individuals and communities the opportunity to achieve and sustain economic prosperity. TWC strengthens the Texas economy by providing the workforce development component of the Governor's economic development strategy. Texas boasts an incredibly skilled workforce ready to attract enterprise to the Lone Star State. By focusing on the demands of employers, TWC gives Texas the competitive edge necessary to draw business here.

What is Texas Workforce Solutions?

Texas Workforce Solutions is a local and statewide network comprised of the Texas Workforce Commission and its statewide operations, 28 Workforce Development Boards (Boards) for regional planning and service delivery, the Boards' contracted service providers and community partners providing local service delivery, and the TWC Unemployment Benefits Tele-Centers. This network gives customers local access to workforce solutions and statewide services at numerous Workforce Solutions offices.

The Boards are responsible for strategic planning of universal employment services for employers and job-seekers. The integrated workforce delivery system maximizes funding and productivity while eliminating duplicate efforts. Through performance-based contracts, TWC monitors and holds the Boards accountable for program performance and provides technical assistance as needed. About Us provides more detailed information about Texas Workforce Solutions.

What is the Commission on Human Rights?
The Commission on Human Rights governs the Civil Rights Division within TWC, establishing policies and supervising the director's administration of the division. The Commission on Human Rights is the state authority fair employment practice agency, separate from TWC's Commission.

How is TWC funded?
Most of the TWC budget is funded through federal sources, such as funding for administration of the Unemployment Insurance program, and grants for employment and retraining services under Wagner Peyser and the Workforce Investment Act. TWC block grants, through allocation formulas, go to workforce development boards that plan and administer Workforce Investment Act, Choices, Employment Services, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training, child care, and other workforce and support services.

What programs and services does TWC provide?

The major functions of TWC include developing the workforce, providing support services including child care for targeted populations participating in workforce training, and administering the Unemployment Benefits and Unemployment Tax programs. TWC also provides information and analysis on shifts in occupations and industries within the state.

For employers, we offer recruiting, training and retraining, outplacement services and valuable information on employment law and labor market trends and statistics.

For job seekers, we offer career development information, job-search resources, training programs and, as appropriate, unemployment benefits. While targeted populations receive intensive assistance to overcome barriers to employment, all Texans can benefit from the services offered by the partners of Texas Workforce Solutions.

How can I report fraud within a TWC program?
Call the TWC Fraud Hotline at 800-252-3642 or view Reporting Fraud section for more information and the option to use e-mail to submit a fraud report.

Can I remain anonymous when reporting fraud?
You can remain anonymous if you call the TWC Fraud Hotline at 800-252-3642. You cannot remain anonymous if you use e-mail to submit the information.

How do I request TWC records under Open Records?
The Open Records Policy includes rights and procedures for requesting information and the contact information for several different contact methods.

Questions & Answers

  1. I was approved and filed my claim on a Sunday when will check be deposited and I’m not talking about the waiting period , I understand that part, I just need to know will the check deposit the day after I filed or a couple of days later

  2. If you are fired from a position and during the hearing and evidence process it’s found that number one the reason your ex employer fired you is different than the reason you aren’t eligible for unemployment and to boot when the phone hearing is held their supposed witness isn’t available even thought prior notice was given. Isn’t there a statue of time limitation regarding payment? It’s not the ex employee’s fault they didn’t have their witness right?

    1. James,

      If it’s not the ex-employees’ fault and a determination is made against the claimant, he/she has the right to “Appeal” the decision. Please make sure supporting documents are provided during the hearing.

  3. My claim for unemployment was denied they said I did not make enough in my base period for July thru Sept which was 14k I work ed at company from July thru Nov I applied in Jan…If I apply later in Feb would they count all the money?

  4. My unemployment Benefits ran out , and I’m still unemployment. How do I go about filing for an extension of benefits here in Houston Texas

    1. Larry,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  5. I am working full time and there is a temporary lay off looming in the future. I am 66 and draw Social Security also. Do I qualify for Unemployment during this lay off period.

