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Texas Unemployment Office Locations

The Texas Workforce Commission, 28 Workforce Development Boards and their service contractors work together to provide workforce solutions for Texans. Workforce Solutions offices are located throughout Texas to serve you.

To locate the services nearest you, enter your five-digit ZIP Code and select a service type.

Below mentioned are some of the Workforce Solutions Offices:

City Center Name Address ZIP Phone Hours WDA WSO
Abilene WF SOL WCT ABILENE 400 OAK ST 796021520 3257954200 M-F 8A-5PM 9 730
Alice WF SOL OF CSTL BEND-ALICE 601 E MAIN ST FL 3 783324975 3616680167 M-F 8A-5PM 22 308
Alpine WF SOL ALPINE OFFICE 500 W AVENUE H BOX 8 79830 4328379800 M-F 8A-5PM 10 1136
Amarillo WF SOLUTIONS PANHANDLE 1206 W 7TH AVE 791012006 8063725521 M-F 8A-5PM 1 601
Arlington WF SOL TARRANT CTY ARLINGT 140 W MITCHELL ST 760101801 8178044200 M-F 8A-5PM 5 936
Athens WF SOL ETX ATHENS 205 N MURCHISON STE 101 757512110 9036773521 M-F 8AM-5PM 8 1066
Austin WF SOLUTIONS CAREER CENTER 3401 WEBBERVILLE RD BLDG 1000 787023004 5122235400 M-F 8A-5PM 14 123
Austin WF SOL CAPITAL AREA CC 6505 BURLESON RD 78744 5123814200 M-F 8A-5PM 14 125
Austin WF SOLUTIONS CAREER CENTER 6505 AIRPORT BLVD STE 101 787523627 5124549675 M-W 7:30-6:30TH-F 8A-5PM 14 129

Questions & Answers

  1. Debbie Caylor says:

    I was just laid off and the system keeps rejecting me access to sign up for UI. I try calling and all day it says the volume is too high. Who can I contact to reset my access rights to apply.

    • Sam says:


      Please visit the official website and explore options. Also let us know the “error message” when you make an application.

  2. Doreen Smith says:

    HELP! I have been locked out of the system. I have been trying to call the office and their phones are not being answered. I am two weeks overdue for my last check, because I was not able to enter the system. Then, when it was working, it was “under maintenance.” Now, because I could not report my work seeking efforts, I am locked out!!!! I have been going to school, have had many interviews, and have never stopped looking for work! HELP how do I reach someone?

  3. Angela Sparks says:

    Currently on unemployment. Took job as school bus driver. This is classified as part time job. I just request my current payment and declared earnings as required. I haven’t gotten paid though and won’t until September 15th. Will I be eligible for my unemployment until the first paycheck?

  4. mike kirby says:

    When I call the 800-939-6631 # I always get “due to the call volume we can’t answer your call at this time”. I call 20 times a day… If I try to apply for unemployment online it says I must call due to my last work day was July 29 2016 which is more than a year. Should I just put Aug 1 2016 as my last work date online so that I can start my new claim?

    • Sam says:


      Firstly, UI benefits are only provided to those who’ve had employment and earnings in the last 4-5 calendar quarters. If you’re trying to apply, you can also do so on the official website of the Unemployment Agency.

  5. Suzanne Gschwind says:

    I took a contract job and stopped filing for unemployment. Now that this job is ending, can I just start filing for unemployment again as part of my last claim?

  6. Todd says:

    does my severance package effect my UI

  7. Robert Balduf says:

    I was an Operations Supervisor at a Staples. I was closing the store and accidently left the key to the store in the Copy and Print Kiosk. The key was recovered by the District Manager that same night, and no harm was done, but the company deemed it a safety violation and terminated me. Am I eligible to receive unemployment benefits?

    • Martin says:

      Well, this is a sensitive case. Generally, UI benefits are only available to those who lose their job due to involuntary reasons.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to check eligibility and apply accordingly.

  8. Virginia Burke says:

    I need to quit my job. It does not pay what I was told it would pay, i was offered a management position and continue to do management type work even though I refused the position because they could not compensate me for the added responsibilities. Last but not least, i am in constant pain from the physical demands. Does unemployment consider these legitimate reasons to quit?

    • Martin says:

      To an extent, they can be considered.

      You may speak further with the Unemployment Office in your state to confirm eligibility.

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