Texas Unemployment Job Training

Find education opportunities, occupational or vocational training, and other resources to assist you build your skills. Contact your Workforce Solutions office for help.

Search one of the largest job databases WorkInTexas.com in Texas. Register for work so employers can find you. Use job search resources to increase your job opportunities. Get resume writing tips and find out job-winning interviewing techniques. Besides personalized job matching, WorkInTexas.com also provides access to career tools, and works as your job search agent.

There is Texas Work Prep Learning Management System (LMS) which is designed and hosted by the Texas Workforce Commission. It is built to manage the delivery of job search content and resources and to facilitate “anytime, anywhere” access to learning more about getting, and keeping, the job of your choice. Texas Work Prep contains three on-line courses namely Texas Job Hunter’s Guide Course, Succeed at Work Course  and Your Next Job Course, each designed to communicate unique aspects of successful job hunting and excelling on the job.

The prime goal of LMS is to help job seekers master an effective job search process, get each back to work quicker and communicate the attributes of work excellence expected by Texas employers.

  1. My disability has been withdrawn for a year due to repayment. I am still disabled, but not being allowed my disability. I am now receiving benefits from the state and have been told I need to complete orientation through the work force by 3/16 in order to obtain some of my benefits, but I can’t find out where or how to sign up for the orientation. Can you please help?

  2. If one person loses his job, but has other source of income, is still eligible to receive unemployment benefits?

  3. what if I am not mentally or physically able to work or maybe able to work part time the box does have the option

    • Not sure what the backdrop is.

      Please specify more details or check with the labor dept in your state.

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