        1. Ash,

          The EUC remains expired and unavailable. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to inquire about the availability of “Extended Benefits”.

  6. If I am offered the option of severance or probation period where if I make 1 more mistake, I will be fired and I opt to take the severance, will I be eligible for Texas unemployment?

  7. Wanting to know if congress will be voting on extending Dua benefits for Texas. The end is coming fast. And we have not re-opened yet. We got no help from fema or sba.

    1. Lisa,

      To qualify, the claimant is required to have work and earnings within the prescribed quantum. Please use the “Benefits Calculator” available on this website to ascertain.

  8. 8/6/17 I turned in a 3 week notice. Owner asked me if i had anthing else lined up. I told him no. He said in that case, I will accept your resignation, effective immediately after you shift you are working.
    I filed for unemployment on 8/23/17. It still says pending review as of 10/02/17. He has since sold his company. What should I expect to happen now. TIA

    1. Lisa,

      It looks like you resigned voluntarily. If you did, I am not sure if you qualify to receive UI benefits. Please call the Claims Center for an update on status.

    1. Maximo,

      If you have benefits remaining in your account, you should ideally be continuing to claim from the same account. Please call the Claims Center for instructions.

  9. Help!! I have been locked out of the system. I filed unemployment in 2013– and need to again. I do not know/remember the old password and the system won’t let me in– only says to “call in”. Calling in says to go ONLINE. Is there a online support that can reset/unlock? Is there an office to go into in Austin for help? I am stuck– Thank you!

    1. Nancy,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  10. Years ago I had to claim UI benefits. I seem to recall having a PT job as being a requirement along with searching for a FT job. Am I wrong? Also, can a person who’s currently receiving obtain a PT job and, if so, what are the requirements so that they can still receive UI benefits? For example, do they have a limit on the pay or hrs worked?

  11. If I file for my wait week, can I still apply for that last week or if I apply for my wait week I can no longer apply for benefits?

    1. Once approved, you can continue applying for weekly benefits during the designated day(s).

      Make sure to apply regularly for timely payments.

  12. The doctor I work for, is selling out. I was told by the new company that my pay rate and my hours could not be guaranteed. Does the new company have to offer my pay rate within a certain percantage in order for me to have to take the job or can I file for unemployment?

    1. You will get this information in 1099-G. Please visit the official website to request for one or call the Claims Center.

  13. i have applied since apr 1 the website referred me to a toll free number…i have tried several times since then and the call volume prevents me from doing so….i have beenb off work since march 30…is ther any other alternative method for applying

  14. The company I work for sold to a new owner. I didnt get notice of the sell until 1 week prior. The new owner is making lots of changes and the office has no structure. I have expressed my concerns to him via text and small group meetings. A lot of promises made but the office is still a mess. He has just now given us the handbook to sign. If I quit will i qualify for benefits before I sign the agreement

    1. If you quit voluntarily, you may not qualify. Please tread carefully.

      I would suggest that you contact the Unemployment Office for further advice.

  15. To qualify for unemployment, must you have been working at the same job in each of the base periods or does employment from another job count?

  16. How do I get a new pin for my unemployment claim? I have called several times and am unable to get through.

  17. I received a call from Rosie Brown on Tuesday March 14, 2017 and she left a message stating she needed to speak with me and that my closing date was on today March 20, 2017. I returned her call and left a message on March 15, 2017. I then called and left 2 messages on Thursday March 16, 3 messages on Friday March 17 and left another callback message today March 20 2017 at 2:45 PM and she still has not called me back. I think is very UNFAIR, UNETHICAL and demonstrates DELIBERATE INDIFFERNCE that I have not received a callback having left SO many messages and that my closing date is TODAY, March 20 2017. Should I not get an extension on the closing date since I have not been contacted in any manner by Rosie Brown?? Why have I not been contacted??

    1. I can understand your frustration. Please note this is a private forum. If you haven’t heard back from Rosie, please call the generic Claims Center phone number and chase for an update.

  18. i was working part-time and the company declared bankrupcy. I am collecting social security. I am 68 yrs old. Can I collect any benefits?

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