Texas Unemployment Benefit Questions

Updated : June 21st, 2019

When will my first benefit check arrive?

If you are deemed eligible, your first benefit check should arrive during the 3rd or 4th week post filing the initial claim. The payment you receive is for the 2nd payable week and will be issued by the TWC. The first week is considered as the waiting week for which you are eligible but you won’t be awarded any benefit checks during this week. However, you will be paid for the waiting week after the 3rd or 4th week.

If you don’t have any income or deductions and you continue to file your weekly claims, your payments will be as follows:

  1. File claims for 1st and 2nd week – payment will be given for 2nd week alone
  2. File claims for 3rd and 4th weeks – payment will be given for 3 weeks
  3. File claims for other 2 week periods – payment will be awarded for 2 weeks

Are UI Benefits Taxable?

Yes, benefits are taxable.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants you to report your UI benefits as income.  TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) mails statements in January that tell the total amount of benefits paid to you during the calendar year.  You can also call Tele-Serv for the amount.  TWC report this amount directly to the IRS.

You may opt to have a portion of your benefits payment withheld for your taxes. If you wish to do so, then complete and return the tax withholding form we send to you by mail.

What to do if you move From Texas?

Tell TWC right away if you change your mailing address because:

  • Texas Workforce office gives your new address to Chase Bank, which sends you the TWC UI Visa debit card and debit-card account information.
  • The U.S. Postal Service does not forward some TWC documents that require a response. If you do not respond on time, you might not obtain benefits.
  • We mail other important benefit and appeal documents, as well as IRS forms, to the address we have on record, so please keep it current!

Change your address online at Unemployment Benefits Services. After you log on, select Contact information or call a TWC Tele-Center to speak with a customer service representative.

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  1. I was out of work for 2 weeks and applied for unemployment. I was approved and received my first payment. I returned to work and requested my waiting week payment. I was told by the state that not only do you have to return to work to receive your waiting week payment but you have to have received TWO unemployment payments in order to get your waiting week. Am I hearing this correctly? Because I went back to work so quickly, I am ineligible to get my money? How is that fair?


  2. I requested my third and fourth week but was only paid for two. According to this forum, I should be paid for three weeks. Does this still apply?

    1. Matthew,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim info. Please call the Claims Center for an update on weekly payment.

  3. I am retiring at the end of the year in Texas, as a result of reaching my federal law enforcement ‘mandatory’ retirement age of 57. With this being said, am I able to receive unemployment benefits in Texas?

      1. I filed for my third and fourth week but was paid for two. So, the saying that you will be paid for three weeks after filing third and fourth is not true?

        1. Marie,

          The first week is a “waiting week” and you’ll not be paid for it. Not sure why you haven’t been paid for the other. Please call the Claims Center for clarification.

  4. If you draw Social Security and have continued to work and you are asked to move and if not you lose your job are you eligible for any benefits?

    1. Virginia,

      You should be able to claim UI benefits along with the SS benefits. Make sure to let the office know about your SS payments at the time of application.

  5. I had to pull my retirement money from the source that was holding it because I no longer work with the state employer (Texas). It is a one-time withdrawal but substantial. Do I report this to TWC? Will it affect my UI?

    1. Yes, please. Go ahead and report all types of income to the Unemployment Office. It might have an impact on the claim amount.

  6. I was denied benefits for one week because I failed to return my work search log upon request (I never received the request, but that is not my question.) I have appealed that decision, but in the meantime it appears that I not only lost that week but they are now charging me another waiting week. Am I misunderstanding that, and if my appeal is successful will the waiting week be paid as well?

    1. Douglas,

      If we’re referring to the initial “Waiting Week”, you’ll not be paid for it. If your claims have been put on hold, you might get paid for it once the file is cleared. Please call the Claims Center for clarification.

        1. Ricardo,

          Please call the Unemployment Office right away to find out why it stopped and to take corrective actions.

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