Training and Education for Unemployed in Pennsylvania

In general, Unemployment Insurance is considered as the temporary or momentary income for those who are looking for new jobs or awaiting recall from the company and for workers who are unemployed because of no mistakes of theirs.

Education and Training

An excellent idea is to overcome unemployment stress by improving your skills and techniques to get better jobs. Your talent should be compensated in accordance with what your employer would expect. It is very necessary to increase the depth of your skill either through education or through training that will surely help you to land on a suitable job.

Pennsylvania Workforce Commission has featured various programs to assist and continue unemployed education, further by providing training and offering new skills.

By empowering youth with the skills and opportunities they can build their careers that create a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities. By utilizing State or private education and training programs, unemployed citizens will be linked to job opportunities.

Pennsylvania Unemployment Career Counseling and Financial Assistance

Pennsylvania unemployment benefits consist of career counseling, weekly benefit check, job and skill re-training services and job placement services. Further, it includes information about other resources and services and also help making a resume and training on how to interview well.

The state is also furnished with the Temporary Assistance program that can help with financial assistance, food stamps, training and job searching in the Pennsylvania. Spending on training schemes to re-skill the unemployed through investment in vocational education or guaranteed work experience for unemployed is the highlighted assistance from the State Program.

Unemployed and Training Programs

If you are unemployed, looking to start your career, or if you are planning to change your career direction then you are assisted by large number of optional education and training programs funded by Pennsylvania.

PA Unemployment Insurance Agency plays a vital role in supporting unemployed workers as well as their families through crucial time of financial crisis. Programs are featured in order to support during economic hardship by providing temporary monetary benefits for those eligible and qualified.

Vocational Training Programs

This program offers you with the opportunity to return to full time education, if you are considered unemployed. One of the main intentions behind this scheme is to offer unemployed people with education and training skill that will assist with job mobility. Another aim of this program is to equip unemployed to get paid for their employment or to further opportunities leading to paid better.

Training Courses

Training Courses are implemented in order to offer unemployed an opportunity to develop or upgrade their skills in the field of commercial or industrial sectors if you are unemployed.
General training course programs includes the training in the field of:

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Construction Project Management
  • Land Surveying
  • Sales
  • Textile Merchandising
  • Teaching
  • Workplace Success Professional Skills
  • Entrepreneurship training


Trainee-ship offers the on job training who is already working for a company or if in case if he/she is a first time job seeker then they are trained under offline job training procedure.

Higher Education Programs

This programme  provides the skill developing programs for  employees who are already working in the field of construction, manufacturing or other sectors of the economy assist with higher education programs. These education and training programs are done by identifying different sectors of economy that offers solid growth potential but lack appropriately qualified candidates.

Pennsylvania Unemployment Benefits

If you are an unemployed and have decided to obtain the unemployment benefit then you must file the claim where you are expected to have worked at least 16 weeks in the base period. If you have worked minimum of 18 weeks then you can afford to get 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. You can follow the thread link of Pennsylvania (PA) unemployment benefits guide.

In order to consider the qualifying wage of Pennsylvania there are different techniques involved to determine the unemployed weekly benefit amount. Pennsylvania considers into calculation of two high quarters method for computing weekly Benefits. This quarter reflects the near wage of full time work of the worker.

Further, 13 divided by with the average weekly wage. Based on the percentage of the weekly wage, weekly benefit is calculated.

For instance, a worker who earns $2600 in the high quarter has average weekly earnings of $200 a week ($2,600 divided by 13). If the state substitutes ½ of the average weekly earnings, the weekly benefit amount is $100. To make the calculations simpler, states determine the “overall” multiple of the high quarter wages to decide the weekly benefit amount.

The minimum weekly benefit amount for Pennsylvania is $35 – $43 and the range of maximum is $573 – $581.

The minimum wages required for maximum WBA for highest quarter is $14,898 and for base period is $22,840.

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  1. I live in Easton, PA and have been unemployed from my job where I worked in NJ. I have also exhausted my unemployment benefits and still searching for a job. I am considering further job training and am inquiring if I can get any support for the training fees.
    Your help is greatly appreciated!
    Girish Parmar

    • Girish,

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to inquire about benefits that your state may provide you. Additionally, you may also research on the internet with relevant keywords to explore your options.

  2. I’d their grant money for online schools. Been unemployed since Jan. 2016. Only way for schooling is online. I found penn foster for remodeling class/ certificate I’d like to enroll. Need info. If there is grant money for the school. Please let me know.

    • We do not have any information in this regard.

      Please call the Labor Department in your state for precise details.

  3. Hello,

    I have been unemployed for 14 months and want to enhance my skills to get gainful employment. Are there programs or training available?

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