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A Complete Guide To Child Care Service Programs In Texas

Updated : October 28th, 2022

The Child Care Services (CCS) program in Texas provides financial aid to low-income families and enables parents to work, take up educational activities, or attend workforce training. CCS is funded through the federal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) and is led by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) in Texas. 

Who Qualifies For The Child Care Services Program?

Families should meet certain federal, state, and local requirements to be eligible for the Child Care Services program. Families with children under the age of 13 qualify for the Child Care Services under the following circumstances: 

  • Families are low-income
  • Are needing or receiving protective services
  • Parents are receiving or transitioning off of public help
  • Family is participating in a training program for a minimum of 25 hours per week

Qualifying families can choose from the child care providers who meet local and state requirements such as:

  • Licensed or registered child care homes
  • Licensed child care centers
  • Relative (i.e., family member) 

Income Requirements

In addition to the above requirements, families should meet gross income requirements. 

Family Size  Gross Monthly Income 

( Initial Ability 200% FPG)

Gross Monthly Income 

( Sustaining Ability 85% SMI)

2 $2,818 $3,775
3 $3,555 $4,663
4 $4,292 $5,552
5 $5,028 $6,440
6 $5,765 $7,328
7 $6,502 $7,495
8 $7,238 $7,661
9 $7,828 $7,828
10 $7,994 $7,994

Note – 

  1. Eligibility requirements and coverage payment may differ by service area. In a few cases, the local board may have a waiting list for the CCS.
  2. The CCS program covers a portion or, in rare cases, all the child care expenses. 

The Child Care Services Program During COVID-19

In response to the COVID-19, Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) authorized Tarrant County Workforce Board has extended the Child Care Services program to essential workers. The CCS program is now available to Tarrant County CCS child care providers, provided they remain open during the COVID-19. 

Who Qualifies As An Essential Worker?

Essential workers include:

  • First responders
  • Military personnel
  • Bank staff
  • Grocery store staff
  • Gas station staff
  • Restaurant staff
  • Mail and delivery service staff
  • Pharmacy and health care workers
  • Local and state government staff
  • Any workers deemed essential by Board or TWC 
  • Home health care, nursing home, child care, and other direct caregivers

Eligibility Criteria For The Child Care Services Program During COVID-19

Essential workers must meet a few requirements to qualify for the CCS program. These include:

  • Their child is under the age of 13 (under age of 21, if disabled)
  • They are US citizens or legal immigrants
  • They reside within Tarrant County

Income Requirements

Essential workers must meet the state income eligibility threshold requirements either monthly or annually to qualify for the CSS program.

Family Size Gross Annual Income

( 150% SMI) 

Gross Monthly Income

( 150% SMI) 

2 $80,000 $6,700
3 $99,000 $8,200
4 $118,000 $9,800
5 $136,000 $11,300
6 $155,000 $13,000
7 $159,000 $13,200
8 $162,000 $13,500
9 $166,000 $13,800
10 $169,000 $14,100

Where To Apply For The Child Care Service Program?

Families can apply for the CCS program either by filing an online application or by downloading the application and sending it to the authorities in your county through the mail. If you have submitted an online application, you will receive a confirmation number. Note down the number as you can use it to track the application.

Your request will be processed within 2 business days of the date post the submission of a completed application form. During the process, the authorities may contact you to verify several aspects. 

Closing Thoughts

The Child Care Services program gives you an opportunity to provide quality care and enhance your child’s early learning. If you qualify for the program but haven’t filed yet, then hurry up and apply for the program.  

However, if you don’t qualify for this program, you can check if you are eligible for financial relief measures like Texas unemployment benefits, SNAP benefits, etc.


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  6. Back in February, I decided to quit my job. Put in my two weeks, left on good terms. For months after, corona virus kept me from working because it was hard to get a job. I got accepted and certified all my weeks for PUA, but still have that pending Adjudication. I’m concerned now that I’m not going to qualify even though I answered everything truthfully. Do I still qualify for PUA if I was unable to find work because of the corona virus?

    • Christian,

      I am guessing you should be able to. Please make sure you make a strong case during the adjudication process.

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      If you’re drawing retirement benefits, it will have a bearing. The impact can be ascertained at the time of application.

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      It will reduce the weekly benefit amount. Please make sure to declare it at the time of application.

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          Please consider applying for the PUA. You can find more details on the Unemployment Office website.

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