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Ghosted: Why You’re Not Hearing Back From the Companies?

Why You’re Not Hearing Back From the Companies

Are you on the job hunt and not hearing back from the companies you applied to? Well, they could be numerous reasons as to why you do not hearing back from jobs you applied for. Not knowing where you stand in your job search can be pretty stressful for you. The uncertainty on whether you should keep applying for more jobs or wait for a response from previous interviews and positions you applied to is the real challenge.

If you’re in such a position where you lack clarity, its best to keep chugging along and apply to more companies out there, the more companies you apply to higher the chance of you getting hired and landing that dream job. 

Here are some reasons we’ve listed out why organizations don’t get back to applicants :

The Company Size Matters

It’s always polite and the correct thing to do for companies to inform potential employees whether they are selected or not. Many large companies do have adequate software and resources, which makes it easier to notify applicants whether they are selected or not. On the other hand, smaller companies lack resources and reserves in place to inform candidates whether they are the right fit or not.  

Your Resume is Not the Right Fit

You might be the right candidate for the job, but your resume does not show it Not Hearing Back From Jobs can be really frustrating. You should frame your resume to display the best skill set that you possess. It’s also not a bad idea to frame your resume based on the job description for every job you apply to. This increases your chances of getting an interview call and getting that dream job.

Your Resume Format is Incorrect

If you’ve sent out a resume that is not correctly formatted and includes typos and errors, there is a high chance you will not receive a call from the company. You must know your resume is your first chance to leave a good impression on your potential employer. 

The Documentation Could be Incorrect 

You may not have submitted the required documentation the company asked for. For e.g., it could be anything ranging from a cover letter, writing samples, or references. Applicants should know this if a potential employer asks for any documentation regarding a job prospect, you must submit the information. This improves your chances of getting a job. 

Change in Hiring Plans 

Companies can change hiring plans at any given point in time. The required position which a candidate applied for may not be needed anymore. Or budget concerns may have delayed the hiring process currently. The management may have changed, or an internal candidate may have been hired for the role.   


Not hearing back jobs you applied for can be frustrating. What you need to do is be patient and keep applying to other companies. Another thing you can do is follow up by calling up the company or sending an email to know where you stand. If you are unemployed currently, provides job seekers with relevant information about UI benefits present in each state in America. You can also use our unemployment calculator to know how much benefits you are eligible for. Information on our site helps job seekers connect with your nearest unemployment office and also provides a list of phone numbers.   


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  1. Every number I call on this web site hangs up or doesn’t go threw. I’m currently living in kansas and need to file unemployment from nj were worked b4 moving here… no one has been able to help me communicate with anyone from the unemployment department of NJ!

    • Curtis,

      You can be eligible to claim UI benefits if you’re able and available for work and if the reason for separation from the previous employment was due to involuntary reasons.

  2. I work for a franchise of small casino’s in Las Vegas. We get paid min wage. I can almost guarantee you, we get harassed every night. I’ve had all the windows in my car broken out. I’ve had my car egged. I’ve had my life threatened. I work in an environment where drug deals are going down in the parking lot or the restrooms. The homeless come in and try to make a campsite. I’ve had to deal with customers that get intoxicated or came in intoxicated and are obnoxious. Management isn’t maintaining the machines, it’s the same problem day after day. When I walk into work, I feel I’ve gained 200lbs. I’m depressed and I don’t want to be there! Most importantly, it’s just getting worse. Can I quit my job and get unemployment, until I find another job? I can’t do it anymore, I HATE it!

    • John,

      I can understand your situation. You can be eligible to resign and claim UI benefits under hostile working conditions. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office for clarification before making a decision.

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